ThinkstockPhotos-512390565.jpgWhen payers and providers don’t collaborate, it's the patient that suffers most. Bill Klco's recently published article is all about this struggle. Turns out, initiatives such as pay-for-performance—a payment model that rewards clinicians, hospitals and medical groups for meeting certain performance measures for quality and efficiency—drive massive gaps between payers and providers.

On top of that, despite sharing the same clients/patients, many payers and providers do not share the same infrastructure, identity information, or mobile strategies. I can just see the communications from both sides piling up in my email and snail-mail inboxes...


Hmmm, does anyone else here the heroic call of Jive to the rescue?


Read Bill's article for yourself to see how the healthcare industry is ripe for an overhaul in collaboration techniques and platforms:

Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare Payers and Providers