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SQL Query Examples

Posted by surfwthsharks Feb 15, 2013

Please post any SQL Query examples here so that we can help future Jive users get the most out of their Jive system.  Remember, computers are for input/output and the more information that is available to help with the output side of things the more Jive will be utilized.


Here is on example of a query that gets users and total Points:

select p.user_id, u.firstname, u.lastname,, sum(p.points) as points from jivedw_statuslevelpnt p

inner join jivedw_user u on p.user_id = u.user_id

where u.userenabled = 1

group by p.user_id, u.firstname,u.lastname,

order by points desc


Can anyone share a SQL query that shows the number of points a user has in any specific space?