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It's the second day of the conference and we are kicking it off with a poem by Azure Antoinette.

The poem was powerful so I felt that it needed its own post, you can find out more about her poem here.


Putting "you" at the center of everything


Next up was Todd Moran from Schneider Electric. His story focused on their external community called Exchange. Exchange provides their customers, partners, and prospects with a way to communicate with Schneider Electric regarding innovation, support, and education. He described three critical characteristics required for the company to make their community successful: be customer first, be unified, be transformative.

To make it work it had to be: business first, people second, then technology. They looked at their business use cases for customer support, partner enablement, product innovation, online education, events execution, developer engagement. Next steps, they will be looking at project collaboration, marketing promotion, sales prospecting. Any one of these could be an outstanding foundation for a community. But he challenges us to look at the sum of the use cases as a whole whole. No one of us is as smart as all of us together.


Their results: Vitality stats are good (number of views, likes, comments, etc), but what is the perceived value for their audience?

  • 2.5x increase in product ideas
  • 300% increase in customer advisory board participation


Todd concluded, give people an emotional reaction and that's when they really start to understand the power behind the community.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

What's new in the Jive Product

Clara Liang Jive's Chief Product Officer, shared some of the upcoming plans for the Jive product. Note that the features described below all have different delivery dates and mostly apply to the latest cloud releases (and future hosted releases).

  • WorkTypes and what it means for the Jive product: Clara shared the current rates of WorkType results for conference-goers. She went on to describe how Jive plans to take the WorkType results and map it to the world's workstyles.
  • Powering the integrated hub. Bringing the tools you use outside of Jive integrated with Jive like Office 365, Google Docs, and Cisco products like WebEx.
  • Data-driven insights. Be able to take roles and departments and discover how they are interacting with each other. Discovering the reach and impact of communications to drive engagement. Also being able to measure correct answers as well as helpful ones and measure them against each other. Being able to measure who is impacting your community the most, both positively or negatively.
  • Simple, smart, beautiful. Focus on the user and make it easy and gorgeous. Simpler, smarter, more modern design.
  • Bringing back Your View. Users will have their own personal page to make work more efficient.
  • Search improvements. Better results from Jive as well as connected products.
  • Subscription capabilities. Bringing the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Improved mobile experience. Improving both Android and iOS accessibility.


Why choose Jive Cloud? 70% of the current hosted customers could move to the cloud with relative ease. Upgrade windows are being cut from 36 hours to 4 hours. Jive is working toward ZERO downtime in 2015. In the Fall could release, 60% faster page load times.


Jive on Jive


Matt Tucker Jive Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, told us some stories about how Jive works better together. Additionally, we got to see personal videos Jive employees from Gia Lyons, Bryan LeBlanc, and Deirdre Walsh.


Looking to the future. Jive plans on continuing to build the modern communication and collaboration suite. Taking on your daily routine... status updates, calendar invites, contacting colleagues, smart locations for office events and more.


Own the vision


Tony McGivern CIO of FICO, told us their story of how they empowered all of the people to collaborate together. They are the original big data company, they manage 90% of all credit decisions. The company culture was very silo-ed, people needed to be empowered to be more collaborative. They needed to change the culture of the company. They decided to go big and bold. FICO implemented an internal community to help their employees learn how to communicate online so that they could move to an externally community and know how to connect with their customers. All of their tools were aggregated under Jive.

FICO approached this from a consultative perspective. They found out from each of the business units what their main communication challenges were, got the answers from Jive, then picked one big challenge to start from. They launched the Sales and Marketing Exchange which was the single source of truth for information. They launched idea management and within a year over 200 ideas were submitted with five ideas actually delivered in products. In the first six months, 90% adoption rate, 14,000 pieces of content created and 530 active groups.


CIinton Global Initiative


Elisa returned to the stage to share Jive's involvement with this important group. Jive Gives' commitment to action will be to launch a global youth employment initiative both in the Bay Area in California and Israel.


What a great close to a fabulous main stage!