We've given you yet another very easy way you can win big at JiveWorld14 with the Random Drawing. Each badge that you earn during JiveWorld14 gives you a certain amount of entries into the Random Drawing. If you win all the badges you earn the maximum amount of entries, which is 400. The only requirement to participate in the Random Drawing is that you're a member of the Jive Community. You don't even have to be at JiveWorld14 to win, but it sure does help!


STANDARD BADGES : 1 - 25 Random Drawing Entries


attendee-standard.png ready-standard.png explorer-standard.pngwingman.png

feedback-standard.pngeaster-egg.pngtwitter-standard.png photo-standard.png

  • Attendee
  • Ready
  • Explorer
  • Wingman
  • Feedback
  • Easter Egg
  • Twitter
  • Photo


ALL-STAR BADGES : 25 - 50 Random Drawing Entries

explorer-allstar.pngWingmanAllStar.pngeaster-egg-allstar.png developer-allstar.png

twitter-allstar.png photo-allstar.pngjw14-allstar.pngjw14-superstar.png

  • Explorer All-Star
  • Wingman All-Star
  • Easter Egg All-Star
  • Developer All-Star
  • Twitter All-Star
  • Photo All-Star
  • JiveWorld14 All-Star
  • JiveWorld14 Super-Star


SPECIAL BADGES : 1 - 5 Random Drawing Entries


yoga.png running.png love.png humor.png

special.png birthday.png it.png community-manager.png

developer.png hackathon-day-attendee.pnghackathon-night-attendee.pngdeveloper-tshirt.png

  • Yoga Club
  • Running Club
  • Love
  • Humor
  • Rockstar
  • Birthday
  • IT
  • Community Manager
  • Developer
  • Open Hackathon Attendee
  • Beer Dark 30 Hackathon Attendee
  • Geek Culture


The lucky winners will receive an iPad Mini and they will be announced via the Jive Customer Webcast in November and subsequently in the Jive Community.





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