ThinkstockPhotos-179210469.jpgWhen it comes to employee collaboration, healthcare providers have it harder than most. They are often faced with a workforce that is scattered across hundreds of hospital, clinic, and service site locations. Doctors, nurses, and technicians can collaborate within each site, but when it comes to knowledge sharing across facilities and connecting to corporate missions and objectives, they're typically stuck with legacy intranet systems and "email jail."


That's why it's no surprise we're seeing many of the newest class of Jive customers come from the healthcare industry. They are transforming their internal communications and collaboration systems, turning to interactive intranets powered by Jive. Case in point: Spectrum Health.


Spectrum Health was the winner of the 2016 Jive Award for Transforming Employee Engagement for HR. Their Jive-powered InSite community connects more than 23,000 employees from various departments and geographic locations, resulting in measurable increased employee engagement through locally owned content, access to information and connectivity to and between individuals and groups. Even more impressive: there are 1,300 answered questions on InSite posted by employees from more than 130 service sites, with a best-in-class 82% resolution rate. Anyone who's worked in the healthcare industry will know that the ability to ask questions and get answers from fellow employees and corporate leadership is, as Spectrum Health put it, a "gift that keeps on giving."


Spectrum Health was recently featured on the Jive Software blog and shares more about their transformation story here:

Jive Serves as the Catalyst for Transforming Spectrum Health


And be sure to join the Healthcare group to connect with other healthcare organizations that have made the transformation.