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JiveWorld is BACK! And for anyone that has ever attended JiveWorld, you know this is not your average conference. JiveWorld is more than just about the sessions, the training, or even the product, but about you, our customers. Together you have worked to build a community of social innovators and story tellers, and as the event manager at Jive, it is my job to continue to bring you the BEST experience year-after-year. And I can guarantee you will not walk away disappointed. So put down your beer. Checkout the Jiveworld14 website. Browse the agenda. And then hit that Register Now button and join us for a week of learning, sharing and hearing from your peers about how Jive has helped change the way they work.


JiveWorld promises to help empower you to better connect, communicate and collaborate.  And if you don’t believe me, hear it straight from our customers.


"Jiveworld is a great way to find inspiration, ideas, and really saturate yourself in all things Enterprise Social Networks." - Tony Stewart, NBCUniversal


“JIVE opens up a world of possibilities…" - Sylvia Ellison, The College Board


“It's like a drug. Once you try it, you can't stop using it…" - St. John Johnson, Yahoo



Registration is open now. Check out the JiveWorld14 website for more details.


Be sure to check back soon. You will not believe what we have in store for you!!

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