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jw13-logo-horiz.pngMany say that JiveWorld is THE Jive user group event of the year, and they are correct.   Whether you are a newbie, proven veteran, or even just considering Jive ... JiveWorld is the event for you! 

Nowhere else on the planet will you find social business practitioners more passionate or vocal about their real social business successes! That's our secret.  Great customers that do great things and love to talk about them.  That's why each year we look to provide as many opportunities as possible to bring customers to JiveWorld at an amazing rate.  Check out the offers below and see how you can experience all that is JiveWorld for a fraction of the cost!

Special Offers

From now through July 31st, people can take advantage of our Early-Bird Rates.

    Visit the JiveWorld13 Website for More Details.

Jive User Group - Special Offer

For customers looking for an even better deal, take advantage of this limited-time User Group offer. 

Attend at least 1 Jive User Group in June/July 2013 and receive a special JiveWorld discount-code that can be applied in addition to the Early Bird Rates!  See below for details


Upcoming User GroupsOther User Group Options


JiveWorld13 Discount Rate Qualifications:

  • User group must meet by end of July 31, 2013
  • Minimum 15 user group attendees, includes at least 1 Jive employee
  • Meeting Minutes should be posted back to the corresponding Jive Community user group.
  • Discounted rate expires July 31, 2013
  • Note:  Discount details and registration code will be issued the day of the user group meeting

For questions about the JiveWorld discount offers, please , please feel free to reach out to me (Ryan Rutan) for more information.  And if you wonder how much I like JiveWorld, take a look at this video...(starting around 2:16)

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