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I had the great pleasure of meeting Crystalee Beck for the first time at JiveWorld14 after she won the Jive Workstyle Award! In case you missed the big news, you can check it out here: Announcing the 2014 Jive Award Winners!


Let's get on with the interview!


Libby: Where do you work?

Crystalee: I work at MarketStar, a subsidiary of Omnicom. We do outsourced sales and marketing for some of the world's biggest brands. As a global company with offices in many locations, we are headquartered in the charming mountain town of Ogden, Utah, 40 minutes north of Salt Lake City.


LT: How would you describe your current job?

Crystalee: I'm MarketStar's (first ever!) Social Community Manager and oversee our Jive-powered social intranets, MarketStar Connect and Connect with Create. Like any community manager, I keep several plates spinning at all times. I consult with departments and executives on engagement strategies, drive content for our home page, coordinate our Steering Committee, guide the vision for our product road map, host our monthly Team Champ trainings; basically, managing and supporting all things Connect. Internal communication intrigues me – I love the power of connecting people through strategic, FUN engagement. (Perhaps it’s the student government girl in me coming out?) A wordsmith at heart, I serve as the editor of our internal magazine, and get to be part of some really neat committees.

How I Work - Crystalee Small image.jpg


Libby: And you won the Jive Workstyle Award at JiveWorld14! Congratulations! How does that feel?

Crystalee: Incredible! The highlight of my community management experience thus far, it felt surreal to be on Main Stage at JiveWorld, participate in the "human collaboration machine" and receive the award on behalf of MarketStar. I can't claim the award alone - it belongs to our whole community, and I'm thankful for those who took the time to vote for our video. A special thank you to ultra-creative Paul Siddoway who filmed and painstakingly edited our video entry and my supportive boss, Adam Gunn who encouraged us to enter the Workstyle contest in the first place.

Libby: Are you familiar with the Jive WorkTypes? If so, what was your WorkType? 

Crystalee: Yes, I took the WorkType quiz at JiveWorld the first day, and proudly wore my ENERGIZER tag throughout the conference.

LT: How do you think your WorkType plays into how you get work done in Jive?

Crystalee: As described in the quiz results, Energizers are the "go-to people for achieving the impossible." I think this reflects two areas that matter a lot to me professionally: getting things done and uniting people for a cause. Nothing happens without a catalyst and I like to think I stir the pot for our community.

LT: Did your team have a chance to take the WorkType Finder quiz? Have you all talked about your results?

Crystalee: Those who attended JiveWorld took the quiz, and we had a few Explorers in our midst, which accurately reflects their idea-hashing talents.


LT: What was your favorite part of attending JiveWorld this year?

Crystalee: What wasn't to love about JiveWorld 2014!? Well, I do have one recommendation for the development team: Perhaps the all-knowing JiveWorld app could include a cloning machine? Then I could have attended more sessions simultaneously, spent time with the running and yoga groups at the same time (instead of one day of each), and had the omnipresent ability to meet every single attendee. Also, while I raved on Twitter about the OK GO concert, Syyn Labs' wicked cool video presentations, and soon-to-be-released updates from Jive, the best part of the JiveWorld really is the amazing people. I gain so much from interacting with other community-minded professionals. It's inspiring to see how passionate and creative others are with their communities. It energizes me, and renews my desire to improve our company's communities.


LT: So how do you use Jive at work (internal community, external community, etc.)?

Crystalee: Both! We have internal communities (two of them, with almost 3,000 employees between them), and a Connect+ product, which our clients use. For Connect+, we’ve partnered with Jive to create a really compelling way for brands to connect (pun intended) with sales associates through trainings, gamification, and more. Our Connect+ platform also helps partners drive sales. (Readers: Let me know if you’re interested in learning more and I’ll get you in touch with our award-winning Connect+ team.)


LT: What's your computer deal... Do you use a Mac or PC (or something else)?

Crystalee: While I love the sleekness of Apple, I’m quite dedicated to an Android ecosystem. Irony: I'm holding a Mac in my profile picture. It's not mine.


LT: How about your mobile device?

Crystalee: Despite my interest in technology and communication, I’m not an early adopter, and don’t mind user older editions. I use a Samsung Galaxy S3. Works for me!


LT: Pick one word that best describes how you work:

Crystalee: Hummingbird-esque: I find myself flitting between many things.



   Hummingbirds are tiny acrobatic geniuses. Go Crystalee!


LT: Besides Jive, what apps/software/tools can't you live without?

Crystalee: Like Aimee McCuen in a previous interview, I’m quite dependent on my Outlook email for work. I’m also a bit obsessed with the Snipping Tool, which I use every day to capture/share happenings on MarketStar Connect.


In my personal life, I love and rely on the Mint app. It’s free financial software from Intuit. To me, Mint gamifies saving and spending by keeping track and spitting out personalized spending reports. I make it a game to keep our “total assets” number as high as possible. (My husband laughs at how I’ll get excited if I have dollar bills to spend, because “Mint won’t know” I spent them.)


LT: Do you have a favorite non-computer gadget?

Crystalee: Besides my smartphone? Eh…not really. #NewMom: I’m now living a life of “baby gadgets.”


Crystalee with baby_lores.jpg

   What a cute little Jiver-in-training!


LT: Congrats on your baby! As a new mom, I know it can be challenging, so how do you stay organized? What's your favorite to-do list manager?

Crystalee: I’ll admit it: I’m quite old school when it comes to time management. I’ve tried a few different “task trackers,” but always end up going back to my basics. I write out 10 “Goals of the Week” on Mondays, which include my bigger items to accomplish. Then I have detail-focused lists for each day. I physically write them out, and find more satisfaction in manually crossing things off than deleting them from a document.


LT: What you surround yourself with is important, what's your workspace like?

Crystalee: Ever since being a flight attendant, I’ve kept a large map at my desk. It used to be a United States map, as I would plot out my next state to see. When I made it to all 50 states at age 25, I upgraded to a world map. I’m an adventuring soul, and this way it feels the whole world is (literally) within my reach. I keep books (especially my AP Style Guide) at arm’s length, and hang up company awards and mementos I’m proud of – like the “Grand Opening Day” poster for MarketStar Connect from last summer. Of course, my baby girl has a nice framed picture, and my husband gets a shout out in our heart-studded wedding photo (don't laugh!)


Crystalee Beck_Comm Mgr_edit.jpg

   See Crystalee in action at her desk in MarketStar's WorkStyle video: Workstyle Award Entry: MarketStar


LT: What do you listen to while you work?

Crystalee: I get a kick out of listening to my co-workers chatterings. Right next to me are some of the smartest (and most pop culture savvy) people I’ve met. Whether it’s debating a Star Wars movie, or discussing the importance of Legos, I’m constantly being educated by proximity. My most-oft-visited Pandora station: “Film Score Radio.” I concentrate best with epic instrumental themes, sans the distraction of lyrics.


LT: What's your best time-saving trick?

Crystalee: I lead a walkable life, living a mere four blocks from my office. I know not everyone can do that, but I give myself back an hour (or more) every day by skipping a long commute. Trick to share? I could kiss the person who invented the Crock Pot! Set it and forget it, baby, and make enough to have a couple lunches during the work week.


LT: How do you balance work and life?

