• Can I create document style extended properties?

    Crazy question here. I'm on Jive Cloud and want to change the styling (css) of the document content. What I want to do, ultimately, is refer to a /resource/... *.css file.   So while documents currently get any...
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  • Publish hook/event in Jive Plugin for Office

    Hi Team, I am looking to run some custom macros when user clicks on publish button. is there a way in existing jive plugin to do so? where i can capture event called   before_publish like we do have before...
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  • How to include header and footer on Email Digest (Jive Cloud)

    I see the following instructions on the message template customization screen for this email: "To include the email header and footer template you can add the system property jive.digest.includeHeaderAndFooter with ...
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  • Notifications for @mentions via API not working

    We've developed a custom UI as a workaround to the 100 comment limitation (threaded conversations reverting to flat view (chronological order). This makes it impossible to view/follow contextual conversations when the...
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  • Issue in creating document with rest API

    Hi, I have to convert some HTML pages to jive documents, using nodeJS. Most of the documents created successfully but one document could not be created, even after spending hours, I could not find the reason why othe...
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  • Checkpoints?

    Can checkpoints be deleted?
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  • Problem in exploding the public resources for extension with UUID

    Hi Guys,   I am able to successfully upload the add-ons extension zip but after successful upload, one alert message comes up with error message "Error in unpacking public resources of addon". In sbs log, getti...
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  • How to autofollow someone in inbox Through API

    Hi Team,   Is there any way to autofollow someone in inbox through API or any other alternative way to get this done.   Please Assist.   Regards, Rajika
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  • Carousel Tile shows half image & half slide title

    I've added a Carousel Tile to the middle column of the 3 column page layout in a space. It renders with the image to the left & the slide title to the right:     The image size is currently 400px x 30...
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  • Azure SSO to Jive using POST Request

    Hi,   I am trying to login to mysite.jiveon.com using Azure SSO with POST request because I don't want the standard Microsoft Login page to be opened.   This is my code:   function callJive() {  ...
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  • How to search for people based on specific tag(skill) using the api?

    I'm trying to develop a search feature for a custom tile that will take a search query and return a list of users who's skills (or tags as they are logged in the api) match. I can see here : Jive REST API v3.14 &rar...
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  • Getting bad request error while passing X-Jive-Run-As header in my dot net application

    Hi,   I'm getting error while posting contents with the use of X-Jive-Run-As header. Please find below my JSON payload.   {   "type": "idea",   "parent": "https://zsassociates-preview.jiveon.co...
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  • Controlling the number of results on a super list tile

    Hi all, easy question, perhaps not so easy answer!   I have a super list tile. It comes back with 10 results, I want it to come back with (say) 5 instead. Is this possible out the box, i'm wondering if there's a...
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  • How to upload a image from a Custom View Tile?

    My goal is to create a Jive status update with an image attachment from a Custom View Tile. The problem is that I can't find a way to upload image file to Jive?   Here is my code for creating the update, which ...
    Robert Hanson
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  • Access Jive API's in HTML Tile

    Hi Team, Ryan Rutan,   We are trying to access the JIVE API's in an HTML tile but we are getting a 403 forbidden error whereas it works fine in an HTML Widget. Is there a way we can directly access the JIVE API'...
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  • Url Change in a prticular document

    Hi, We are trying change a url inside a document.The use case is that we have a url that is placed inside a document.We need to update the existing url with the new url. We are making the changes in the jiveRenderedCo...
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  • How do I retrieve all ideas in a certain stage via the REST API?

    I am looking to do a filter of all ideas by the stage they are in. Based on the documentation, I can use the following:   /api/core/v3/contents?filter=type(idea)   but I do not know how to filter by the stag...
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  • Drop-down menu overlay in Jive 7 HTML widget

    In our instance of Jive 7, I've created a drop-down menu with CSS and HTML and placed it in an HTML widget.  As you may have guessed, the drop-down menu does not overlay/extend past the widget itself.   ...
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  • Does anyone have a working JS example to use JIVE REST API (/api/core/v3/people/@me).

    I have a requirement to get current logged in user profile properties. I tried to use people api with JavaScript combination. I am getting 403 forbidden. can you please send if you have any working example.   $.a...
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  • Getting Space owners using REST API

    Hi Team,   I am trying to get space owners using rest api and unable to achieve the same. Please suggest me the things which will help me to get space admins without accessing the Database.   Ryan Rutan&#...
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