• Google App Script:  API POST to New document

    I'm wondering if someone has come across this issue with basic auth and Jive:   The following curl command works flawlessly   curl -u USERNAMEHERE:PASSWORDHERE -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{ "...
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  • Add custom JS script to HTML file

    I'm trying to add a "simple" photo slideshow to our homepage using CSS and jQuery, but am finding it extraordinarily difficult to: 1) Get the jQuery to actually work without showing a "$ is not defined" error, 2) Ge...
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  • How to Add Custom JS to Jive Community (Jive SBS )?

    Hi Community,   Apologies, if this is repeat Question.   Due to some minor requirements, we made some edits (added a JS file) in the Admin console -> Settings -> Themes -> edit the Adobe global th...
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  • Unable to customize JS-version of SOY

    Hi Jivers,   i customized a soy-template in a theme. It is rendered server- and client-side. The server-side rendered version comes with the customization as expected but the generated Javascript-version correspo...
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  • Uploading Image from Local using rest api

    Hi Team, Matt CollingeJens GoldhammerJohn ReynoldsGopi Gorantala   I am trying to upload image to Jive using image upload rest api and able to upload uaing "Postman" And trying to achieve same in JAVA and gett...
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  • How do I bulk deactivate users using api?

    After searching all over the internet I found some useful links but I am not able to achieve it. I know that we need to use PUT method for /people/{personID} and change the jive.enabled to false. But I don't know how...
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  • Direct Message Service Rest api

    Hi Team, Matt CollingeJohn ReynoldsJens Goldhammer   We are trying to get direct message from message id using rest api. In Jive V8 version we are able to get using admin credentials. Unfortunately in JIVE V9 ...
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  • I'm trying to add an iframe to a Tile but am getting an error message in the browser Dev console

    Im trying to add an iframe (a Google Calendar) to a HTML Tile, but am seeing the following error in the Chrome Dev Tools window:   Load denied by X-Frame-Options: https://app-insider.ivanti.com/ does not permit ...
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  • How to Access the Official Jive Developer Sandbox

    Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks Step 2 - Request Access to the Jive Developer Sandbox Step 3 - Log in to the Sandbox   Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks Login or Register  Account   Step 2 - R...
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  • get bookmark/favorite details via api

    The information provided in the api documentation doesn't seem to match with what im actually getting when I refer to a bookmarked item via GET /contents/{contentID} as explained in the documentation. Any help will ...
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  • How the PDF generated for contents in Jive?

    Hi Nils Heuer,   How the PDF is been generated if I give the document or thread URL with .pdf extension? Is Jive is using a separate Engine for that?   Because I want my documents and discussions as PDF ...
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  • Rest API to update tags for a space

    Dear Developers,   Matt Johnson Gopi Gorantala   As part of our community cleanup, we are planning to update the existing tags for all the spaces and looking for a Rest API. Appreciate if you can shed some...
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  • Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)

    NOTE: This is version 2 of the Analytics service. Anyone currently using Cloud Analytics can use this version. This version is also available for on-prem customers who have opted in to Cloud Analytics. For the previou...
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  • How can we read blog post using REST api and C#?

    I want read blog post,comments etc and display using C# and REST api? Is it possible to this in JIVE? There is a issue marked about reading content using REST api for ADFS accounts.   Experts ,Please suggest i...
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  • Custom tiles - Permissions for use and configuration

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on custom tiles, which can be set up - via definition json - to be used on specific locations only NEWS, PLACE, USER etc.. Is there any way to similarly restrict the access to thos...
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  • Creating Custom View Tiles

    With the Jive Cloud release (and version 8.0), you can build your own HTML view within a tile. This UI extension behaves like an app inside a tile — you can place it anywhere you can place a tile, but you can al...
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  • How to download the Jive Blog post as PDF using API

    Hi, I have to automate a script which will export the blog post written by users in PDF format. I am getting the URLs of the blog post and appending ".pdf" to it. After downloading PDF URLs using web-client(C#), we a...
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  • How To Find content natively written in languages other than English?

    Hi guys,   I'm working with a community that has users within based in different parts of the world. The auto translation features work fine and the users based in Asia are able to read the content created in En...
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  • How to search for Discussions/Questions with Zero Replies/Responses

    Is there any way to filter on this or pull this using an API? Looking for Questions and Discussions with Zero responses.
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  • How to retrieve the corresponding external storage location URL of a Jive space or group?

    We have many jive spaces and groups having an external storage location for documents in SharePoint. We'd like to extract a report with full list of spaces and groups and corresponding SharePoint site URLs.   I...
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