It's amazing to think that it's that time of year yet again, but here we are ... time for JiveWorld and the new JiveWorld14 Game Series.



Last year's game was a wild success capturing the attention of JiveWorld13 attendees (and their 2400+ user contributed photos & 10k+ tweets), event professionals and we even took home a few industry awards from Expo EXCITE (now Folio) and Convene Magazine

So what else could we possibly have in store?

At Jive, we believe that a conference experience doesn't start the day you show up to pick up your badge, but instead it is a fully integrated story that begins the moment you read your first early-bird announcement.  For JiveWorld14, we aim to improve the conference experience at all phases ...  before, during and after!  Expect to see more information on how to be best prepare for JiveWorld14.  Expect to see more opportunities to connect while attending JiveWorld14.  Finally, expect to carry your conversation and connections (with ease) from JiveWorld14 into the Jive Community where you can continue to connect, collaborate and communicate with like-minded social business professionals.

JiveWorld14 Game Series ... Let's Talk Badges & Mobile Apps


Over the course of the next 6 weeks we will reveal the badges and prizes available in the JiveWorld14 Game Series.  Up first this week, are the staple JiveWorld14 Attendee & Ready badges.  Here's how to earn these badges:




ready-standard.pngJIVEWORLD14 READY BADGE






  • Stay up-to-date with JiveWorld14 schedule, events and take part in the JiveWorld14 Game Series
  • You can download the JiveWorld14 Mobile App now for iPad, iPhone, Android and Mobile Web.


If you have not yet signed up for JiveWorld14, now is the time:


If you have any questions about the JiveWorld14 Game Series, please reach out via the comments below or via @JiveWorld on Twitter