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1 Post authored by: Vinh Jones

Historically, users have been able to download the source code through the Jive Community for any and all versions. With Jive 5, this distribution model has changed. The source code will still be distributed to customers, but we will now be maintaining the source code via our Maven repositories and builds. Please keep in mind that future releases of 4.5's source code will still be accessible from the My Account page. This change only pertains to Jive 5 and on.


The biggest change here is that we're no longer releasing Ant build scripts with the source code (for Jive 5 and on). Over the past few years, we've transitioned to Maven completely for our development work internally across all departments and it made sense to fully commit to Maven for the customer releases of the source code as well. We couldn't account for every use case with the previous source distro model, so if you're transitioning to Maven and find that you're not able to do something that you were able to previously, please file a support ticket and we'll work with you to find an analogue or another workaround. We'll also continue to publish documents in Developers to help ease the transition (i.e. Pulling Source Code from Maven Repository)




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