Crystalee: Isn’t that the constant question? Aren’t we all figuring that one out? I’m a new mom, with a crawling eight-month-old. (Watch out, world!) Since she’s my new priority, I do my best to really leave work at work. Sometimes I leave the office later than planned, but I make an effort to keep my weekends and evening dedicated to family time.


Crystalee for facebook.PNG


LT: What's your sleep routine like?

Crystalee: Well, now that little lady sleeps so consistently through the night (can I get a hallelujah!?), I’m fortunate to get a good 7-8 hours a night. Generally go to bed about 10:30 p.m. and wake up about 6:30 a.m. to workout.


LT: Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Crystalee: Extrovert. I was voted “Friendliest” of my high school senior class, and still get a serious kick out of meeting new people. While I love our online community, face-to-face time really can’t be duplicated  – if you’re reading this and going to JiveWorld, say hello!


LT: What's the best advice you've ever received (and from whom)?

Crystalee: “Enjoy it while it lasts.” I wrote a blog post about how a mentor of mine at MarketStar said this to me, just when I needed to hear it. When I truly live that phrase, and focus on the positives, I’m happy. After all, I’ll never pass by this way again, and want to leave a helpful wake in my path. Thank you for having me, Libby!


Crystalee, it was my pleasure!

My great thanks to Crystalee Beck  for her responses to this interview!

If you were able to attend JiveWorld then you've already heard the big news!


For those of you who haven't heard, we recognized some of our super-star customers for their ability to help employees, partners, and customer connect, communication and collaborate.


We're proud that this year's Jive Awards received the greatest number of submissions in the program's six-year history.


Join me in congratulating the 2014 Jive Award winners!


Workstyle Award

Making its debut this year, this award category asked community managers to submit 90-second videos showcasing inspirational tales stories from their community

  • Winner: MarketStar. A pioneer in outsourced sales and marketing, MarketStar’s 3,500 employees manage more than 80,000 commercial accounts across over 60 countries. MarketStar’s winning video entry showcased how non-believers became believers as they witnessed how office Post-it® notes and inefficiencies vanished and employees embraced one others’ workstyles to work better with colleagues and provide better service to their customers.  The winning video from MarketStar can be viewed here: Workstyle Award Entry: MarketStar


Work Better Together Award

  • Winner: Pearson. Over the last two years, this 150-year-old learning solutions provider underwent significant change – appointing a new CEO and executing a complex organizational transformation that impacted 40,000 employees across 80 countries. Building on its early success with Jive, Pearson leveraged its internal community as the vehicle to help the new executive team conduct effective top-down communications while ensuring transparent peer-to-peer dialogue. As a result, employee engagement jumped to more than 88 percent and the entire company became strategically aligned as employees embraced a more collaborative approach to work better together even during a period of tremendous change.


Engaging Customers Award

In today’s competitive business environment, building customer loyalty and retaining customers is the lifeblood of any business. This award recognizes companies that have built customer service and support communities solutions using Jive to significantly increase customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Co-winner: ADP. Recognized as one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies and a pioneer in human capital management (HCM) and business process outsourcing, ADP serves more than 610,000 clients in 100 countries.  ADP’s JiveX-enabled, peer-based customer support community, The Bridge, has improved ADP’s client member engagement by an impressive 1,622 percent in one year.  ADP’s community members have higher satisfaction scores demonstrating the community’s positive impact on driving client loyalty and retention.

  • Co-winner: FireEye. A leading innovator in cyber intelligence and protection, FireEye uses the JiveX external community platform to deliver mission-critical cyber intelligence updates to customers, while also providing a forum for peer-to-peer customer support and free security resources to the public. This multi-faceted community has deepened FireEye’s relationships with customers, lowered support costs and provided a new way to provide a paid for service – furthering its competitive advantage.


Engaging Employees Award

It’s well known that highly engaged  levels of employees engagement directly correlate to strong business results. This award recognizes customers that have deployed Jive to achieve cross-departmental collaboration, efficiency improvements, problem solving and innovative approaches to driving further internal adoption alignment.

  • Winner: Bluegreen Vacations. The 60-plus resort vacation ownership company aspires to ‘share happiness’ by ensuring quality vacations for its 175,000 owners. To further this mission, Bluegreen unified hundreds of individual sales associates into one cohesive team via a sales community built on the Jive platform. Associates can now connect with one other and share sales best practices in real time, as well as connect with Bluegreen’s corporate team. And as a result, the company achieved a significant 12 percent increase in revenue.


Transforming Business Award

This award honors businesses that have mastered the use of Jive across all key communities constituents -- employee, customer and partner --– building an integrated community to fundamentally improve the way business gets done.

  • Winner: FICO. Market pioneer and analytics software leader FICO deployed Jive’s enterprise communication and collaboration platform across 3,000 employees to help transform its culture from one of proprietary thinking to more open communications. Within four months of its launch of FICO Analytics Cloud, FICO’s Jive deployment reached 97 percent adoption. FICO has also implemented a JiveX external community platform to underpin a new customer support community for their SaaS product FICO Analytic Cloud, and has already tripled engagement in less than two months.

Extend Jive Award

This award recognizes organizations that developed their own solutions by leveraging Jive’s API and integration frameworks to bring new capabilities to the platform that deliver real results by redefining how work gets done.

  • Winner: MarketStar. This innovative commercial-oriented sales organization used the JiveX community platform as the foundation of its unique mobile app for clients’ retail store associates. With its custom app, MarketStar gathered valuable market intelligence for multiple clients, and the solution to engage and train over 120,000 influencers. As a result, the loyalty and training solution have helped MarketStar clients achieve a 20-percent uplift in their sales, while increasing brand engagement and awareness.

    Embedded image permalink

Nominations for the annual Jive Awards program are submitted by customers and Jive Community members. A panel of judges comprised of industry thought leaders, previous award winners and Jive senior leadership selected the award winners and finalists, with the exception of the community choice Workstyle award. For this category, judges selected the top five videos and the entire Jive community voted to select the final winner.


For more information on the awards, please visit https://jiveworld.jivesoftware.com/jive-awards/

JiveWorld365 JiveWorld14

I've never been to JiveWorld.


On top of that, I've never really attended many conferences either. Or traveled much. So it's safe to say that I have no idea what to pack for JiveWorld.


Belinda and I got together one weekend to go through my stuff.


Of course, I argued that the tambourine and the puppy were both very helpful things to have while traveling, but Belinda insists that they are NOT.



Here's Belinda Joseph list of the top ten things to pack for JiveWorld:


  1. Comfortable shoes: Those six-inch heels might look like fun but after about 3 1/2 minutes of walking you will find out they are not. Comfortable, that is.
  2. Comfortable clothes: All that sitting, walking and milling about is exhausting. Wear something comfy!
  3. Party wear! Dancing shoes and a nice party outfit will fit the bill for Thursday night. Think casual club wear since we'll be at Drai's Beach Club.
  4. Medication stash: Plan ahead for over indulgences... Pain relievers, acid/gas reducers, allergy and sinus medications, in addition to vitamins are all definitely on my list of things to bring.
  5. Emergency snacks: Sure, there will be food everywhere. But maybe you get stuck somewhere and miss lunch or get the late night munchies! Be prepared, people. My favorite snacks are protein bars.
  6. Sleep aids: White noise, ear plus, eye mask, melatonin... bring whatever will help you get to sleep. Days are going to be busy, busy, busy, so you'll need your rest!
  7. Your devices and chargers. Duh. As if you'd forget your phone, iPad, laptop or whatever other computer accessories you use. But maybe you'd forget to bring multiple chargers. And the power supply for your laptop. Bring 'em.
  8. Gum or breath mints: You're going to be meeting a lot of new people, so make it a pleasant experience.
  9. Sunglasses. You'll be inside most of the day but this is still the desert, folks. If you steps outside the conference doors at all, you are going to wish you brought your shades.
  10. Load the JiveWorld app: The app will drive your schedule and enrich your experience. Download it before you arrive and have the schedule in the palm of your hand!


