• Mapping Themes to the UI

    As you plan your customizations, their scope will mean a lot. Do you want the changes to be seen across the UI, only in a particular community, or only in selected patches of the UI reached by certain URLs? The scope ...
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  • Changing documents into pdf format

       Hi....    Is there any particular set of Jive APIs for changing the documents into PDF format or Jive SBS is using any Plugin for that.    Need help.
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  • I can't get Membership published date fields from API

    Hello,   I can't get the published & updated fields from the /members API URI   The only fields I have are: {   "type" : "member",   "state" : "owner",   "group" : {   ...
  • how to access system property on soy?

    Hi,      does any one know how to access system property on soy file? Regards, Ankit
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  • Creating an Inbox Entry as its own item in Inbox list view?

    I am creating a new Inbox Notification am looking for one last detail to finish it. I have created a new Entry and EntryConverter class, and registered these so that the new Inbox Entry is created and shows up in the ...
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  • maven clean package failed Not authorized to transfer com.jivesoftware.maven:jive-parent-pom:pom:

    Hi all,   I created a maven custom plugin  and i tried to clean package by cmd : mvn -e  clean package. I met error : Could not transfer artifact com.jivesoftware.maven:jive-parent-pom:pom: f...
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  • Prepopulate Discussion Body From URL Param

    Hi all,   I know it's possible to prepopulate a discussion's subject and tags by simply passing them in the URL like this:   http://host/post!input.jspa?containerType=14&container=2001&tags=disc_ta...
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  • How to Add  a new Supported  Video Site to the Rich Text Editor

    Hello Jive Developers,                                  ...
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  • Customize the Create a New Group template

    We are getting ready to roll out Jive to our community and I would like to customize the Create a New Group template to include some information for potential group leaders.   I would like to add a panel with so...
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  • Undocumented Jive System Properties

    System properties can be set in the Admin Console (System > Management > System Properties) and allow a great number of fine-grained configuration options which are not available through the user interface. Many...
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  • How to call rest web service from soy file? - Jive 5

    Hi,   We do have requirement to call one of the rest web services from soy file in Jive 5. Also if anyone knows the javascript workflow for 'Follow' feature in social group, that would be helpful in solving the ...
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  • Extending Jive with Plugin Template Definitions

    NOTE: This technique is valid only for Jive 6.0.1 and up.   Adding markup to the Jive application can be a challenge within the context of a plugin.  Well, I take that back.  It's easy to do, sure....
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  • Access to Maven Repository

    Hello, I registered for access to maven-secure.jivesoftware.com with username: dheath.  I received the validation email, but upon following the URL in the validation email, I was brought to a page indicating: Sec...
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  • Creating Custom CSS Classes in Themes

    You can customize your community's CSS by adding or overriding CSS classes in a custom CSS FTL template file. You create a theme, create the custom template, add your CSS classes to the template, then map the theme to...
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  • Jive 7 theme where to put custom js in

    I need to add some custom script to my theme. 1.) is /soy/template/javascript.soy the new place? 2.) where in this file can I put script to be executed on everypage like something simple like <script type="text...
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  • Jive Maven Archiva is unavailable, any other way to deploy a local Jive instance?

    For a month now Jive Maven Archiva (http://maven-secure.jiveland.com/archiva/index.action ) has not been available, and apparently it's required to create an account there (How To: Create a Custom Jive Project ). Is t...
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  • Guide to using Google Closure Templates in Jive 5.0 / 6.0

    Introduction Templates Generated Javascript Template Use Importing Templates (<#include> and <@resource.template> equivalent) Callling another template dynamically Importing Javascr...
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  • Are there any tools available to bulk download content?

    Hi,   As we perform housekeeping in our community, we often find groups that are no longer required and can be deleted, but the owner often wants to save all the content offline first for their own personal refer...
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    created by ReeceO
  • Link Interceptor Light Documentation

    Link Interceptor Light Manual The interceptor it used at igniterealtime.org and works there without issues. The Link Interceptor Light uses the Apache 2.0 license. Sending emails is not possible in the "Light" version...
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  • HTML Widget: How to Create a Stock Widget

    Introduction If you want to add a near real-time stock widget to your site, copy, modify, and paste this into an HTML widget. The code uses the Jive native jQuery library to pull JSONP data from yahoo using their YQL ...
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