ThinkstockPhotos-451027867.jpgEvery community manager knows that it's the people that make your community, which is why driving adoption is such a key concern. It's one of the most common discussion topics on the Jive Community. It's asked in many ways, for a variety of communities - internal and external, new and mature. But it always goes a little something like this:


"How do I get more people active on my community?"


If you have ever participated in the discussion around this topic (and I imagine there are a lot of you!), here are 3 resources you need to know about right now:



1. Announcing the Adoption Resource Center

The Jive Professional Services team has created the Adoption Resource Center to provide all Jive customers with access to guidance and best practices to help you achieve greater adoption and success with your Jive implementations. It is intended to support your success across different stages of your Jive journey and community program development - and particularly the critical set up and launch stages - by providing access to foundational guidance and best practices. Please note that you'll need to be on our Customer List in order to access the space below, you can request access here: Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today

Check out the wealth of resources here: Adoption Resource Center


2. "Ask a Consultant" weekly office hours

In addition to the great content you'll find in the Adoption Resource Center, Jive has launched a weekly "Ask a Consultant" session on Thursdays. You get direct access to some of Jive's veteran consultants from Professional Services, where they field your questions and adoption-related challenges and provide tips and tricks to help you work through your community questions and issues. This is where you can provide input and dictate what topics and challenges are most important for Jive to help you solve.


Ask your questions here: "Ask a Consultant" Questions

Join the next "Ask a Consultant" Session here: Ask a Consultant - July 21, 2016

See future weekly sessions posted here: Adoption Resource Center


3. Best Practices webinar series

And to help you navigate all of these new resources and learning opportunities, Jive Professional Services is hosting a Best Practice webinar on July 20. Get the most out of the Adoption Resource Center, all of the materials and guidance it provides, along with some other related adoption resources Jive is now offering.  This is part of a broader series where Jive experts cover topics relating to building and managing your community.


Sign up for the upcoming webinar here: Adoption Resource Center Webinar - Jive Software


For more about this new space and all of these new resources, be sure to check out Jennifer Kelley's and Claire Fletcher's summary here:

Announcing the Adoption Resource Center