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It's almost here. The event we've all been waiting for since JiveWorld12. To quote Mike Myers from Wayne's World "I'm a little older, a little wiser" and I can share a few tips (with any newbies or for those that need a refresher) to help you hit JiveWorld13 running.


1) Registration: You're able to check in during the follow days and times on the 4th floor in the Belmont Commons in The Cosmopolitan. For questions or changes to your registration, please contact jiveworld@jiveevents.com.

  • Monday: 12pm-7pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30am-7pm
  • Wednesday & Thursday: 7:30am-6pm


2) Don't be a shy guy: Start your networking during the Welcome Reception Happy Hour Tuesday night from 5pm-7pm at the Boulevard Pool on the 4th Floor. Don't worry, this isn't the "Death Ray" pool....that's next door.


3) Create a Meetup of like-minded folk: Use the JiveWorld Mobile App to setup a "quick meeting" using the [+] button in the top right corner of the 'meetings' tool. Simply enter the title/subject, meetup location, time and date and start inviting other attendees using the mobile app. Even better, you can add the meeting to your mobile calendar and never miss a beat! One of the benefits of JiveWorld is to learn from your peers, and meetups are a great way to do so.


4) Get a head start on JiveWorld13 Games. There are 11 iPad Minis up for grabs this year, and it's so easy you won't even know you're playing it. Your simple conference preparations, like downloading the JiveWorld13 Mobile App and choosing your schedule, automatically enter you to win an iPad Mini in the Random Drawing. Even taking selfies and tweeting with the #JiveWorld hashtag will put you ahead of the curve.


5) Have questions? Check the JiveWorld Mobile App for locations, answers to FAQ, agenda....well, for everything really.


Make sure you get the most of JiveWorld13 by loading your schedule in the JiveWorld13 Mobile App from morning (yoga practice) to night (networking dinners/parties).

If you have any other JiveWorld tips, please share them with me here!


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