• How to Submit Product Feedback in 'Ideas for Jive'

    Announcing a new process for collecting your Ideas for Jive!   In case you are not aware, Ideas for Jive is the place in the Jive Community where customers can post ideas related to Jive's product offerings. The...
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  • Announcing the Availability of Jive’s Cloud-Based Interactive Intranet and Customer Community Solutions (2016.2)

    Today we officially unveiled to the world all of the great new features packaged in our 2016.2 cloud release! This new collection of features for Jive’s innovative cloud-based Interactive Intranet and Customer C...
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  • Tagging & Categories Best Practices

    From a document created by Corey Mathews last year:   I couldn't any existing best practices, so this is my first stab at compiling what I could find and writing some up. Let me know if this is useful! If you ha...
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  • The New Future of Work: A Peek into Jive’s Future History

    Jive invented enterprise collaboration more than 15 years ago to empower people to work better together. Over the years, our Interactive Intranet has become the must-have solution for large companies across dozens of ...
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  • HeliOffshore Teams Up With Jive to Save Lives

    Flying helicopters in the North Sea is dangerous business. That’s why, when HeliOffshore, the global safety association for the offshore helicopter industry, was deciding on an all hands on deck approach to savi...
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  • 3 Resources for Driving Adoption You Can't Afford to Miss

    Every community manager knows that it's the people that make your community, which is why driving adoption is such a key concern. It's one of the most common discussion topics on the Jive Community. It's asked in many...
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  • Connecting Doctors, Nurses, and Technicians Across Hundreds of Sites with Jive

    When it comes to employee collaboration, healthcare providers have it harder than most. They are often faced with a workforce that is scattered across hundreds of hospital, clinic, and service site locations. Doctors,...
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  • Everyone Wins When Healthcare Payers and Providers Start Collaborating

    When payers and providers don’t collaborate, it's the patient that suffers most. Bill Klco's recently published article is all about this struggle. Turns out, initiatives such as pay-for-performance—a paym...
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  • How I Work: An Interview with Ben Zweig from Social Edge

    It's time we kick the How I Work series on Jive Talks back into high gear. And what better way to put the pedal to the metal than with the digitally-savvy-and-creatively-stunning Ben Zweig from Social Edge Consulting....
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  • Ask me anything? Of course you can - in Jive!

    Guest post by Paul Vinelli   A lot of people are familiar with Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" forums, where some of the world's most fascinating people will take on any question from passionate fans.  While we a...
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  • How I Work: An Interview with Toby Metcalf from PTC

    It's time we learned more about one of our most active, fellow community members, Toby Metcalf. It's likely you've already seen his name come up beside some of the most helpful, poignant, and down-right polite comment...
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  • Publishing Tech Docs. . . in Jive

    If you're a content publisher and use Jive, you've probably thought about whether you could make better use of Jive as a publishing platform. As the leader of Jive's technical documentation team, I've been thinking ab...
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  • Empowering the Clinician Around the EHR

    Clinicians today are caught in a catch-22. While their goals are generally aligned with the Affordable Care Act’s directive of improving patient care, they’re stuck dealing with expensive technologies that...
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  • The Future of Work is Now, and its All about Engagement

    Technology is breaking down barriers like never before and blurring the lines between our lifestyle and workstyle. Everyday, easy access to tech in a mobile world is driving change continuously. But, even with all thi...
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  • Jive for Project Managers III: Running Your Project

    Welcome back! This is the third and final post in my series about using Jive Projects as a communication and collateral hub for project managers. In my first post, I discussed the value of using Jive for project manag...
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  • NewsCred ThinkContent Summit FTW

    Last week, the Jive Creative & Content team spent some quality time in NYC, soaking up lots of content marketing awesomeness at the NewsCred #ThinkContent Summit.  The annual event, united more than 1,000 mar...
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  • Gartner's Peer Insights And Why You Should Participate

    I recently wrote on the topic of User Generated Content (UGC) and the high influence it has on a buyer's purchase decision. The ultimate form of UGC is the popular "rating and review". It's rare to go to a retail or e...
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  • Why Jive-n: The Interactive Intranet Where Employees Thrive!

    Jive-n is the world’s first interactive intranet. It combines the structured content and communication of traditional intranets along with the natural connections and collaboration of enterprise social networks ...
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  • Tips & Tricks - Training Your Users to Keep Answers Organized

    Scrolling through a long list of comments that can continue for pages and pages just to find the right answer can be time consuming and frustrating for your users. Not to mention, many of us use Correct Answers as a k...
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  • Executive blogging:  Challenges, benefits and talking points

    Executive and leadership blogs are getting more buzz all the time, and good blogs written by CEOs, CFOs and other leaders in companies are starting to gain recognition by analysts in articles like World's Top 10 Best ...
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