2017.2.27_work_out_loud.jpgAt Jive's core is the idea of "working out loud." In other words, creating work, having conversations and making decisions all in a transparent and open manner. Before working at Jive, I had never "worked out loud" before. I'm a meticulous person who likes to plan and make schedules. Once I had done the research and preparation on my own, then I would collaborate.


When I first started working with Jive, I always worked in hidden documents and worked mostly on my own. No one forced me to be open about my work, but I started noticing how seamlessly my coworkers worked together cross-functionally and the ease with which they pulled in assistance without slowing down their workflow. It was exactly what I love - an easy way to get where I want to go even faster and with less obstacles. Just like how the best authors have their editors, we all need support from our coworkers!


Now I work completely in open docs and thrive in a team of coworkers across various departments such as Professional Services, Sales, Support, Marketing and more. It has never been easier to reach out and find a subject matter expert, which means I save time having to Google the subject. I used to hesitate to ask questions because I was afraid of bothering people but the truth is, most people like to be asked for help in their field - that's what they passionate about!


I wasn't the only one who discovered the benefits of working transparently - so did Yahoo. In Jive's interview with Yahoo's Carolyn Clark, Director of Communications, and Michael De Loia, Senior Manager of Collaboration Products, they talked about how working transparently is incredibly healthy not only for the company, but for work relationships. "Many Yahoos have become more open about what they’re working on and about inviting others into projects, which creates a more unified Yahoo culture and a stronger sense of all being on the same team."


Yahoo found that Jive also helped create searchable content which was a much better alternative than keeping information locked into hidden documents or email threads. This is also feeds into the importance cross-functional collaboration. While departments have their own functions, they can't operate completely independently from each other (or at least shouldn't). Carolyn found that "Jive has made it easier for [her] internal communications team to stay in lockstep with [their] PR team."  With each department working toward the same goal, there is bound to be overlap which Jive helps make transparent and easy to work cross-functionally.


Read the full interview with Yahoo to find out...

  • The top benefits they have seen using Jive
  • Who uses their internal community and how
  • How Jive has impacted the way they work


Hearing about what other people are doing in their own community, can help inspire you with new ideas on how to make your community even better. It isn't cheating - I promise!


What about you? How has Jive changed the way you work?