Thomson Reuters used gamification to boost their own use of Jive and promote learning within their community. Ellen Anderson and Lindsay Keogh of Thompson Reuters shared their stories at JiveWorld’s "Advanced Measurement - Proving Business Value to Expand or Sustain Your Community” session hosted by Josh Richau, Sr. Director of Product Management. Thompson Reuter’s story is quite amazing.  They used Jive to implement “The Hub” where people come to start their day.  Everything can be found on The Hub including colleagues with specific expertise, messages from the executives and even the lunch menu.




When Thompson Reuters upgraded to Jive 7, they turned to gamification to get the employees use to the latest and the greatest.  Missions were created where the employees were able to earn badges (and points).  Badges for attending the training sessions, badges for reading Jive 7 feature related blogs, badges for answering questions in their community. People were excited to become “badge geeks” and things got competitive!  Thanks to the gamification initiative for the Jive 7 upgrade, there was a 304% increase in using structured outcomes. 


How were they able to give such specific value to show the improvement?  Josh Richau highlights the analytic engine under the hood.


  • Impact Metrics for individuals
  • Community Manager reports for Group Owners
  • Resonata and Web Analytic for Community Managers
  • Business Analytics for Business Owners
  • Data Export for anyone who wants customized reporting


When you have data, you can tell much compelling stories...and make them BEAUTIFUL!

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More information at [Archived] Jive Analytics.