• Rest API for News Digest

    Hello,   Is there a Rest API to extract the list of users who have the News Digest checked in and also showing the drop down values.   Thanks!
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  • Rest API Bug

    Hi Team,   We are facing some issues while using REST API GET Method https://www.mysite.com/api/core/v3/places?filter=search(SpaceName)&filter=type(space) Sometimes we get the responses & sometimes not...
  • Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)

    NOTE: This is version 2 of the Analytics service. Anyone currently using Cloud Analytics can use this version. This version is also available for on-prem customers who have opted in to Cloud Analytics. For the previou...
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  • Getting a list of document's from communities.

    Hi All!,       New here! I am working on this via PHP and using postman for testing. I am trying to determine the most efficient way to pull information for documents. Essentially I am trying to create...
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  • Understanding Records Retention

    The Records Retention plugin is an effective tool to track activity in your Jive community. Before using it, be sure you understand what it captures and where it sends this captured information. What is it? The Record...
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  • Posting places avatar using REST API

    my first post and sorry to bring up an old question but I am really struggling with this one. I am trying to post an image as the avatar to a newly created space. I have been referencing this and this previous discus...
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  • Invalid Client error when using Oath2 Resource Owner Grant method for API Authentication, Response of Client ID is null?

    Been using the Jive API on a Cloud IDE for past few years. Having to migrate away and develop locally on Windows and running into issues.   When I use the Resource Owner Grant method described in OAuth 2.0&mdash...
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  • Calendar Event support via the REST v3 api?

    I am looking to be able to interface with calendar events through the rest v3api but there does not appear to be any support in this area.   Specifically i need to be able to get events to be able to read all th...
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  • Add a 'share button' to custom view tile

    Hi everyone, I am building a custom tile with which I successfully fetch content items, posts, discussion etc.. I have no issue referencing my own js files, but I'd like to also reference jive OOTB ones, to be able ...
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  • How to Access the Official Jive Developer Sandbox

    Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks Step 2 - Request Access to the Jive Developer Sandbox Step 3 - Log in to the Sandbox   Step 1 - Register in AureaWorks Login or Register  Account   Step 2 - R...
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  • jive daily on prem plugin issue - Error: Could not verify the certificate chain of this signed add-on

    Hi,   We've tried to install the jive daily plugin on the on prem version of jive but we've got the following: Error: Could not verify the certificate chain of this signed add-on. What can be the root-cause of t...
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  • Mime types supported by Jive on-prem?

    Can someone tell me if some of the more unusual mime types are supported by Jive on-prem?  We are on version 9.0.6.       For example: .pub, .ppsx, .potm, .potx, .pptm, .pps, .pot, .xltx, .xltm, ....
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  • How to: Check if you are affected by the Apps Market EOL

    Community Managers  Version Am I Affected? Impact What to Do Jive cloud 2016.x Possibly, to check: Navigate to {Your Community URL}/apps/market If you see the appsmarket working: Yes If you see an error page: N...
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  • Direct Message Service Rest api

    Hi Team, Matt CollingeJohn ReynoldsJens Goldhammer   We are trying to get direct message from message id using rest api. In Jive V8 version we are able to get using admin credentials. Unfortunately in JIVE V9 ...
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  • JIVE API - get content - last modified

    Hi everyone, For a custom tile, i am using the api to fetch content, based on tags or places. I am able to filter, to sort out and so on, and to get for each result the fields I am interested in, author, creation d...
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  • How to prevent js files concat in custom tiles?

    Hi everyone, can someone tell me how to prevent jive to concat the js files that are stored in tiles/my tile/public/javascripts/my.js ?? Jive seems to concat my files on a random basis, not every time I compile... w...
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    created by nicolasjrc
  • How do I bulk deactivate users using api?

    After searching all over the internet I found some useful links but I am not able to achieve it. I know that we need to use PUT method for /people/{personID} and change the jive.enabled to false. But I don't know how...
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  • Easy way to update (publish) an existing document with the Jive API?

    Hi all,   (Jive v9.0.4 on prem, v3.11 API)   I've had to develop a process to undelete (restore) all of a user's documents, based on the method used in the Admin console Document Management portal. The pr...
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  • How to Add Custom JS to Jive Community (Jive SBS )?

    Hi Community,   Apologies, if this is repeat Question.   Due to some minor requirements, we made some edits (added a JS file) in the Admin console -> Settings -> Themes -> edit the Adobe global th...
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  • Google App Script:  API POST to New document

    I'm wondering if someone has come across this issue with basic auth and Jive:   The following curl command works flawlessly   curl -u USERNAMEHERE:PASSWORDHERE -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{ "...
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