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This year at JiveWorld17 we have a new track for all of our attendees: Why Jive? | Business Impact of Enterprise Collaboration. This focus of this track is to arm you with the content you need to explain to leaders in your organization why worldwide, forward-looking companies are using Jive to engage their people, connect to customers and partners, and advance innovation.


We are really excited about this track this year, we have an amazing set customers and partners who are going to be JiveWorld17 Speakers  for these sessions and have worked tremendously hard to put together the perfect presentation to share with all of you!


If you are coming to JiveWorld to:

  • learn more about Jive and understand the true value for your organization
  • expand Jive to more departments and teams across your organization
  • arm yourself with statistics, success stories and potential use cases to share with your business stakeholders in your organization


....This track is for you!!!



Here is a quick overview of the sessions:



Connect, Enable and Inspire | Our Journey with the Modern Intranet

Tuesday May 2, 11:15 pm -12:15 pm




Eliza Mixon , Head of Internal Communications

April King , Director of WW Sales Enablement

Keeley Sorokti , Community and Knowledge Management Lead ( Jive Community Manager Veteran)


Presentation Sneak Peak:

Commvault has leveraged Jive in many ways- in use cases spanning from sales enablement to employee on-boarding to social learning to executive enablement to internal campaigns. As they share their large breadth of use cases resulting in real business outcomes, this is sure to be a great presentation with lots of learnings and key takeaways!

How to Think about Your Investment in a Collaboration Solution

Tuesday, May 2, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM



Presenter:  Aaron Kim , Director of Innovation Research, Architecture and Collaboration



Presentation Sneak Peak:

A technology purchase involves tons of decisions to be made along the way - from what platform to choose, to whether to try-before-buy, to how to get the right stakeholders involved, to what to name it and so much more. Aaron takes us through RBC's decision making process - what choices they had, what decisions they made and the thinking behind them - all with very specific examples.

Unleashing the Power of External Communities |

Providing a seamless customer experience through case support, product innovation and brand engagement

Tuesday May 2, 2:45 pm -3:45 pm



Adrian Chang, Director of Customer Programs @ Oracle

Jeff Schindler, Senior IT Manager @ Allscripts

Gwynne Jelbaoui , Product Support Manager @ Allscripts

Presentation Sneak Peak:

Adrian from Oracle will share his journey in engaging over 32,000 customers on their Jive-x Community, and the Jeff and Gwynne will share how they connect their clients on one unified place, with a live demo of their external community!

The Impact of Employee, Customer & Partner Communities on Enterprise Business Performance

Tuesday May 2, 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM


Presenter:  Vanessa DiMauro , CEO of LeaderNetworks


Presentation Sneak Peak:

In December 2016, LeaderNetworks surveyed close to 300 participants to better understand the organizational impact of online communities and what competitive advantage communities can bring about. She will be sharing some fascinating results from the survey along with some specific use cases. We will also be sharing out the a LeaderNetworks study around 'Keys To Community Readiness and Growth' with the session attendees!

DAY 2: Wednesday, MAY 3RD


Jive for Social Good: Building purposeful communities for positive change

Wednesday, May 3, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM


Moderator: Sara Teitelman , Atascadero Partners

Panelists: DeLeon DeMicoli - Guidestar; Pamela Hobbs - Pact; Sabrina Deitch - Humana; Mark Schwanke - Truth Initiative; Jeremy Nurse - representing W.K. Kellogg Foundation



Presentation Sneak Peak:

Hear from the some of the most amazing  non-profits and how they achieve their mission with Jive! This panel session will showcase the big challenges some of our favorite non-profit customers are taking on, the impact that they're creating on this world - within the context of how Jive helps them further their mission with some very important initiatives and the potential they see for Jive to be a truly game-changing tool for social good.




An Ecosystem of Collaboration: Using Jive and Microsoft to Enable Employee Success

Wednesday May 3, 11:30 am -12:30 pm


Presenter: AD Al-Ghourabi Director, eCommerce and Digital Platforms


Presentation Sneak Peak:

How Jive and Microsoft co-exist side by side and integrate together to bring about collaboration success. AD has some great tips and best practices, and even some handouts to share with everyone!


Driving Scalable Brand Loyalty with Jive External Communities to achieve key business objectives
Wednesday May3, 1:30pm - 2:30pm


Presenter: Matt Laurenceau , Community Strategist



Presentation Sneak Peak:

Matt is a huge fan of external communities, and truly believes every brand should have one to drive brand loyalty. He will share the importance of customer communities for organizations and walk through key use cases such as product communities, user groups, ideation and more.


Our Digital Journey: 145,000 employees unified with a seamless collaboration experience

Wednesday May 3, 2:45pm -3:35pm


Candice Chamborden , SG Group Collaborative solutions Product Owner


Presentation Sneak Peak:

An Amazing story of how a 200 year old bank chose Jive as the pillar of their digital transformation efforts. They have seen huge success with their internal collaboration use cases, with 100,000 employees already on their Jive Internal Community!



THANK YOU to our amazing speakers for all your hard work!!


We would love to see all of you there. If you have any questions about the sessions? Reach out to us!


Hope to see you there!



Darshita Maniar & Harini Sridharan

Connect with Federal colleagues at JiveWorld! We’ll cover topics relevant to Government Agencies and Contractors, including initiatives and strategy, share insights from partners growing their businesses, and discuss solutions that are driving business across this sector. You’ll also get key information about Jive’s 2017 FedRAMP Certification process, and Jive's advanced security compliance solutions for regulated industries.

Specific sessions and meet ups will be focused on:


Speakers at JiveWorld focused on these topics include:

  • Jim SteddumChief Knowledge Officer, US Army Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG) US Army
  • Mark Kelly, Commander of Space Shuttle Endeavour's Final Mission & Space and Aviation Contributor for NBC News/MSNBC
  • Jamie Payne from NASA
  • Curtis Anderson from the VA
  • Alan Lepofsky VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
  • Heather Cunningham, System Engineer, Leidos
  • alghourabi, Director, eCommerce and Digital Platforms, IHS Markit
  • Sumeet Moghe Community Architect, ThoughtWorks
  • jillian.bejtlich, Community Architect, The Community Roundtable
  • Dacher Keltner, Pixar Advisor, Social Scientist, UC Berkeley Professor and Author of Born to Be Good
  • Plus 60 speakers and sessions from Citibank, US Army, GoDaddy, New Relic, Dell, Societe Generale, Dish Network, T-Mobile, Pearson and many others.


Find out more about JiveWorld17 or register now!

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