This blog was quite popular with new users so I thought I would share it with you. If you want to recreate it, replace the name Jive with your platform name + your own screenshots. It shows links to help materials and tips which you can't get to but I'm sure you have similar. Try it out...


1. Set up your New streams so you are always drawn to the latest activity in your most current projects and work teams. Don't forget to set one up for your direct team, your key projects, customers, and activities. See blog @Team Stream - best practice

    • Overview is a magazine-like home page containing latest news from around Jive, featured articles and users nice to read but you don't want to land on it all the time...
    • Activity stream contains 'all activity' you can see in Jive nice to look at but too much to follow...
    • Connections stream contains all activity by all the people and places you are following/connected with nice but too much to follow if you have a lot of contacts and places...
    • New Stream... -> this is the one! you can add 9 filtered streams of people and places that you can easily edit according to your current team/projects
    • Inbox is direct messages to you, shares, and @mentions





2. Set your default home-page to your most relevant stream (it may be Activity, your Team stream, or a project stream...)

stream6.PNG                   stream7.PNG



3. Set up your Labels so you can share with up to 100 people at once   @Training tip of the day - Using Label


4. Add your Photo and Avatar (remember to click Yes to add the picture as Avatar when prompted before clicking 'Finished')... if your Avatar does not load click on Edit Profile top right by your name, and then on Add another avatar at the bottom of the page to reload it.


5. Add your Expertise and Skills to your profile so that others can find you when searching for an expert. See @V7 scenario - creating my profile and @V7 scenario - searching for an expert


In Jive 7 people can endorse you for your skills, and this will rise you up in the search results.


6. Set your Email preferences so that you receive emails only for what you want. By default initially you will receive emails for everything that comes to your Inbox (direct messages, shares, @mentions). You can alter this by going to Preferences top right next to your name. Usually, as users start to move away from email to Jive as their communication hub, they turn off the email notification and use the mobile App to get notified of Inbox and follow their streams.

You can opt to receive just a weekly digest if you want to minimize email but still see a summary each week.



7. Set your Language preference and the Jive labels will change instantly to the language of your choice. Do this also by clicking on Preferences top right by your name, and scrolling down to Language. You can change it back and forth as needed.


8. Set up your mobile device by simply downloading the Jive Software App from the App store, then entering your Jive platform URL and your login credentials. When your phone is setup you will see your Inbox and Streams (including the New custom streams you set up). You will get notified when things come to your Jive Inbox too (can stop if you want to through the phone settings). See the video tutorial: @Connect your mobile device


9. Download the MS Office, MS Outlook, and Jive Anywhere plugins (link)

As a recap:
MS Office plugin will allow you to work with other collaborators in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and post to Jive, see collaborators, comments, ratings, likes.


MS Outlook plugin will allow you to post emails to Jive and see what people are doing in Jive from your Outlook page:
Jive Anywhere allows you to post discussions in Jive about content on the Internet.. from any website.




10. Follow people and places.... follow your team (then you don't need to have update meetings), join / follow your project groups and participants (you will always be aware of what is going on and who is doing what)... and set your people and places to 'Following' as default (so you see the relevant information when you click on them in the top bar).


Note: whenever you hover over someone's name in Jive you can click to Follow them in one of your streams AND add them to one of your Labels at the same time



By the end of these 10 actions you will have a very efficient workplace in the language of your choice where you see and work on your current activity, and where you are aware of all that is going on in multiple projects, in your team, with your peers and direct reports. You will be able to share with up to 100 people at once in a matter of seconds. You will be integrating content from Outlook into your Jive group discussions, and you will see Jive activity while working in Outlook. You will be collaborating on documents instead of sending them by email. And you will be sharing content from the web into Jive groups. You will be checking your activity streams from your phone, and you will get notified if anyone sends you a message. If you click on Home you will see your most relevant activity. If you click on People or Places, you will see the ones you are following, so will not be overwhelmed. Other people will see your picture, and put a face to your name... and people will find you if they need your expertise.

Welcome to Jive where you can be efficient at work... (and from outside of the VPN, from Laptop, Mac, iPad, Phone....)