• Is it possible to identify when a specific custom field has been updated using Rest API

    Hello All,   As per our requirement, we have created couple of custom fields for user profiles where in user can add/update/delete the values as per the need. We are trying to identify at what particular time of...
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  • is it possble to pull a list of the space owners

    Hi Developers,   We are currently auditing our spaces, as some of them are quite inactive (over 500 spaces ), we would like to email those space owners to tell them their space will be removed if there is no obj...
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  • RSVP to an event using extended API

    Hi, I hope someone can help with this.   I'm trying to change my attending of an event via the event-type-plugin API, however, I can't find any documentation for this particular API Specifically, I'm trying to us...
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  • Do all cloud instances of Jive have a separate "app-server" for tiles?

    I know we have one, and I noticed on this thread they said: The Tile is hosted on https://app-<domain>.jiveon.com but the profile REST end-point is https://<domain>.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/people/@me.  ...
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  • Pre-Populating Discussion Content & Categories

    Hey there!   I was using the template plugin for a while, but it seems to be very buggy as it was sending an empty emails with the template content before the author submitted the discussion (plugin can be found...
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  • Is the integration of HTTP/2 and QUIC Protocol in development or even considered into the Jive Server?

    As QUIC is an up-and-coming UDP protocol that is slowly being standardized is there any talks about it being integrated into the Jive system? This certainly is more a back-end side of question but very interesting non...
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  • /activites API returns no results

    I am trying to get the list of activities I have performed on Jive through /activities API but the response doesn't contain any results. Please help.   {     "itemsPerPage": 25,   ...
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  • temporary upload of an image via REST Image Service

    The REST API documentation for Image upload describes, that the images is only stored temporary. https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/ImageService.html#uploadImage(MultipartBody)     For t...
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  • Changing the document author using the Jive REST API

    This is something which has been asked for a number of times & when I looked at it again today, it didn't look possible.. indeed, the author is a read-only element of the content update service. However, hidden aw...
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  • Is there a way to change the owner's documents using API?

    Hi to all,   I'm facing a problem, When a user left company all the documents he has created must change their owner to a new active user in the system, because we have a security policy that demands to delete al...
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  • Can I Integrate Chatbot(developed in python - Chatterbot) in the hub page?

    I have developed Chat bot using Chatter(Python). Can I integrate it with my TheHub(intranet) pages?
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  • Streams feed

    Hi all   Is it possible to show a feed of updates from your streams on an overview page? I'm thinking of a rest call or javascript function?   Thanks   Dan
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  • How do I enable welcome message while creating users through Api ?

    "emails" : [ {        "value" : "ganesh.prasad@ionidea.com",        "jive_label" : "Email",        "welcome" : true  ...
  • Unable to get extended properties from curl

    Hi,   I'm currently trying to extend content properties but I have some troubles for getting it back. I'm doing something like this : osapi.jive.corev3.ideas.create({        &#...
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  • Getting Streams data in XML

    Hello,   Is it possible to get the streams data in XML format, so that we can develop customized Tile/Widget using that.   eg: https://mycompany.com/news?streamSource=publication&streamID=14152878 ...
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  • UX Widgets

    Introduction  Enhance your community with amazing content display options.  Enable and control search and navigation across multiple community sites.  Empower large, diverse communities with service po...
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  • What's the best way to get content inventory for a site?

    I am trying to run metrics on number of documents/polls/etc we have without accessing the database. We will be using the Jive DES API to export a csv, but so far it seems as though everything is activity based meani...
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  • Admin password reset in Jive 8

    Hello,   I just upgraded on-premise Jive 8.0.1 to 8.0.4 Server starts, but I can no longer log in as admin (no idea why). How can I reset admin password? In the past I was able to do this with direct SQL updates...
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  • Jive Users data: first time logged into jive on monthly basis

    Team,   Is there any way to extract list of jive users who has logged into jive first time on monthly basis  ?   Is this something we can fetch from DB, if so let us know which table I should refer to...
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    created by rajika
  • Data Export Service CSV Output Fields

    NOTE: This document is for Analytics V1. For information about Analytics V2, refer to V2 Data Export Service CSV Output Fields.   The Data Export Service provides endpoints to get activity written to a CSV file....
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