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Here are some ways executives use collaboration technology inside their organizations (as opposed to email):

  • Blogging: Write a few thoughts about an article found on the intranet or Internet. For example, a Harvard Business Review or Forbes:, that pertains to your business, and link to the article.
  • The CEO asks: Start a discussion with a topic that you want employees to discuss, for example, "How can we be more innovative?" Do this in a dedicated "The CEO Asks" place to make it easier for people to find.
  • Ask the CIO: Enable a 2 way open dialogue about IT within your organizaiton.
  • Embrace the new way videos: Post a video that encourages participation, communicates a message about IT strategy, and change and innovation.
  • State of the business updates: Write a short post each quarter, which could simply be a summary of what's shared with Wall Street or industry analysts.
  • Company site visit descriptions: Write about your travels to your company's various sites. For example, if you just came back from meeting with your team in Seoul and you happened to meet the mayor, write about the interesting customs you learned about.
  • Town Hall Meetings: A central place for employees to ask questions before, during, and after organizational meetings.
  • Offer encouragement: Post status updates that exude excitement about something related to your business, or something fun about your company.
  • Link to what you're reading: Share links to interesting intranet or Internet content.
  • "Like" content: Click "Like" on others' status updates, discussions, documents, and blog posts. You'd be amazed at how an exec's "like" perks up employee morale.


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