• Hide a document from search results

    Hello,   We recently migrated from hosted to cloud based solution and we are trying to explore an solution/workaround for a requirement. There is a document in Space and planning to hide that from everyone in th...
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  • Disable or make a place inactive

    From within the places API how can I mark a particular place as inactive? Currently on a GET places, we see a "status" flag coming back for each place   GET http://myinstance.jive.com/api/core/v3/places/ "statu...
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  • URGENT Help with Akamai License

    Hello, I am a former Jive-X customer and I need assistance with my Akamai license currently held by Aurea. Lithium has been contacting you and has not received a response. Please tell me whom I may speak with to disc...
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  • How to get video information from Jive Rest API Cloud

    Looking to pull videos from RestAPI to create a custom video dashboard. I'm having trouble understanding how to even do that. The documentation Jive REST Rest API v3.4 → Video service  seems to suggest I nee...
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  • Google drive file and doc issue

    Hello,   I have configured following Google drive add-ons in our sandbox- 1. Google Drive Files & Docs 2. StreamOnce Integration Platform 3.Google Drive   When I installed it earlier all worked as expec...
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    created by shipra
  • generated js files

    Hey all,   P.S you can get this information by accessing news page and click on "view page source", scroll to the bottom and you will see the below   reg(["apps/onboarding/views/create_thread"],["/
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  • Does using the Jive API to get places or content cause the viewcount to increment?

    It appears that API usage does not increment the viewcount, but I'm not certain.  Is this the case?  Is there documentation that supports it?  I only care about reading/gets (not doing updates).
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  • Hosting static website on AWS and serving through Jive Add On?

    We are attempting to switch over the way we store and serve our add-ons to AWS. We've using Jive Hosted add ons up until this point.   My theory on how this would work would be to: 1. Create an app with 'jive...
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  • Can I associate a tag with a stream via API

    I am trying to use the REST API to provide a button that when clicked by a user will create a new custom stream, enable email notifications for the stream, and associate tags with that stream. I have the first two par...
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  • Not able to create case

    Hi, I am not able to create the case in jive. When we click "create menu" it showing as loading but not expanding the menu bar. After upgrade 18.1  Search is not working in our community properly. Some css also...
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  • Why does my HTML tile only appear sometimes?

    I created a custom HTML tile in Jive 7. The tile only loads sometimes. Other times, it appears just plain white. Any ideas why this may be occurring, or what I can do to make this work correctly?
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    There’s an issue with the JIVE REST API returning duplicate search results for the API call below:   https://ourURL/api/core/v3/contents?filter=place(https://ourURL/api/core/v3/places/212)&filter=type(...
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  • How to Access the Official Jive Developer Sandbox

    Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks Step 2 - Request Access to the Jive Developer Sandbox Step 3 - Log in to the Sandbox   Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks Login or Register  Account   Step 2 - R...
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  • Rest API get projects - not including archived projects?

    Hi,   I'm using the following REST API end point to get a list of projects in our community, however it isn't including archived projects. Is there an extra parameter or filter required to include archived proje...
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  • Downloading the Jive Audit Log

    Ryan Rutan, is it possible to download the Jive Audit Log using the API so that a customer can better work with the data?  For example, we have a customer that would want to zero in quickly on who might have used...
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  • Disable Embedly/ Jive 9 Video

    We will not be able to use Embedly to Embed Videos in Jive 9. We disabled this by setting system property embedly.enabled to False.   This results in system not embedding any videos and 400 Bad Request error. &...
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  • Is there a checksum on uploaded file to ensure integrity ?

    Hello,   When a user upload a file on Jive, this file is stored on a file system (.bin), but :   Is there a checksum to ensure the file is not corrupted/modified ? Is this checksum stored in DB ?   &...
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  • Calling the external API from HTML widget

    How do we call the external API from HTML widget?   We have tried many solutions what includes Ajax, jquery, jive osapi, jive app service, but none of them works. Currently we have approved the API which works ...
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  • Anyone able to get Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager to work in Cloud?

    We are trying to get click analytics in an HTML widget we have and are having difficulty setting up GA to work within Jive.   Has anyone been able to set this up successfully? Can you walk through the initial s...
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  • How to get popular tags in a container

    Is there a way to get popular tags in a container?  What I'm looking for is an API call that takes in a PlaceID and returns a list of tags in order of their popularity for the content and sub-places of this conta...
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