What are you bringing to JiveWorld?

I might just have to bring the Stormtrooper helmet in case the closing night party gets out of hand.


Haven't registered yet? It's not too late!

Attend JiveWorld14 by registering on our website: JIVEWORLD 14


JiveWorld365 JiveWorld14

When flipping through my phone's photo gallery it's easy to tell what time of year it is: Christmas trees, fireworks, football season, and JiveWorld photos! It's obviously quite a memorable occasion. I'm so excited to be attending my 3rd JiveWorld365 this year, and hopefully I can share a sneak peak into what to expect this year to get you amped/prepared for this party...err...conference.


Here are my top 10 must-do's while at JiveWorld14:Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.57.19 PM.png

1) Use the JiveWorld14 Mobile App to plan our your day

There are so many unique tracks, sessions, meet-ups, social events, etc, that you really need to make sure you're at the right place at the right time.


2) Meet up with your colleagues and your favorite Jive Community members

The Welcome Happy Hour Reception on Tuesday from 5p-7p provides an excellent opportunity to meet the people you've developed a relationship with online. But pace yourself, there are lots of Happy Hour networking events through out JiveWorld...


3) You DO NOT want to miss the Mainstage keynotes and entertainment

It would be like missing a Game of Thrones Finale. This is the perfect way to start your days at JiveWorld. You'll leave with tons of ideas to take back to your company, inspired by the results your colleagues like Mike Laffin, Todd Moran and Tony McGivern have found with their instances, and fueled by the words and performances of Azure Antoinette, Adam Sadowsky and OK Go.


Did I mention OK Go? They do magical things like this.


4) Get energized with some exercise before sessions beginScreen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.04.38 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.19.53 PM.png

JiveWorld Yoga and Running clubs meet at 6:15am (this should be an easy wake up call for those that are coming from the east). If you're running, this may be the only time you see natural light in 4 days. Enjoy it!


Also, this could be a good time to get some face time with Ryan Rutan - this guy doesn't need sleep!


5) Contribute to the online conversation

Participate in the JiveWorld14 Game Series and you could win an iPad Mini! But the prize is not the main incentive IMO. The gamification encourages you to experience all the great things that JiveWorld has to offer and to share that experience across social media and the app. So download the app, login and start playing!


Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.22.01 PM.png

Also, swing by the Social Command Center to pull us away from our computers. We'll need some human interaction.


6) Pick the right track for you, but don't be afraid to branch out

Depending on how well-versed you are with Jive there's a track that's most suited to your needs. Make sure to attend the sessions that are the most appropriate to your needs, but I'd also encourage you to take in some sessions that are a bit out of your comfort zone or level. It's a great measure of growth if during JiveWorld14 you attend mostly "New to Jive Sessions" and then during JiveWorld15 you attend mostly "Advanced Community Management Sessions".


7) Develop it!

If you're a developer, the sessions and activities are more plentiful for you this year. Wim Stoop gives you a sneak peak (Develop Better Together at JiveWorld14) and Ryan Rutan breaks down the Developer Conference in full (JiveWorld14 Developer Conference : We're Brewing Up Something Awesome!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.54.20 PM.png


Beer Dark 30 is also back by popular demand as the best coding happens at night...with pizza...and beer.


8) You have to take time to re-charge your battery

I would recommend you take full advantage of your stay in the Cosmopolitan, as it's my favorite hotel in Vegas. Spend some down time in your crazy posh Cosmopolitan room, or head to Holstein's for a milkshake that will blow your mind. #poprocks


9) Get your technical questions answered

I know you have at least one question about the Jive platform or its integration with other platforms. The Genius Bar is stocked with smarty pants that are there to help you. The Jive Solution Showcase and Partner Expo Hall are also great places to learn about companies that can help you implement your social business solution.


10) You'll feel like a VIP during the Final Night PartyScreen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.40.38 PM.png

Dance it out with Jivers and all of your new friends - I promise you a good time. Even if all you want to do is get in your sweat pants and eat a full pepperoni from Secret Pizza, down a shot of espresso, man up and get yourself to the Final Night Party!


Sounds like a conference you CAN'T miss, huh? If you're having a hard time justifying your trip to JiveWorld, download this letter to help you make your case.


Also, if you register in September, you'll be entered to win the Las Vegas VIP Experience. This includes private transportation to and from the airport, a suite upgrade, a Cosmopolitan gift card, access to VIP activities throughout JiveWorld14 including exclusive receptions and access to the VIP lounge.

Is there anything that I left off the top 10 things to do at JiveWorld? Let me know!

Meet Aimee McCuen from Cox Automotive. I met Aimee at the Atlanta User Group Meeting in June. Starting a new job, traveling to a new city, and meeting a room full of people was a little stressful for me. Yet Aimee's open and friendly attitude made me feel at home and convinced me she needed to be profiled!

How I Work - Aimee image feature.jpg

Meet Aimee and get a glimpse at her workstyle!


Libby: Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed, Aimee. So, where do you work?

Aimee: I work in the office in Atlanta Georgia. I'm on the fourth floor of a 17 floor building within a campus of Cox Companies. There's no view in my office though. Feel sorry for me!


LT: How would you describe your current job?

Aimee: I work at Cox Automotive, supporting the Manheim business working in the Communications and Sustainability department. Cox Automotive is a global company that consists of Manheim, AutoTrader.com, KBB.com, and a collection of dealership software and financial services companies.


LT: How do you use Jive at work (internal, external, etc)?

Aimee: I'm a technical communication specialist and one of my main job responsibilities is to manage our intranet which we have named  'Main Street'. I do community design/layout, consultation and training, measurements, adoption, and was heavily involved in our recent upgrade from 4.5 to 7.0 this past June. That was a huge jump for our end-users, so there was a lot involved in communicating the new functionality. So, I use our Jive instance daily.


LT: What's your computer deal... Do you use a Mac or PC (or something else)?

Aimee: I am a PC user. However, I would love a Mac if someone would like to supply me with one.


LT: How about your mobile device?

Aimee: My company phone is an Android. As a company, its mixed as far as what everyone has for a mobile device. Since I already had an iPhone for personal, an Android worked perfectly. I wanted to have both to test Jive in both devices.


LT: Pick one word that best describes how you work:

Aimee: Multitasker!


LT: Besides Jive, what apps/software/tools can't you live without?

Aimee: It's kind of old school but my answer is Outlook email. When it's down, I feel like I can't work anymore. I know it's awful but it really is the one tool I can't live without. I also can't live without the Adobe Creative Suite. I need to be able to edit a graphic on the fly. Oh and how can I can I forget my Pandora app. I use it all the time.


