When RadioShack revamped their internal community, they turned to the social experts, their Social Media Team.  RadioShack’s social media team was invited as beta testers and given an opportunity to provide feedback on the current state of their internal community. Way to empower an already highly social team to make improvements to their company’s internal community.  RadioShack also turned to their Marketing Team for their external community improvements because by their job definition, marketing folks know what the customers want.  Great advice from the RadioShack team: make sure that your community contents and user experience work on all devices…! Oh, and what was the RadioShack executives input to having their employees bringing their own devices to work? People are already browsing on Facebook anyway, why not have them be social in the RadioShack community? So TRUE!


Thank you for awesome insights, RadioShack Team: Shauna Burd, Rachel Duran, ahawkins!!