• Remove PhotoAlbum from FeaturedContent Widget

    Hi All, I am working on Featured Content by Featured Date Plugin that is similar to FeaturedContent Widget in Jive 9 version and found out that within Edit Properties of this widget,Show Photo Album option is also pre...
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  • I can't get Membership published date fields from API

    Hello,   I can't get the published & updated fields from the /members API URI   The only fields I have are: {   "type" : "member",   "state" : "owner",   "group" : {   ...
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  • html tile "id=" & # reference

    Hi. We're trying a bit of nav code through an html tile in 2019.2 on AWS.   <!doctype html> <html> <head>   <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> ...
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  • How can anonymous (guest) users access !app artifacts?

    I've been working on a !App which adds a link which should open an embedded experience when clicked. I've based this off the Wikipedia example. What I've noticed though, that when I attempt to access this experience w...
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  • API to update author for blogposts

    Hello,   Is there an API for updating the author for a blog post? If not, can you suggest a workaround to update the author name?   Thanks in advance.
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  • How can we read blog post using REST api and C#?

    I want read blog post,comments etc and display using C# and REST api? Is it possible to this in JIVE? There is a issue marked about reading content using REST api for ADFS accounts.   Experts ,Please suggest i...
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  • finding and updating the Notifications endpoint from REST API

    Hey, Looking to see if anyone has figured out how to update a user's Notifications through the API, and if so, how they were able to accomplish this? What I am attempting to accomplish to to recursively go through e...
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    Can someone show me how to create a document with a "background.jpg" image?   The goal is to have a faded image in the background of the document as a "canvas" while i type in the context.   Here is an...
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  • How to send authentication headers in osapi request

    Hi Team Jens Goldhammer Gopi GorantalaGopi Gorantala Matt Johnson Jonathan Block   Is there a way to include authentication headers in an osapi call here:   osapi.jive.core.get({     href: "...
  • Customizing Content Creation GUI

    Is there an extension point to Jive (cloud hosted) which allows customizing the existing GUIs use to create content? For example the form used to create a new blog post. I see that there are "Content Actions" but this...
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    created by eric.anastas
  • Easy way to update (publish) an existing document with the Jive API?

    Hi all,   (Jive v9.0.4 on prem, v3.11 API)   I've had to develop a process to undelete (restore) all of a user's documents, based on the method used in the Admin console Document Management portal. The pr...
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  • What is the "?a=12345678" in URLs to images and static resources?

    I've noticed URLs to to images, static resources, and possibly other files in Jive will have an "a" query parameter set to some seemingly random number.   https://jive.mycompany.com/api/core/v3/images/28799?a=155...
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  • Multiple messages being sent to group followers when uploading multiple files?

    Our users are complaining that they are getting individual Inbox messages for each item uploaded via Create > Files when they are following a group. Has anyone been able to consolidate the messages into one after ...
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  • Get all values of a profile field in the Jive Instance

    Hi Team Jens Goldhammer Gopi Gorantala   Is there a way to get all the values of a profile field say City that is used for users in the jive instance. I was looking up for a rest API for this but did not find any...
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  • Jive in Docker Containers

    Dear all,   where do I start when I want to dockerize a custom Jive application? The container should contain a complete Jive environment that is needed for development and test purposes, and I like to build th...
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  • Display User popover in a custom Tile

    Hi Team Jens Goldhammer Gopi Gorantala   Is there a way we can use the existing pop-over that comes up when you hover over a user's linked profile name below:   into a custom view tile. We want to display a...
  • Get all values of a filterable field

    Hello,   With API (/api/core/v3/people/@filterableFields), I can get the list of filterable fields (fields which you can use to filter a list of members).   I would like to find the list of values, like th...
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    created by romainpaillas
  • Has anyone been able to change a group url since moving to AWS?

    We have used the instructions How to Change your Group URL using Jive API v3  many times over the years to change a group url.   Now that we have migrated to AWS and upgraded to 2019.2.1 we are getting ...
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  • API Discussion - How to get images content ?

    Hi, we are trying to use API to get content from our groups, and one the issue we are facing is to get the images + filename when they are part of the content. We've tried all the option from the API we didn't find ...
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  • Is it possible to setup Okta integration in this sandbox instance?

    Hi   Okta recently released a new SAML processing library on their sandbox site and now we are looking for ways to validate it without changing the current configuration in ou Production environment.   Is ...
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