LT: Do you have a favorite non-computer gadget?

Aimee: Headphones to listen to music, which I do pretty much all day when I'm working. It's one of my favorite things to have with me at all times.


LT: How do you stay organized? What's your favorite to-do list manager?

Aimee: That's a good question and I'm not sure I've figured it all out yet! I have a white board in my office which I use sometimes, but I track things differently depending on the task and where I am.


LT: What you surround yourself with is important, what's your workspace like?

Aimee: My office is a mess (don't judge me!) But the clutter doesn't bother me...for now. My office is the place where everyone comes for everything, such as office supplies, notebooks, etc. I like to work at my desk where I have two screens and everything I need at my finger tips. I prefer to work with ambient noise even though I have an enclosed office with a door. So I'll have a fan running or some sort of white noise when I'm alone. I think it's from having kids... when they're quiet, I know there is something wrong. I have to have some sort of noise to get work done.



LT: Besides white noise, what do you listen to while you work?

Aimee: Pandora. Lately I've been listening to salsa because I like the beat... it's consistent and keeps me on track. And I don't have to worry about trying to sing along because I can't understand the lyrics.


LT: What's your best time-saving trick?

Aimee: I'm all about learning short-cuts in software programs like Office and Outlook. I love shortcuts. How to paste, how to get from window to window the fastest. Overall, these short-cuts save a tremendous amount of time. I often ask people, "What short cut was that!" when I see them using different tricks.


LT: How do you balance work and life?

Aimee: That's a tricky one. I'm a single mother of four kids... I don't know that there is a true balance and if you're reading this and know of any tricks, let me know. There's different challenges and rewards every day with both.


LT: What's your sleep routine like?

Aimee: What sleep? I have two small children who still come to my bed at night (I'll deny that if anyone asks). I struggle with sleep regardless since I'm such a light sleeper; yet it's one of my favorite things to do as I get older. One thing that is a "must" for me to sleep is some sort of white noise. If I can't hear it, it can't disturb me. I usually have to have the desk fan on HIGH close to me.


LT: Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Aimee: It depends on the situation. Probably more of an extrovert. I can be a social butterfly in one instance and then quiet and to myself in another. It all depends on how comfortable I am.


LT: What's the best advice you've ever received (and from whom)?

Aimee: My old manager would tell me, "There's always tomorrow. It's okay to walk away because you can always pick up where you left off tomorrow." Love that, because sometimes you can get so involved in your work and feel like you can't stop until it's done. Sometimes its good just to walk away from it and come back refreshed and with a new perspective.

To thank Aimee McCuen for her responses to this interview, I've made her a magical montage of the people, things, and terms that capture her workstyle. And it's in a handy dandy Facebook header photo-size in case she wants to highlight her workstyle there. It can be popped into Twitter as a background image as well. Super handy!


Workstyle - Aimee FB cover.jpg

Millennials are so hot right now.



It seems everywhere you turn on the internet there's another study, story or survey focused on millennials and how they work (or don't). Of course there are stereotypes associated with millennial workers: they're entitled, they're adverse to structure, maybe they can be a little cocky. But the truth is millennials are shaping and influencing the way we get work done as they continue to enter the workforce – they'll take over the majority of the workforce by 2020. They uniquely expect flexibility in their schedules, mentorship and a strong workplace culture, but according to PwC's NextGen: A Global Generational Study, there are more similarities between what motivates a millennial worker and what motivates their more senior colleagues than we think.

We wanted to know more, so we're joining up with PwC for a live webinar to further explore what makes "Generation Y" tick and how organizations can adapt and embrace millennials workstyles for better recruitment strategies, increased employee retention and a more collaborative workplace for everyone. Join us on September 16th at 11am PT/2pm ET to learn about these topics and more and be sure to stay for the live Q&A with Anne Donovan, US Human Capital Transformation Leader at PwC, Joe Rotella, CTO & SPHR at Delphia Consulting, and Elisa Steele, EVP of Marketing & Products at Jive Software.

Register for the webinar to reserve your spot and make sure you come with your questions! We'll see you there!

Calling All Community Managers!


There’s still time to submit your entry for the Jive Workstyle Award: The deadline has been extended to September 8th, 2014.


We know that working in Jive changes lives. We've heard that from you!

This is your chance to share how using Jive has changed the way your company works.

Social Media- Jive Awards_3d.jpg


We want to hear your community members’ stories, their transformational experiences, and the day-to-day improvements in how they get work done.


So put that camera on your phone to good use and capture stories from your community that epitomize your company's workstyle. Submit entries to jiveawards@jivesoftware.com.


Jive will select the top 5 entries and post them in the Jive Community. Then community members will “like” the stories that they feel are most compelling. Based on the voting, a winner will be revealed on stage at JiveWorld14.


Submission Guidelines

Your submission for the JiveWorld Workstyle Award should be a colorful, engaging story, and answer the question: “How has your Jive community helped you work better together?”


Create a 90-second video showing your community members engaging with the platform to change the way work gets done. Capture member stories about why they love their community and get creative in telling about it! Let us hear from members how the community has helped them connect, communicate and collaborate with others.  Have fun with it!


Submitting Your Entry:

Videos may be down-sampled and attached to the submittal or posted on YouTube, Box, DropBox or Google Drive with a link sent via email. Any entry submitted to Jive will be posted to external websites and used externally for promotional purposes.


In your submission email message, be sure to include your:


  •     Name
  •     Job Title
  •     Company
  •     Contact information
  •     Community name
  •     Is it external or internal?
  •     Title of your entry


Send your entry: Email to jiveawards@jivesoftware.com by September 8th, 2014.


For more information on this award, check the details on our web site!


Blogs: Social Business Internal Communities External Communities Jive Customers

Meet Doug MacKay of Critical Mass. He's inspired other members of the Jive Community with his enthusiasm and knowledge and was suggested for this interview by our first interviewee, Rachel Duran. I think that Doug has the workstyle question SOLVED, folks. And if you have any doubts, check out the photo below which shows where he was working from last week! I don't want to spoil it though, so let's start at the beginning.

How I Work - Doug Small image.jpg

Libby: Where do you work (location, in the office, remotely, etc.):

Doug: I'm working at the headquarters of Critical Mass, a global marketing agency, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mostly I work in the office but it seems lately that I'm working all the time: at home and mobile. The interesting thing is that the idea of work is changing. While it's pervasive, the load sometimes diminishes to the point where I can enjoy the outdoors AND keep working.



   The ultimate office view.


LT: So, what's your current gig?

Doug: I'm currently playing as the Director of Information Systems at Critical Mass, which is a lot of fun as I get to solve global issues for all of our employees and valued clients. I get to do everything from forming our #UserCentricIT strategy and budgeting to personal on-boarding training for new employees.


LT: How do you use Jive at work (internal, external, etc)?

Doug: We've been living Jive internally now for almost 4 years. It's been a wild ride of successes. We're now piloting externally accessible spaces and Box integrations so we're extending our hub.


LT: Mac or PC (or something else)?

Doug: As an agency we're all over the place! Mostly a Mac shop for creatives but we do everything so we have PCs as well. Of course, there's always something else but I won't bore you with Solaris and Linux!


LT: How about your mobile device?

