• HTML Widget: How to Create an Image Toggler/Accordion

    2-1-2016 - A new open sourced version of the Accordion is now available here: UX Widgets Introduction This widget's goal is to pack in a bunch of content in a single HTML widget, presenting images to users, when cli...
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  • Existing code for initial login plugin

    Hi everyone   Is there any pre-existing code for Jive initial login plugin?   Regards Neha
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    created by neha.uniyal
  • $j is not defined

    Im trying to get a simple littel JQuery script to run inside and HTML widget on a social group homepage (so that we can implement the really cool scripts aka Coin Slider.js). But i cant seem to make JQuery play nice. ...
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  • HTML Widget - How to allow iframe, style, script

    We have the option to add an HTML container (image 1) to the place/group, but unfortunately everything with a tag <iframe><style><script> etc is removed. This is a system setting that can be changed....
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  • Do you know Jive-Fu?

    I'm not going to drag this announcement out, as I've been waiting far too long to bring something like this to the Jive Developer community!   What is Jive-Fu?  Jive-Fu is a reference plugin that I have put...
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  • Plugin i18Text not getting rendered.

    Hello,   I am creating a widget in which I need to make it multilingual. I have placed the key value pair in plugin_i18n.properties file.   Path:src/main/resources Value put in the file: custom.defaultM...
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  • Can't find the bean CreateDocumentDataBean.java

    Hi,   I'm looking at the source http://docs.jivesoftware.com/jive_sbs/6.0.1/soydiff/WEB-INF/classes/soy/content/documents/create.html and can't find the java file CreateDocumentDataBean in jive source.   P...
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  • Jive 7 API Docs missing?

    Hello all,   I am currently working on Jive 7 running based on Java 1.7 environment. I am trying to find Jive 7 API docs when I am doing plugin or widget integration in writing java logic class. However, I only ...
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  • Standar URL for a specific user's profile image

    Hi to everyone   I have been developing a widget wich shows some information of an specific user, including its IMAGE, the image i take, is the one configured as an avatar, to do this i take the standar structur...
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  • Migrate custom widget from Jive 6 to Jive 7

    Hi All,   I got a problem when migrate my widget from Jive 6 to Jive 7...   There was no error when I created and built this Jive 7 widget.. but after I installed it, it was just not working. "Edit widget"...
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  • How To: Diagnose issues related to Jive version updates

    This probably won't affect many people, but in v7.0.3, (and in most updates), a number of Spring bean definitions have changed - adding/removing constructor arguments and required properties.   If you are develop...
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  • Custom widget properties?

    I am working on a small widget that would be deployed in a plugin. I found that I can use textarea for a String property by setting myproperty.useLargeTextField=true in my widget.properties file.   In addition t...
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  • Restful web services in Jive7

    Hi,   I am new to Jive . I am working on Jive7. I want to develop widget using restful web services. Could you please help me on this. The older version docs are not helping to me work on it. Thanking in ad...
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  • Geomap Html Widget

    It is a html widget which shows the user locations on map. It reads the 'work address' profile field of all existing users and converts them into latitude,longitude coordinates using geocoding and displays them on t...
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  • Jive 7 plugin i18n properties issue

    We are currently migrating a plugin from Jive 6 to Jive 7 and one issue we're dealing with is the i18n.properties files we use are not being loaded. Thus, all references to our i18n properties within our plugin are on...
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  • Overriding core Widget implementation in a plugin

    Hi,   There is a widget defined in jive-core: com.jivesoftware.community.widget.impl.TagWidget We would like to override the java implementation of this widget and customize it for our own needs.   I gue...
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  • Redirection issue in Jive 7

    I have created one custom widget and it is used to submit the form and return back to same form.   In the struts.xml, I specified  action where I provide my own custom FTL and redirection after the form is ...
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  • Feeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to questions on consuming and creating feeds. What's a simple way to pull data from the community? One easy way to syndicate content from the community to another site without having to do anything on the serv...
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  • How to create a tag search widget using javascript?

    Hello,              Iam ravikiran and i would like to create a tag search widget using javascript. I have some idea regarding html and javascript, but i have no ...
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  • How do I create and use Tiles / Widgets in Jive 7

    I am trying to create custom tiles in Jive 7. Looking at the existing ones like i.e. "Top Participants" I could not find where they are registered into the Tiles selection.   I copied the code of com.jivesoftwar...
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