I'm in love with the Jive product because it has the potential to create a community where users can build relationships, inspire each other, and do so much more with cross-functional teams without regards to geographical borders or time zones. I say "potential" because you can’t have a community without members, you can’t be inspired if there is no one to inspire you (self-inspiration can only take you so far), and you can’t work in a cross-functional team if there is no team. Jive merely provides the framework and tools, but the real driving force behind our product is you – our customers.  You study the tools, test out the framework, and think about what you want to accomplish before you start building a community from the ground up that is unique to you and your company’s mission. We love that.


We always want to celebrate the unique and impactful mission and success of our customers, which is why I want to give a huge shout out to Truth Initiative (I'm looking at you – mjacobs, Mark Schwanke, dragraham, Nicole Dueffert, and the rest of your team!). Truth Initiative, America’s largest non-profit inspiring people to live tobacco-free, has announced that they have teamed up with Jive to create a platform where those looking to turn away – and stay away – from tobacco can connect, thrive, and stay informed about the latest studies. Specifically, they are helping “increase engagement amongst new members by promoting norms around cessation and providing practical tips, strategies and encouragement.”


In only four months since making the move to Jive, nearly 8,500 new members have joined the BecomeAnEX® community and are 32 percent more likely to contribute on their first day, which will lead to a longer commitment to the community. When making difficult changes, we all know how important a support network can be and Truth Initiative has made a huge move toward making help and support even more accessible, user friendly, and interactive!


I admire Truth Initiative’s push toward “how can we do this better? How can we reach more people?” and pushing the boundaries of what they can do. As technology advances and unleashes opportunities that have never existed before, it’s important to rethink our approach to achieving our goals. Truth Initiative found through research that "online interventions where smokers connect with experts and peers are as effective as face-to-face interventions, but at far lower costs” and saw the chance to make a bigger difference in an economical way.


Read the press release on the Jive Software blog to learn more about Truth Initiative’s decision to move forward with Jive and how they decided to use the platform to create something that will make a huge impact for those struggling with tobacco.


Thank you Truth Initiative for your fight against the leading cause of preventable death. You help save lives!