For those that scour the web, you might have seen quite a few articles related to  The specified item was not found. or our recent announcements with Box, such as:


However, if you are looking for a truly amazing recap of JiveWorld12 from the eye's of a customer, we strongly recommend checking out John Stepper's personal review of his The specified item was not found. experience.  Some of my favorite quotes include:

There was less emphasis on product features and the abstract goodness of connecting. In its place was more focus on – and many more examples of – using collaboration tools and practices to reduce costs and increase revenue.


There’s no snarkiness in the crowd. No edge. Just a very positive, generous feeling that comes from a few thousand people coming together to make work better.


To read the full review, check out his blog using the link (below), and if you like his recap ... drop him a comment!


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