JiveWorld is kicked off with great panelists offering fantastic insights at the JiveWorld Boot Camp (the room is packed with 200 cadets)! The awesome panelists, Christopher Morace, Alan Lepofsky, Caty Kobe and Ted Shelton started by clarifying some myths including, "If you build, they will come". The common message we've heard from them is that an organization simply cannot deploy a social collaboration platform and expect that users will start engaging in it.  IT TAKES WORK!  Having at least one dedicated resource to own a community and establish community baseline, drive initiatives to get the users engaged and measure the outcomes of success are keys to get value out of the investment.


When it comes to how we can mature our communities, our panelists had some awesome insights.  Adoption and success of a community is all about building relationships because social business collaboration will likely require change in people's behavior. It makes sense to invest time in nurturing relationships with sponsors, advocates and new community members by taking them out to coffee or give them phone calls to get their insights and feelings about engagement and collaboration taking place in a community.


A case for a social business within an organization may not necessarily get sponsored initially. It is important to pick your use case to spend time on based on your position too.  If you are an individual contributor, it's probably easier to start small by showing value in outcome-based collaboration like sales processes, support processes, on-boarding processes.  Any one can measure what success means in these areas so you can start implementing these use cases and show the value quite quickly.  However on more strategic use cases like corporate communications, aligning collaboration strategy with company priorities may require a whole team of community enthusiasts and executive sponsorships.


Lesson learned from this Boot camp session: Get those coffee cards loaded, and get ready for awesome dialogues!