Doug: I just switched over from my old iPhone4S to a brand-spanking-new rockin' HTC One M8! Wicked! I really loved my iPhone, but I'm amazed with my HTC. Just wish it would work with iPhoto.


LT: If you had to pick one word, how would you best describe how you work?

Doug: Focused. Our systems are mission critical so that dictates my world.


LT: What apps/software/tools can't you live without?

Doug: Oh no. Now you'll know how geeky I can be. Yeeesh! Well, Apache Directory Studio, Chrome, OneLogin, Jive, BoxSync, Terminal, TextMate, and Adium. I find Chrome just works better, you know?  Easier, faster and simple. With all of these tools there's a lot of complexity so I need a simple clean work to wield the tools.


LT: Your tech-geekiness doesn't scare me! Let's keep going... Besides your phone and computer, do you have a favorite gadget?

Doug: Well, it's summertime so my favorite gadget is my BBQ!

LT: And that's not a tech gadget at all!


LT: What's your favorite to-do list manager?

Doug: Now we're getting personal. I'm old-school so I use an stack of paper. I write things down. Sure, I've got Notes and Reminders and Calendars but to-do's are easier to scratch off and pour coffee onto.

LT: I totally get it, I have to admit that I'm a fan of the old-fashioned notebook. Go figure.


LT: I already saw your vacation office from the photo, so what's your daily workspace like?

Doug: It's rather purposeful. We're entirely digital here and move around a lot, so culturally our desks aren't expressions of individuality. It takes too long to clean up!  Mostly I have a screen to do all my work and a phone (or two) to reach out.


LT: What do you listen to while you work?

Doug: We're nimble and responsive here. There's music playing all the time but it's Songza! Otherwise we're open concept and talk all the time. I only bring on the Katy Perry when I need to concentrate.

LT: That's hilarious.


LT: So what's your best time-saving trick?

Doug: Focus. I'm legendary here at focusing to the point of not hearing my co-workers. That's without headphones. It's kind of embarrassing, really.


LT: And how do you balance work and life?

Doug: I ensure that if anyone can work remotely it's got to be the IT team. After all, if we can't do it right for a digital agency then we're not doing our jobs. So that means I split my time between office and home. It keeps my family happy even though I might be on the deck with my laptop. I also make sure to silence my phone for non-work hours and only let emergency calls come through. It streamlines life.


LT: What's your sleep routine like?

Doug: LOL, I'm a Dad so I have the superhuman ability to sleep anywhere, at any time.  Gimme a sec...Zzzzzzzz....

LT: I am fairly sure that moms have the exact opposite superhuman ability of waking up at the slightest sound. I'm a little jealous.


LT: Almost done... Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Doug: Both. I think that INTJ's don't have to be always "I" but can move into the "E" given the right circumstances. I lean more "I". Maybe 11 out of 20...


LT: What's the best advice you've ever received (and from whom)?

Doug: Really two things: Do whatever you want, but make sure you're the best as you can be at it. And something I've learned over time as a parent: Treat everyone like they are your kids and they'll love you back.


LT: Fill in the blank.

Doug: I'd love to see John Schwiller answer these same questions.


To thank Doug MacKay for his responses to this interview, I've made him a magical montage of the people, things, and terms that capture his workstyle. And it's in a handy dandy Facebook header photo-size in case he wants to highlight his workstyle there and can be popped into Twitter as a background image as well. Super handy!

Doug Mackay Workstyle.jpg


Right now, there are 431 LinkedIn job listings for “community managers,” including the opening that I posted last week.


As I scoured through my hiring competition today, I felt my Irish rage starting to bubble up to the surface.  You see, I’m passionate about treating community management as a true profession; yet, it’s clear by the job descriptions online that many organizations still don’t “get it.”


The solution is simple. As a profession, we need to develop relevant terminology and career paths to explain the variety of community management positions in terms of experience level, salary, qualifications, and responsibilities.

Day-to-day, the responsibilities of community managers differ greatly based on their level.  Pulling from my inner video game nerd, I've created the following examples below:



1. Apprentice (entry-level): meet-and-greet new members, moderate conversations, approve membership requests, facilitate networking, manage SPAM, monitor site activity, enforce policies

2. Journeyman (specialist): create content, measure and report metrics, build relationships with advocates, reward positive behaviors, recruit members, research trends

3. Grandmaster (expert): optimize platforms, manage place owners, create internal trainings, host community events and programs, develop policies

4. Promethean (master): integrate community cross-functionally, provide strategic direction, manage resources and budget, represent the community internally, coach executives, determine road-map


The important thing is that all of these roles are working towards one common, visible, set of measurable objectives.

When I took on my first community manager role in 2006, I had one focus: to build quality relationships between the brand and its' advocates.  Now, community has touch points across the buyer journey, customer life-cycle, and employee career path.  It's key that we give this role and all social responsibilities the respect they deserve.


I’m curious to hear from you!  Share your take on the different roles and levels of community management in the comments below.


P.S. If you're interested in hiring a community manager, Libby Taylor wrote a post on How to write a Community Manager job description.

Technology by itself is not going to be enough to make a workforce more productive -- it requires a clear line of site to business value.


Let's start by looking at the state of business today: businesses have developed and implemented over-engineered, automated processes.  And in the quest to create productivity, we now have the 24 hr workday.


We need to figure out how to go on this "productivity" quest, but in a fundamentally different direction. Looking back at the last 60 years, we have been cranking 100% growth in productivity every two decades. The punchline is that we have now reached a point where it is just not working. There isn't an option not to be more productive. Industry opportunity and competition drive a treadmill dynamic that is always accelerating. We streamlined process and then over-engineered it. We automated as many things as we could. We even gave up our personal time, our vacations, and our weekends on all the quest to keep up. Ultimately, we need a fundamentally new approach to the problem.According to McKinsey, 28 hours of every work week are spent on sorting emails and finding the information needed to do our job.


The question remains: How do we get workers to an even higher level productivity? I elaborate on the answer in this deck.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 3.15.17 PM.png


To get this presentation on demand, you can access the recording here.


Have you implemented social business software? What changes have you experienced in the way you work?

Will Rose has been in the Jive Community for four years now. In my mind, that makes him an expert here! I had to stalk him a little bit to give you a summary, since he and I have never worked together before this interview. Here's what I found.


How I Work - Will image.jpg

Will has been the enterprise community manager for T-mobile's external community which has around 60,000 users. His community, which serves T-mobile's customers, is on fire with content which reflects how hot mobile is in the world right now. How does Will manage it all? Find out by reading his interview below.


Libby: Where do you work (location, in the office, remotely, etc.)?

Will: I work for T-Mobile USA, the nation's 4th largest wireless service provider, and am based at our corporate headquarters in Bellevue, Washington.  Everything you've heard about Seattle weather is absolutely true!  9 months out of the year we're the most dedicated worker bees, but when that sun gods bless us, you'll likely find us on the lake.


LT: How would you describe your current job?

Will: I lead a team of technical wizards within the Knowledge Management organization which reports into Customer Service. We're something of a Shadow IT operation.  We do it all -- from requirements gathering and UI/UX design to development and deployment.  We take pride in saying "Yes!" when IT says "No".


LT: That's sounds pretty cool! How do you use Jive at work (internal, external, etc)?

