• Guide to using Google Closure Templates in Jive 5.0 / 6.0

    Introduction Templates Generated Javascript Template Use Importing Templates (<#include> and <@resource.template> equivalent) Callling another template dynamically Importing Javascr...
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  • Link Interceptor Light Documentation

    Link Interceptor Light Manual The interceptor it used at igniterealtime.org and works there without issues. The Link Interceptor Light uses the Apache 2.0 license. Sending emails is not possible in the "Light" version...
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  • Its possible to hide a custom widget in base on a condition, permission or any user properties?

    I need to show or hide a custom widget in base on a condition, permission or any user properties. Now when user have not permission to see this widget, the content is not displayed but the header and borders of the wi...
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    created by j.chirapozu
  • "Unable to retrieve a database connection as the connection pool" error after plugin is deployed

    Hi,   I have a custom plugin that creates a new table via the schema.xml. After deployment and on startup, the front end doesn't render- just a white screen. In Sbs.log, I see errors related to not getting a db ...
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  • How To: Create a Custom Jive Project

    Getting your environment setup JDKs Maven Maven Quick start Creating a Project New project setup Running your new project Creating a Plugin New plugin setup Building the new plugin ...
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  • Jive 8 Local Customization Listener Issues

    Hello,   I am trying to spin up a Jive 8 local instance, but I am having issues with the listener starting up.   I am using Java 1.8.0_45, Maven 3.2.5 and Tomcat 7.0.59.   I can get the local instanc...
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  • How to Override jive js file

    Hi Team,   I need to update one of the jive js file with custom values, can any one help with the approach that needs to followed to override jive js file.   Thanks, Mamatha
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  • Customizing UI with the Theme Resource Kit

    If you need to add sophisticated view logic in your header or footer, you can do more ambitious site-wide theming by starting with the resource kit. It includes a set of sample files you can tailor to your needs. Not...
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  • Activation Link not opening

    Hello ,   I tried to register with Apache Archiva . I got a confirmation mail with my username and a activation link. When i tried to open that link , i am not able to open that and getting a error message in br...
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  • Remove Items from the Global top bar navigation

    I am looking to remove the elements highlighted in the attached screen shot in the Tableau Community.   I have found the global.nav template but I am uncertain how to properly remove the 'sign in' button. ...
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    created by pbyrne
  • Build a plugin

    Hello,   I have an issue with building a plugin with command "mvn clean package". If I want build a plugin I get this error:   [INFO] Scanning for projects... [INFO] [INFO] ------------------------------...
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  • RenderException

    I am attempting to update a plugin from a previous Jive 7 on-premises install to Jive 9.   I am getting the following after installing my theme:   Caused by: com.google.template.soy.sharedpasses.render.Ren...
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    created by dartmanx
  • How to hide the tabs on the top ribbon

    We want to customize a Jive page and wondering if the tabs highlighted in yellow can be hidden/removed from the page?
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  • Is it possible to create a plugin to add new Syntax Highlighters to the RTE

    Hello,   I am still working through our internal Jive deployment so am very new to development options for Jive. I know there are plenty, but wanted to gets a heads up on if this is feasible so I can address que...
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  • Is it possible to remove the throw 'allowIllegalResourceCall is false.'; preamble via plugin?

    Hello,   As many of us know, Jive injects the following preamble to their REST API responses: 'allowIllegalResourceCall is false.';   Where is this configured?  Is it done in a JAX-RS interceptor or ...
  • memory and heap space issue during mvn build of local Jive

    Hi,   I'm trying build the local Jive instance on my Windows XP per https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-42471 and I'm running into memory issues.   [INFO] Compiling 1 source file to C:\maven\mavenPr...
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  • Build and Run Your Local Jive Customization

    Create a Database EAE Database (for instances 5.0 and up) Build Your Project for the First Time Run the App Local Search Instance (Optional for 6/7.0) Local EAE Instance (Optional for 5/6/7.0) Ji...
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  • Issue with Spring Transactions in Jive Plugin - Resolved

    In short, when you are using the @Transactional annotation in your code, make sure that you have your pom.xml setup to weave in transactions correctly at COMPILE time.  This is an easy yet painful oversight! =) &...
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    last modified by Ryan Rutan
  • Automatically login a Support Central(SC) user into Jive community when user performs coveo search

    We have an integration of Coveo search with Jive. It is used to search content from jive and the contents links are displayed as a search result. Both Coveo and Jive are SSO configured.   When user clicks on a...
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  • Disabling Caching on a Dev Server

    Currently, we make rapid file changes and have to test by uploading the file each time to a particular space's "static resources". However, Jive aggressively caches based on the URL, so subsequent changes are never se...
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    last modified by aaronmartone