To deploy a Jive instance and release it to your employees, partners or customers requires a bit of thought. You cannot simply expect that “it's built and they will come” to a new collaboration platform.  Hitting the right use cases, getting users to adopt and being able to show measurable outcomes are critical to a successful sustainability of a community.  Jive Software’s Principal Strategy Consultant, Sean Winter shared his secret during JiveWorld 14’s “Implementing Jive Right First and Every Time” session.


Here it is: It is important to define the words “use case” by using this template: <group of people> + < doing something in Jive> + <to achieve measurable outcome that is of value> to make sure that use cases are making worthwhile impact to your company.


Here are some examples:


  • HR is going to blog in Jive to achieve new hire on-boarding experience satisfaction rate by x%.
  • IT is going to create a knowledge base in Jive to achieve reduction in call volumes by x%.


…Imagine having these use cases scheduled out in a one-year community roadmap and being able to tell measurable success stories as they are implemented.  The business functions are going to lined up to get their use case on your community roadmap because you are going to make them work better and make them look AWESOME on top of that!!


Get ready to roll up your sleeves, you will be a busy community rock star… popular and fully booked!