Will: We've pretty much done it all (perhaps not all of it particularly well...) with Jive. With 8 Jive instances (7 hosted, 1 cloud), we have something for pretty much everyone. We have a more traditional Customer Support community (support.t-mobile.com) where we house both Support documentation and customer peer-to-peer discussions. And that's about where the 'traditional' use cases stop.  We have a community used primarily as a knowledge base for our front-line Customer Service (call center) and Sales (retail) representatives. We also have several communities which are more strictly 'locked down' and used as knowledge bases to support various 'partner brands' (see support.gosmartmobile.com) and retail partners (you know, like those kiosks you see in malls).  Seems weird to use a social software like Jive in a reduced or completely 'read-only' state, but we love how easy Jive has made it for us to customize the experience.


LT: What's your preference: Mac or PC (or something else)?

Will: Both? The Mac is my daily driver, but IT likes to remind me T-Mobile is a Windows shop. There aren't many folks at T-Mobile who use Macs... there are so few that  IT almost refuses to support them. To combat this, I started a Mac Users group in our community for us to connect and share workarounds. That VPN setup IT didn't know how to set up on a Mac? Documented! That cloud printing service that we were told would only work with a PC?  Documented!


LT: You really are a Shadow IT Hero! What mobile device do you use?

Will: iPhone 5s / iPad Air.  I used to be a hardcore Android user, flashing custom ROMs and whatnot, but I've given in completely to the will of Steve Jobs. The Apple ecosystem has me and I can't let it go.


LT: If I forced you to pick one word that best describes how you work, what would it be?

Will: "Maverick"


LT: What apps/software/tools can't you live without?

Will: Adobe Photoshop because we like to 'fake it til we make it'.


LT: Oh my gosh, me too. I can't live without PhotoShop! I'm an HTML widget queen. I love me some image maps.


LT: Besides your phone and computer, do you have a favorite gadget?

Will: My iPad. I haven't exactly gotten on the 'use my tablet for work' train yet, but it is great for playing games and surfing the ol' Interweb.


LT: What's your favorite to-do list manager?

Will: The sticky notes on my monitor.  If it aint there, it aint getting done!


LT: What you surround yourself with is important, what's your workspace like?

Will: Here, take a look!


LT: Nice view! What's your best time-saving trick?

Will: If i saved any more time I think they'd question the need for my position!


LT: How do you balance work and life?

Will: I come in late and leave early. Seriously. I have a two-year old and try to maximize my time with him vs. maximizing the time the daycare has with him. That might mean I get to the office around 9 and try to start wrapping things up around 4. After he goes to bed though I pull the laptop back out and finish anything up I didn't get to or simply get a jump on the next day.


LT: That's exactly what I did when my kids were still little. It really makes things work better at home.


LT: Nice view! What do you listen to while you work?

Will: I'm pretty eclectic when it comes to music (sorry country fans, you can check your twang at the door) so the playlist can vary from The Beatles to 2Pac, Adele to Skrillex.  I try not to go directly from 'poppin a cap' to 'rollin in the deep', but you never know what can happen when you hit Shuffle.


  Here's what happens when I put 2Pac a little too close to Adele and then shake them up in Photoshop. Plus I found some delicious mash-ups for your enjoyment (warning Tupac's language is not for the faint of heart):


LT: Thanks for giving me a nice diversion looking for 2Pac/Tupac/Adele mashups!

LT: Next question, what's your sleep routine like?

Will: Not awesome. I try to get to sleep by midnight and I'm back up around 6:30.


LT: Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Will: I'm the most extroverted introvert you'll ever meet!  x2 after I have a beer... or two...


LT: Would that make it extroverted introvert x4? Sounds like fun.


LT: What's the best advice you've ever received (and from whom)?

Will: Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Thanks Stephen Covey! The '5 Habits of Highly Effective People' is a great book.  I have to be honest, I didn't go into it thinking much of these 'corporate self-help' books, but this one was worth the read!


LT: Fill in the blank in the sentence below...

Will: I'd love to see Dennis Pearce answer these same questions.

To thank Will Rose for his responses to this interview, I've made him a magical montage of the people, things, and terms that capture his workstyle. And it's in a handy dandy Facebook header photo-size in case he wants to highlight his workstyle there and can be popped into Twitter as a background image as well. Super handy.

Will Rose Workstyle.jpg

Remember back when you were a child and you heard older kids talking about summer camp and how fun it was?

The canoe races, the horseback riding... making crafts, swimming in the lake and sleeping under the stars... and don't forget the s'mores! It all sounded like heaven to me.

That's how I feel about JiveWorld14.


   S'mores at JiveWorld? I say YES.


I've heard the stories about JiveWorld, wondered at the legends... Seen pictures that looked like a technicolor nightclub on steroids. Just like summer camp, I've always wanted to attend but never could get the trip approved.


The funny thing is, now that I'm working at Jive, I'm helping to plan JiveWorld14!


I'm in charge of Social Business Boot Camp, the day-long pre-conference training before JiveWorld begins. It's an appropriate assignment considering that Boot Camp is aimed at people new to Jive (either as prospects or new customers). So as far as the topics we are covering, I feel right at home.


We're planning a lot of fun speakers and activities for our boot campers, so if you plan on attending JiveWorld14, be sure to indicate that you want to attend Boot Camp as well. It's part of the JiveWorld price of admission (in other words, it's FREE!).


When is Boot Camp?


Date: Tuesday, October 21 – 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (BTW: JiveWorld's main sessions are Wednesday, October 22 - Thursday, October 23)

Where: The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Why Attend?


  •     Hear real-world stories of social business success.
  •     Build the business case for launching social technologies at your organization.
  •     Understand how to win over executives, IT, legal, HR, business units and end users.
  •     Network with Jive customers and social business strategists who’ve been in your shoes.


By the way, if you are planning on attending JiveWorld14, the early bird registration ends July 31st! That's just days away, people! You better get on it!


So pack up your back pack, rinse out your canteen, bring your bug spray - then meet me at Boot Camp!


Register right now, in fact.


Just click the button below, you know you want to.


Want to see what happens at JiveWorld? You can watch video from last year's event at JiveWorld365!

Ryan Rutan needs no introduction, but I'm going to give him one anyway!


In the Jive Community, he has acted as the Community Manager, key app developer, and general rockstar Jiver. People flock to him to get his autograph at JiveWorld and his all-night hack-a-thons have changed lives (at least that's what the legends say). And while we won't go into his personal life here, I have proof that he is an overall amazing human being.


How I Work - Ryan image.jpg

    If Jive were a kingdom, Ryan would definitely be the crown prince.

Let's find out what a day-in-the-life of Ryan looks like below.


Libby Taylor: Hey Ryan, you've had a huge impact on the Jive Community. My endless thanks to you! Let's get down to business, we know you work for Jive, but where do you conduct your magic?

Ryan: I live (and work) in the greatest city in the world.  Austin, TX. Where technology instinctively flocks like the salmon of Capistrano!


LT: And what is your current gig (besides being amazing)?

Ryan: Currently I am Jive's Developer Evangelist, which allows me to work with some of the best customers, partners and prospects to talk about social business problems and how to build solutions using the Jive Platform.  #winning


LT: How do you use Jive at work (internal, external, etc)?

