This session resulted in attendees walking away with LOADS of tips and tricks to try at their organizations. Thanks so much to the gurus Rachel Duran, Radio Shack Community Manager, Kirsten Laaspere, Community Manager for Fidelity Investments, and Claire Flanagan for hosting.


Rachel Duran's Point of View:

Rachel and Kirsten.JPGWhy is executive engagement so important?

  1. It raises excitement for your community
  2. it sets an example
  3. it allows your employees be heard


You must prep for executive engagement:

  1. Which executives will impact employees in this community?
  2. Understand how socially savvy they are AND learn their #workstyle
  3. Understand your company's business objectives
  4. Adapt your trainings based on these findings, not on your expectations


You must get the executives excited!

  1. Learn what they can do/find/learn on the community
  2. Tap into their competitive nature


Create a Social Guide Program:

  1. Assign execs a dedicated Jive expert to help coach them through the community and how to find their voice
  2. Share what to type of content to post: recognize, celebrate, update, ask for feedback
  3. Train them for on-the-go engagement. What should execs focus on, and what can execs leverage others to accomplish?



  1. Reports on activity, content, and sentiment
  2. Employee retention rates and Glassdoor reviews


Kirsten Lasspere's Point of View:

Three levels of Social Executives:

  1. Executive Support - allows for launch
  2. Executive Approval - allows for associate participation
  3. Executive Engagement - leads to full engagement


5 Lessons:

  1. Demonstrate the Reward (and Risk) of Not Engaging
    • What do you do with early adopters? Focus on them, encourage and reward them and share their success stories
  2. Convince them 'Taking Action' = 'Adding Value'
    • Learn their business goals and connect it back to participating
  3. Make it Easy!
    • It's about shift over change - don't try to make them change
  4. Teach Through Relevant Examples
    • Focus on bite-sized use cases over 'war and peace' novel features
  5. Win the Confidence of Trusted Advisors
    • Build an army of 'you's - create Admins for specific initiatives


Make sure you also check out The Community Roundtable's The Social Executive Stages of Adoption.

Jive Internal Communities: Does anyone have any other tips and tricks to get executives involved and engaged in their communities? Please share!