There's no better way to share an experience with others than sharing photos. With our Top Photographer - Get Real Game Series, you'll be rewarded for posting photos of your JiveWorld13 experience as an attendee. Earn unique badges for posting a certain amount of photos from within the JiveWorld13 Mobile App. The top three photographers will be rewarded handsomely with an iPad mini!

Eligible Photos:

  • Must have at least 1 person in them
  • Must be taken during JiveWorld (in Vegas) OR clearly show the word "JiveWorld" in them (#JiveWorld is acceptable) OR at least 1 JiveWorld13 conference badge visible
  • Must be taken first-hand from your device (i.e. you own the rights to your photo)
  • Must be submitted to the contest by a member of the Jive Community and be a JiveWorld13 attendee.
  • While the use of photo editing tools is discouraged, participants may use them at their discretion. We ask that you limit use of these tools to improve photo quality and presentation, and less for altering appearances and super imposition.

Here are some great examples from last year's photo contest participants: Katrina Doell, Kim England and Melissa Rosen. (see more)

uploadedimage.png uploadedimage.png uploadedimage.png

The top 10 photos will be selected based on the amount of likes they get on Instagram using the #JiveWorld hashtag. If you have an Instagram account, it would behove you to post your best photos, but Jive will also be posting compelling pics from the JiveWorld13 Mobile App to our corporate Instagram account. We will then create a poll in the Jive Community to determine the gold, silver and bronze photographers of JiveWorld13.

This challenge has already commenced and it will run through November 1, 2013. The top 10 photos will be collected and you can vote for your favorite in the Jive Community from November 4-11. The Jive social team will then announce the winner via the Jive Customer Webcast on November 19 and subsequently in the Jive Community. Prizes and badges will be awarded after announcing the winners. Have fun snapping pictures, and don't forget the selfies!


Photo: (starts October 19th, 2013)

  • Upload 10+ Photos to the JiveWorld13 Mobile App > Photos feature

Photo All-Star: (starts October 19th, 2013)

  • Upload 40+ Photos to the JiveWorld13 Mobile App > Photos feature

Top Instagram - Gold, Silver, Bronze:

  • Voted 1st, 2nd, 3rd in favorite #JiveWorld Instagram


Each Tuesday and Thursday leading up to JiveWorld13 a new game component will be revealed. All these challenges will make sure you're getting the most of your JiveWorld13 experience and you can win big! Check out other badges you can win and good luck completing all the challenges!


You can download the JiveWorld13 Mobile App now for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Mobile Web.

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