Healthcare affects everyone. We've all been to a clinic whether it was for a cold, broken bones, a long-term illness or something we've lived with since birth. The universal impact of healthcare is why we want to make the industry even better with being strategic about utilizing big data, collaboration opportunities, and improved customer experience. Until now healthcare has been struggling to work with fragmented information taken out of context.


Bill Klco, Director of Sales for Healthcare at Jive Software dives into the journey of healthcare in his article Overcoming Healthcare Data Challenges – where it has been, what it needs and where it's headed in order to assist healthcare professionals in making faster and better-informed decisions. With better access to contextual information, Bill points out that healthcare professionals can better meet the expectations of patients for receiving everything "faster, in a way that's convenient, affordable, transparent and tailored to their needs."


So what does this valuable information include? Having access to broader contextual information such as social conditions (birth, work, age), environmental factors (economic policies, development agenda, social norms), family history, and data from people with similar conditions and backgrounds merely scratches the surface. This information is available at our fingertips simply waiting to be analyzed and utilized.


Organizing this information in such a way that is quick, useful, and easily accessible is a whole different story – which is where the collaboration hub comes in to bridge this gap. Bill points out that while this information now exists, it lives in disconnected systems across various provider organizations or within separate files dedicated to a single patient. "Conversations are lost in siloed chat apps and email." Bill says, "Documents are often stored in multiple, difficult-to-find locations, unavailable to the clinicians who need them. Information that could impact a patient's health is often not shared in a timely, efficient way."


Working together in a hub brings all this information into one platform that is easily searchable and retrieved by clinicians anywhere and at any time. The benefit extends even further with possibilities for using this collective information for built-in machine learning and AI to improve performance and act as an aid for human decision makers.


Overcoming Healthcare Data Challenges  is rich with information about how the collaboration hub is perfect for the healthcare industry not only now, but the possibilities moving forward. While we still have a ways to go – and Bill is careful to point out current obstacles on this journey – integrating a collaboration hub is a giant step in the right direction. Even if you're not a healthcare professional yourself, this article is a great resource to learn about current struggles and progress in an industry that affects everyone. Wouldn't you want assurance that you are in the best hands?


What about you, JiveWorks community? Tell us how healthcare has changed for you in the past several years, and what you hope to see in the coming years. 


For me personally, I love being able to ask questions and contact my care provider from the comfort of my home, in addition to seeing all my records and family history easily accessible online. I feel more confident than I used to about doctor visits knowing that healthcare providers have a broader pool of information and research to tap into to make an informed decision about my concerns.


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