Your simple JiveWorld13 Mobile App preparations will not only earn you an entry to win an iPad Mini but will also earn you a Jive Community Badge! The challenge is to download the JiveWorld13 Mobile App on any of your mobile devices. To complete this challenge, you must be a member of the Jive Community and registered for JiveWorld13. Make sure that your Jive Community name, profile and avatar are up to snuff as this information will be pulled in and used in the Mobile App.


Earn your Ready Badge now:



  • Install JiveWorld13 Mobile App
  • Review Each Feature
  • Add 8+ Events to My Schedule
  • Must attend JiveWorld13


Each Tuesday and Thursday leading up to JiveWorld13 a new game component will be revealed. All these challenges will make sure you're getting the most of your JiveWorld13 experience and you can win big. Check out other badges you can win and good luck completing all the challenges!


You can download the JiveWorld13 Mobile App now for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Mobile Web.


If you have not yet signed up for JiveWorld13, now is the time: Registration - JiveWorld13