Ryan: The easiest answer I can give is the number: 118. That is the average number of tabs of Jive that I have open on my computer at home on any given day (for realz). Jive allows me to execute on work at a pace that rivals the speed at which I think. So how do I use Jive?  Ever-presently!


LT: I'm almost afraid to ask because I can only imagine your work space, what computer system do you use?

Ryan: Fully Loaded 3.4Ghz Quad-Core Ivy Bridge iMac with 3 x 27" Monitors. When I travel, I have to use my laptop, an iPad and iPhone in tandem to feel as though I'm not being 1/3 less productive.



   I don't know, I think I see space for at least another monitor or maybe a few more devices. #multitasking

LT: I can almost answer this question myself by looking at your desk.. what is your current mobile device situation:

Ryan: It is no secret, I am a Mac addict.  I am currently rocking an iPhone 5s, and have plans to reintroduce a wrist watch to my arm when the iWatch is released.  A bit much?  Probably, but I'm OK with that. =)

LT: And don't forget your iPad too...

LT: What one word best describes your work style?

Ryan: Efficient. When it comes to work, I find that doing one thing at a time is boring. If I don't have multiple things in motion, I lose track of what's going on. Fun fact: I've set the high score on every Speed of Light machine I've ever played. =)

LT: What apps/software/tools can't you live without?

Ryan: First on the list is definitely multiple monitors. I don't care what people say, but square footage of monitor real-estate trumps any multitasking software. Next would definitely be a solid Terminal window implementation with transparent background, because sometimes you just need to see what's going in the background. When it comes to software, there's a tie for 3rd between the OS X's spotlight launcher (can't wait for Yosemite!!!!!) and Google Chrome, but to throw one more piece of hardware on the list ... it would have to be my split key natural keyboard(s) by Microsoft. (That last one is hard for me to say aloud, thank you for listening).

LT: Not to beat the tech topic into the ground but besides your phone, iPad, multiple screens and computer, what gadget can't you live without?

Ryan: That's pretty hard, but I think I would have to say my WiFi/Router, but a close second is my Apple TV.  I remember back in the day running coax cables for token ring networks, tripping over tangled cables and installing clunky network cards. Nowadays, I have to worry more about channel interference and what to name my WiFi hot spot so my neighbors think I'm cool. My neighbor has his named "FBI Surveillance Van" ... I'd love to get suggestions on how to top that!


LT: Maybe Jive Community members can add name suggestions for your WiFi hot spot in the comments below!


LT: You seem to get a lot done in a little time. What's your favorite to-do list manager?

Ryan: Hands down, it is Evernote. Usually my to-do's are so scattered, but Evernote makes it super simple for me to record notes via text, pictures or even sound ... and I can easily follow-up on said items and knock them off the list. Besides that, I would have to say my brain, as I tend to process and retain most of my to-do's there for a while before they make it to Evernote (and I like it that way).


LT: Although we've already seen a picture of it, would you like to comment on what it's like to work in your workspace?

Ryan: In any given day/week, my workspace goes from immaculate to cluttered, to stacked to unbalanced, to messy to just enough room, to time to push it all off into a box, to digging through the box, to putting things from the box in their right place and back to immaculate.  It's a vicious cycle!


LT: What's your best time-saving trick?

Ryan: Don't solely rely on asynchronous communication to get things done, like approvals. Most times, time spent waiting and tracking down people to get approvals on their own time wastes time and keeps things in the forefront longer than they need to be. Take the extra minute, track the person down (by IM, phone, carrier pigeon) and let them know that you are reaching out to them. If the person isn't there, find someone in the office that you know works on their team or sits near the person and ask them to let that person know you are looking for them. The time you save in back and forth missed connections adds up fast!


Ryan: Also, trust your instincts and don't second guess. Don't be afraid of being wrong or putting your thoughts out into the open for others to see and contribute. The more we share, the more we work better together!


LT: Besides the hum of all those monitors, what do you listen to while you work?

Ryan: It depends. If I'm doing creative writing, then I can't listen to music by my favorite artists; otherwise, I would bust out into song and rock the mouse like a microphone all too often.  So I tend to listen to disposable interchangeable upbeat modern artists during the day to keep my brain firing, and when I want to relax...I chillax to the Counting Crows!  (Side note: I've got back stage passes to meet them on July 30th, so that will be awesome.)


LT: What's your sleep routine like?

Ryan: Minimal. Plenty of time to sleep when you are dead. Prior to marriage and family life, I averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night, I'm up to a solid 6 now, but I only do so for the safety of others. =)


LT: I'm fairly sure I would die on 4 hours of sleep a night. Six would still be tough.


LT: Personality-wise, are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Ryan: I've been clinically tested as both an introvert and extrovert, and I have the sticker(s) to prove it!

LT: What's the best advice you've ever received?

Ryan: Ask big ... get big. There is no harm in going big on an ask, the worst that can happen is that they say no. Be confident and do not shy away from something you want, especially if you know that you are capable of putting in the work to achieve it.


LT: Thanks for a great interview, Ryan! Who would you like to be interviewed next?

Ryan: Weird Al Yankovic (the most versatile and talented musician of all-time)


weird al.jpg

  Yeah... sorry Ryan, interviewing Weird Al is just not going to happen. Fun idea though.



To thank Ryan Rutan for his responses to this interview, I've made him a magical montage of the people, things, and terms that capture his workstyle. And it's in a handy dandy Twitter header photo-size in case he wants to highlight his workstyle there. I know it looks gigantic, but it'll look great once he pops it into Twitter and sizes it...


Ryan Rutan Workstyle.jpg

    If you would like to participate in the How I Work series and get a cool #workstyle graphic like the one above, just let me know!

I think all of our folks in the Developer group should see this too!

Rachel Duran is no newcomer to community management. She's written some excellent blogs in the Jive Community including 5 Tips for Becoming an Expert in Your Community and also 5 Reasons Why An Internal Community May Not Be Right For You. She'll also be speaking at JiveWorld14 for a session called Connect the Dots: How RadioShack created viral internal engagement.

How I Work - Rachel image.jpg

    Rachel's got enthusiasm you can almost smell. Okay, maybe you can't smell it, but you sure can FEEL it.


Get the feeling for what it's like to be in Rachel's shoes by reading more below!


Libby Taylor: Let's start with the obvious, where do you work?
Rachel: I work for the RadioShack Corporation. RadioShack is an international electronics retailer with 4,500 company-operated stores in the U.S. and Mexico and over 900 dealer and partner locations worldwide. The company was founded in 1921 (93 years old!) and is based in beautiful Fort Worth, TX.


LT: And what do you do?
Rachel: I am one of our two community managers (shoutout to Andy Hawkins) that are dedicated specifically to our two Jive communities. Our internal community launched at the end of April 2014 and has over 15,000 registered users today, with a 60% active rate. That community is like my third child! Our associates and field leaders amaze me every day with their brilliance and passion, and even our CEO gets in on the fun daily. Our external mobile support community is a great place to get answers for your techy woes.


LT: How do you use Jive (internal, external, etc)?
Rachel: Today, we are very focused on our internal community. My responsibilities lie primarily in adoption, engagement, and content management strategies. I spend my days evaluating community needs for content placement and governance; managing our executive engagement program; planning gamification strategies; working with other departments to form contests and engagement strategies; facilitating training for the community; and managing the moderator team.


