When I was hired to manage the Jive Community in 2014, I adopted a community that was well established both in good and not-so-good habits. It was clear that our community needed a fresh look and some new ways of thinking and that getting a partner's help with the effort was just the thing to bring in that new perspective.


We engaged Social Edge, a professional services consulting firm with Jive-focused expertise, to help us develop a branding refresh of the Jive Community. Social Edge is a Jive Consulting Partner that helps companies implement Jive, while using Jive’s solutions themselves every day to collaborate and work more aligned as a team.


Our focus was to redesign the Jive Community homepage, as well as key spaces including Customer Hub, Partner Home and Jive vs. Other Solutions. Right away I could see an impact from working with Social Edge including seeing new approaches to developing tiles and an open mind with how to get things done. Anything became possible.


Special thanks to the joint team: Andrew Kratz Brooks Jordan Madalina Papacica Greg Lowe Ben Zweig John Reynolds Ruth Neighbors Robert Hanson Laura Batten Nicole Stark I love working with all of them!


Be sure to check out this interview with Andrew Kratz, Social Edge's Consulting President and CEO, to find out how Social Edge works with Jive: Breaking the Partnership Mold - The Social Edge Consulting and Jive Story