• Getting Photos from Photoalbums

    Hi Team,   Matt Johnson Jens Goldhammer Gopi Gorantala Matt Collinge   I have to get binary URL of the photos from the Photo albums.Please let me know how we can achieve this thing.     Thanks &...
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  • How to index Jive content with search technology outside of Jive

    Hello,   I’m currently working on project where the client asks us to include Jive content into the central search index of their application. Hence, I'm looking for how to feed the jive content into some J...
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  • How to disable a user by API v3

    Hi,   I would like disable some inactive users on my platform.   I tried by API v3 Example : curl -X PUT -u username:password -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"jive.enabled":"false"}' "https://...
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  • Advantage of OAuth 2.0 with grant_type=password vs Basic Auth?

    I want to access the Jive REST API from my desktop, or another computer that is not able to receive an authorization code from Jive (using grant_type=authorization_code) I also see that I can use grant_type=password ...
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  • Need access to Jive Developer Sandbox

    Hi, I am new to the jive and following steps given in How to Access the Official Jive Developer Sandbox document to get access of jive developer sandbox. in first step i have registered in AureaWorks. in second step...
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  • Where do I put my external .js files to allow for simple accordion files on Jive?

    My company is using a restricted form of jive with no jive widget. However, I would like to use simple html which would require some forms of js. (Accordion drop down for FAQ section, etc)   Where can I download...
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  • Changing the image size of a custom add-on

    We need to change the size of an image which has been added in our custom add-on. It is by default taking 16px*16px. Need to increase it to 18px. The style is being referenced to jive.css file. What should we do to in...
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  • How we can update or give permission to social group via V3 ?

    Hi Team,   We are creating group via V3 api. I need to know how we can give permission to the social group while creating or how we can update it after creating the group via V3 api ?   Please see the image ...
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  • Is there a way to sort the results of /api/core/v3/activities?

    This API returns activities in descending order of updated time. We want them to be in ascending order. Is there any way to get it done?
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  • Problem creating content with anchor links via the api

    So I've got a need to allow users to create a backup of the contents of a formatted text widget. The code creates the backup just fine but I find the anchor link hrefs become corrupted in that the protocol is stripped...
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  • Add font to drop down in RTE

    Hi Developer Community,   We recently updated our theme and installed a new font and pointed the CSS to the font. That's all working great.   However, the new font installed does not show up in the rich te...
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  • Anyone tried to retrieve the embedded video URL from the API ?

    Hi All, in Jive we have uploaded and embedded video's - we are trying to get the URL of these video's (Like a youtube video), within the post we see this URL: Using the API we can get the content: /api/core/v3/me...
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  • How to prevent js files concat in custom tiles?

    Hi everyone, can someone tell me how to prevent jive to concat the js files that are stored in tiles/my tile/public/javascripts/my.js ?? Jive seems to concat my files on a random basis, not every time I compile... w...
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  • Converting Widget based Search HTML code to be used in a Tile

    Hello, we are using this code in an overview page and would like to use it in a Tile. Any ideas how to convert it? We have found many search tool examples but none use the pop up feature where it shows the content of...
  • Native Document Download - Rest API V3

    Hi All,   I have been working on a project to export some files from JIVE. However, I am having issues downloading Jive native documents. I am targeting the resources field which contains a "pdf" field, which in...
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  • Is it possible to handle NEW_INSTANCE tile's event without using Jive-SDK?

    Hello Everyone,   I want to put my add-on infrastructure in a serverless application (using AWS lambda), thus I cannot couple my application with Express (as far as I understand, jive-sdk depends on that).  ...
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  • How to add more than 2 custom tiles on a page?

    After purchasing some amazing tiles by Social Edge, we can't put more than two of them on any given page. I know there's a way around that on the on-prem version of Jive. Does anyone have a solution or workaround for ...
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  • How to use the API to upload a file from the local filesystem?

    I would like to be able to automate the upload of PDFs to jive using the API. I have found a way to create new documents, and add attachments from a public url. Using something like the following json format as the da...
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  • Get and modify Inbox Notification preferences via API

    I see that we can get News & Stream Notification preferences via API Get email preferences via API, but has anyone pulled Inbox Notification preferences?  What about programmatically changing all users' Inbox...
  • Downlpad contents from binstore using REST API /Scripts

    Hello,   As per my understanding, once a file is uploaded in jive that is stored into the binstore and then files are classified by upload type, image, document,blog, discussion attachment, and/or etc (or  ...