You've probably heard of the world's largest cloud platform, Akamai. If not, I'm sure you've seen Kirsten Laaspere and Judi Cardinal make their way around JiveWorks because they are both fabulous champions who are always eager to help!  This time, they agreed to answer a few questions for us in our latest Customer Q&A, How Akamai Powers Employee Collaboration and Enhances Customer Support!

As you can see from the title, we had the opportunity to chat with them about what issues pushed them towards adopting Jive, what goals they have, and results they've seen so far in their journey. The best part? You get to hear from both Kirsten and Judi talk about what this means for both their internal AND external community! You'll also see how the internal community is breaking the process down into steps – first migration and now working on making the best use of the community with thought leadership and champions. On the external side, Judi is working on an array of ways to drive customer engagement. Since launching, each community has achieved some incredible results including 93% active users in their corporate sub-divisions (internal) and 141% increase in total annual users over the span of a year (external). Kudos to you, Kirsten and Judi!


It's always helpful to see what other people are doing to solve for company issues, so if you want to see why other people chose Jive and how they take advantage of the solution (regardless of whether you are a Jive-x or Jive-n community) take a look at the Q&A!


Thank you Kirsten and Judi for taking the time to help others see how you use Jive!