• Develop OSAPI

    Hi everyone   Pawan Shah can we create our own OSAPI ?   I am trying to create one but facing errors as below.   Here is service code:   @Path("/spacefollowers") @Produces({"application/json"}...
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  • issue in announcements re-positioning under the hero (banner) image

    Dear Members, we are trying to re-positioning the announcements under the hero (banner) image.   we moved following section from soy/eae/activity_stream.soy to soy/news/news.soy : // announcements   &...
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    created by mahesh.deshmukh
  • Error 8.0.3 on premise: Unable to start httpd service

    Hello .   On Jive 8.0.3 , i am receiving an error Starting httpd.....no process found. See logs: /usr/local/jive/var/logs/jive-httpd.out   but when i checked logs   jive-httpd.out only says: jive...
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  • Has anyone ever rebuilt the Jive database dump after closing a community and then enabled it for search so users could access archived content?

    We recently stopped using Hive and are trying to build an archive from the dump we got from Jive prior to our decommission. Does anyone have any experience with this? Really just looking for a way to search historical...
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  • Why does Jive API let me delete the current version of a document?

    The UI (Actions → Manage Versions of a document) only lets you delete archived versions of a document, but the API lets you delete the current version.   This is a little scary if you're trying to implement...
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  • Bulk download PDF

    Hello All, I have a community owner who would like to archive there group, but would like to download all blog posts to PDF. Is it possible to download all posts as PDF from a specific group ?   Thanks !
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  • Testing

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    created by seemamohanty04
  • Ms Teams Integration

    Hi Team John Reynolds Gopi Gorantala, Jens Goldhammer,     We were exploring opportunities to integrate Microsoft Teams channels using Iframes and were stopped by the fact that Microsoft has limited that to...
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  • Simple stream add-on, object.description not working

    I am trying to get a simple stream integration working.   In my add-ons xform.js. the activity description isn't coming through in the stream - e.g. "activityInfo.object.description = body.description;" E...
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    created by Powell
  • Run a simple query against the database to find all instances of a given string

    I'm trying to run a query against the database to find all instances of the string 'example' in a particular space. Has anyone figured out which tables i need for this? I'm on version 9 on-prem.
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    created by Larry Victorio
  • How long is aws-sandbox.jiveon.com going to be offline?

    I get Service Unavailable when i try to access https://aws-sandbox.jiveon.com/ for the last two days now.     cc: Lauren Vescera
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    created by Nik Edmiidz
  • jive daily on prem plugin issue - Error: Could not verify the certificate chain of this signed add-on

    Hi,   We've tried to install the jive daily plugin on the on prem version of jive but we've got the following: Error: Could not verify the certificate chain of this signed add-on. What can be the root-cause of t...
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  • REST API Document POST size limit

    I am using the REST API to POST a new document. I have noticed that when the body is of a particular size I get an error which states "We're sorry but a serious error has occurred in the system." Any idea as to how I ...
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    created by hamada
  • Is the placeTopics field in a place supposed to be something we can update through the REST API?

    I'm planning to make a web interface to allow superadministrators to update uncategorized groups' place topics. I don't need to change the place topic itself (so, not the /placeTopics endpoint), but rather, update the...
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  • REST API call is failing with this error: Unsupported Request / 501 Not Implemented

    We are trying to follow the steps indicated on this link (https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-192840) but we keep on encountering this error: Unsupported Request or the Status: 501 Not Implemented.   ...
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  • Sandbox instance unable to upload the authentication add on package. How can I proceed here?

    Hi folks,   When in sandbox instance, I receive a screen that states: No services have been authorized. Once services have been authorized, you may view and revoke authorizations from this screen. How can I proc...
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  • Issue with licenses.

    Hello,   I have installed successfully Jive and the initial setup was performed with evaluation. Then when I go to the admin console and try to apply the license i get message that license is not valid. Can pl...
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  • Custom Tiles loading slowly

    Hi Team John Reynolds Gopi Gorantala, Jens Goldhammer   Is there a way we could speed up the loading of the custom tiles, besides the logic that's inside it. Surprisingly, all of the custom tiles, no matter the ...
  • App not rendering for any user

    Hi,   I am trying to install a simple hello world app. But, it shows following error for every user:   {"error""code":403,"message":"Cannot render an application without installing it first"},"status":403}...
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  • How can I set the background image for a header in a table in the content editor html?

    I want to have an image as the header background of a table header that I've created in a post, but as soon as save that code is removed: <th style="background-image:url('some url')">Header</th>
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