• Jive 6 web services versions

    There are different api's like core v1, v2 v3 etc...   What is the differences between them? Which method is preferred for creating new webservices? Finally i would like to understand the technical differences...
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  • Reg: Custom Webservice in Jive 7.0.1 & 7.0.2

    Hi Fellow Developers ,           We require one help with one webservice . We have created one custom webservice & found it working correctly & serving the expecte...
  • Invoking an external .asmx service from jive

    Hello,   I have a requirement where in I have to access a .net web method from jive to get an active directory attribute.   I am almost through and with some work around from .net side was able to access t...
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  • Jive showing up properties file during action.

    Hi All, I am facing one weird issue with Jive . On click of link I load self submitting action FTL page which calls up another url of application B via java code & seamlessly logins into that application B from J...
  • Jive 7 Document Service Customization

    Is it possible to customize the default Jive document where we need to add a text box in the document create page and store the text along with the created document. I understand that document service is being invoked...
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  • Issue: while running archetype command

    Hello Team,   I am facing an issue while running a command for a plugin. I am using a Jive-7 version, and Maven version 3.3.1, Tomcat 7.0, Java SDK -7.0. Can somebody please tell me what I am missing here exact...
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  • Custom form creation in Jive sbs 7

    Hi,   My requirement is to create a custom form in jive. This custom form is exposed to selected people groups to fill and submit and then their profile basic fields along with the proposal form fields should b...
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  • Change output type of jax-ws service

    Hi fellow developers,   I'm currently developing a plugin in which I'm using jax-ws services with a declaration like this (in spring.xml): <bean id="myServiceClass" class="full.qualified.name.of.myServiceCla...
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  • Jive 5.0 Plugin Actions not working in Jive 6.0

    I have developed a plugin which was working fine for Jive 5. Now I have upgraded my jive to And actions written in my plugins are not working. Please help me here. if jive has made any change for creating A...
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  • Generating an alert from the API

    Hi,   I'm developing an add-on and I'd like the use the standard jive alerts to inform users of issues. I can't see any API calls for this, but I'm wondering if this is possible?   Thanks
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  • Unable to insert data in to database

    Hi,   I am trying to insert data into database using jive 7 plugin. But in my plugin the DAO class is not calling the method in DAO where I had written the code for inserting the data into DB.   Kindly any...
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  • Connect to DB

    Hi,   I am using Jive7. I need to store some data into database, so I have connect database in my plugin. Could any on please help on this. I am using PostgresSQL.     Thanking you in advance.  ...
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  • Reg Videos Webservice.

    Hi Fellow Developers , Need a help. We have video module (video plugin ) configure on our instance. We require to access video webservices. When we try to access videos services (Jive REST Rest API v3.8 → Vide...
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  • Restful web services in Jive7

    Hi,   I am new to Jive . I am working on Jive7. I want to develop widget using restful web services. Could you please help me on this. The older version docs are not helping to me work on it. Thanking in ad...
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  • Webservice Call from .NET

    Hi All ,             I was trying to access  the WebService in Jive.     I am consuming this  service in a .NET application.   This one n...
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  • Custom plugin web services not working in Jive 7.0.1

    We've recently updated from Jive to That update has caused our custom web services in our plugin to return "404 Not Found".   I've converted our plugin to but the problem remains...
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  • Reg: Custom Webservices in Jive 7.0.1

    Hi , We are upgrading our application from 6.0.1 to 7.0.1 . We find all our custom REST webservices configured in spring of plugin are not getting recognized in Jive 7.0.1 but we are able to observe the same working ...
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  • Creating place via v3 api with external storage.

    Hi All, From the WEB UI we can select the storage to use for a particular place when there is some external storage configured. See here: We have the need to be able to select the kind of storage we want for our P...
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  • Problem with Webservices

    Hi , We have custom webservices is plugin in 7.0.1 instance. This is causing conflict with the default internal webservices of Jive which results in logout error gettting displayed in case when user profile drop dow...
  • All the security groups the user is member of, thro REST v3 API

    Hi,   Through SecurityGroups Entity, we can get the members of that security group by specifying the group id. But is there any possibility/direct means to get all the groups the current user is member of? ...
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