    Rachel in action: Presenting on the internal community and gamification at RadioShack's field leadership summit.

LT: Mac or PC?
Rachel: I have a Windows laptop that I can dock/undock quickly (perfect for those emergency meetings). But when I'm docked at my desk, I love my huge side monitor. I need to see all things at once!!



   Rachel also needs to see what's happening outside and she has a huge window to do so. #windowenvy


LT: What's your mobile device?
Rachel: I have an iPhone 5s. My recent upgrade decision revolved heavily around my need for the new Jive app, since we run our internal community on Jive 7. iPhones are easy to use; I'm a PC girl, but my phone has to be Apple.


LT: Pick one word that best describes how you work.
Rachel: Fervidly


LT: What apps/software/tools can't you live without?
Rachel: Like I said, I HAVE to have the Jive app. When you run a community, you have to be able to consume content and navigate the way your users do. That practice I've had for years and it's saved me from running into huge problems with adoption and training. I also LOVE Pixlr. It's fantastic for whipping up a visual tool for a Jive Doc. And I absolutely cannot live without Google Docs!


LT: Do you have a favorite gadget?
Rachel: I don't leave the house without my RadioShack key-chain power bank. I have a double USB car charger that charges the key-chain and my phone and the same time, so I always have backup emergency power!


LT: Do you have a favorite to-do list manager?
Rachel: I love the Calendars 5 app. I have to see color coded tasks, events, and personal all in one place or I over commit easily.


LT: What you surround yourself with is important.  What is your workspace like?
Rachel: It's very colorful and bright! That keeps my disposition quite cheery. It also has reminders of my favorite things, like tons of pics of my kiddos and hubby, my companion cube cookie jar, and my Borderlands 2 art book.


    Impossible not to be cheery looking at that baby face.


LT: Pictures are important, so is sound... do you listen to music while you work?
Rachel: I listen to a lot of metal and dubstep/rap; Bring Me The Horizon and Big Chocolate are my go-to energy boosters. I also get down to Beyonce's new album, but I have to be careful not to start randomly singing out loud with my headphones on!


LT: Can you share your best time-saving trick?
Rachel: Delegation. You're not always the best person to implement your vision. I recognize and deploy pieces of my big picture to those who know how to make them happen best.

LT: How do you balance work/life?

Rachel: This is always a tough one, especially when your job is in social media sites that have an app! My moderators are trained and empowered to handle minor upsets and are fantastic about escalating major issues appropriately. Standard operating procedures combined with rewarding and empowering your best users are key to being able to put down the phone and enjoy your family, friends, or you time.


LT: I almost hate to ask this since I see you have a baby... What's your sleep routine like?
Rachel: Yes, I have an 8-month-old, so my sleep is anything but routine.


LT: Sleep deprivation can be torture, so let's move on...  Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
Rachel: Extrovert, for sure! I thrive on sharing ideas with others. I'm not afraid of being silly or grabbing the mic.


LT: What's the best advice you've ever received?
Rachel: I received this advice from my CEO at Ilfusion Creative (where I was the Director of Social Media Strategy): "You can't fall on every sword. Pick the battles that most need to be won, and fight those with the full fury of your passion." I want everything to be exactly right, but have had to learn to love the art of process.


LT: Fill in the blank...

Rachel: I'd love to see ___ Will Rose ___  answer these same questions.

LT: Pretty cool stuff. Check out this photo of Radio Shack's social media command center when they ran the surprise Super Bowl ad! (That's Rachel in the front, left)



To thank Rachel Duran for her responses to this interview, I've made her a magical montage of the people, things, and terms that capture her workstyle. And it's in a handy dandy Facebook timeline cover-size in case she wants to highlight her workstyle there.


Rachel Duran Workstyle.jpg

   If you would like to participate in the How I Work series and get a cool #workstyle graphic like the one above, just let me know!

SMDAY-Webinar-Ad_06-19-14.jpgThe last 5 years, Mashable has celebrated Social Media Day as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. The best part about Social Media Day are the hundreds of meetups that happen all over the world. Want to get involved? Attend a Social Media Day Meetup near you and/or share why you love this day using #SMDay.


It's also a great time to stop and celebrate the awesome internal and external community managers, that are running the show across a variety of social platforms. The importance of and the number of community managers out there is growing and their skills are unique. They have to balance meeting their goals (growth, engagement, reach, ROI, closed tickets, etc) while making sure the story and personality shines through in content....and much, much more. See Community Manager Appreciation Day 2014.


It's imperative to stay on top of the evolving social media landscape, so here are some of the most fascinating changes recently for some of the more popular social media platforms:




  • It's all about the visual. Facebook's new layout affected the optimal photo sizing you're used to creating. Here's a new cheat sheet.
  • As Facebook is public (and because they can) brands are having to pay more and more in order for their content to be seen by even a portion of their community. Many users and brands are not happy with their new algorithm.
    "Only 43% of marketers feel like their Facebook efforts are working." - Social Media Examiner
  • On the other hand, Facebook Audience Insights have grown dramatically, and marketers are really able to fine tune their ad targeting, especially through Facebook's Power Editor Tool. I've seen great success using the Power Editor to create Dark Posts.



  • Twitter rolled out some interesting changes that make your profile more similar to Facebook: new header image, pinning a tweet to the top of your feed, and adding more info to your profile page. So now I can pin my Spurs tweet to the top of my page and share my UT pride in my header image. #GoSpursGo #Hookem

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 9.44.11 AM.png


  • LinkedIn has recently rolled out Showcase Pages, removing the Product and Services tab on your Company Page. This allows people to follow certain initiatives, products or services of each company and these pages act as an extension of your Company Page. Though, it was a bummer to lose all of those product/service recommendations! I think the jury is still out on the success or effectiveness of Showcase Pages.
  • LinkedIn awards their Premium users a profile that looks very similar to Facebook's (do you see a trend here?) in order to help them stand out in searches and to allow them a more personal feel. As I'm not a Premium member, I'm very jealous of this new profile - but it will roll out to non-Premium members soon. I can't wait! See how awesome Deirdre Walsh's profile page looks?

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 3.07.31 PM.png



  • Google+ has grown in importance in my eyes mainly because of the SEO value. In fact, I'm shifting time away from Facebook to Google+ because of Facebook's new algorithm.
  • +Post ads is a new program launched that allows brand pages with more than 1,000 followers to promote their Google+ content posts via Google's AdSense program. Learn more. I'm excited to try this program out!


Our awesome, new Senior Community Manager, Libby Taylor, elaborates on Online Communities:

More and more businesses and organizations are establishing online social collaboration communities for their customers, partners and employees. While these kinds of forums have been around for years, some new trends are emerging:

  • Moving to the cloud. With easier upgrades and the latest sets of features, the cloud has it all. Rather than hosting communities themselves, more companies are moving to cloud-based technologies.
  • Executive bloggers. Gone are the days when executives communicate only through a team of spokes-people creating press releases. Executive blogging is on the rise and customers and employees are connecting with them real-time.
  • Peer-to-peer support. Getting answers to questions is happening more than ever within online communities and can sometimes be faster and easier than getting support from the companies themselves.


I hope you find these social platform updates helpful. I could go on and on about updates and what the future holds, but I would love to hear what your favorites changes to social media are as well as how you're celebrating #SMDay!

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