We love to see you succeed. One of the reasons I fell in love with JiveWorks is because this is the place where ideas are born and inspiration is shared selflessly between all of us regardless of where we are and where we work. We all team up to make things better for people – our customers, our employees, our users. I wanted to share a few customer stories, two Q&A interviews and one article about how Viavi is using Jive to make a difference, that were published in the last couple of weeks. All three of these customers were recognized as Digital Transformation Award Winners for 2017!


Jive Customer Q&A: Powering Collaboration at Western Digital

Western Digital needed a way to connect and engage 75,000 worldwide employees that had been fragmented across multiple intranets. With Jive, they were successful in creating a "virtual office" which allowed top-level leaders to communicate with employees and employees to leverage Jive for business use cases. We had the honor of interviewing Western Digital's Chief Information Officer – Steve Phillpott – to talk about employee engagement, changes to the workplace, and what he was looking forward to at JiveWorld17.

You can also see his main stage presentation during the opening keynotes on Tuesday: JiveWorld17 Main Stage Day 1: Western Digital.




Jive Customer Q&A: Commvault Transforms Work with Communications

Commvault joined us last year and has made incredible progress in improving employee collaboration and communication. We had the pleasure of interviewing Bill Wohl, Commvault's chief communciations officer, about employee engagement, changes to the workplace and what he was looking forward to at JiveWorld17. Bill Wohl left us with a great piece of advice, "Before you can put out any fire (in business or elsewhere), you have to get agreement on the approach, you have to collaborate, and you need access to the right people and equipment to do the job."

Check out Bill Wohl's main stage presentation on Wednesday: JiveWorld17 Main Stage Day 2: Bill Wohl



Viavi Solutions Launches Jive's Collaboration Hub Across Entire Business Ecosystem

Viavi spent the past year rolling out Jive both internally for its employees and externally for its partners and, more recently, exploring how Jive can help improve customer loyalty and retention to create the biggest business impact. Working with Jive, Viavi talks about how they have changed the way they work - "we've increased agility, improved knowledge capture and benefit from intelligent workgraph analytics that tell us where our networks are working well and where we can improve." Find out how Viavi has boosted partner engagement and fosters holistic employee collaboration with Jive and became a 2017 Digital Transformation Award winner for their through their hard work and dedication to making a difference!