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Before I became a Jiver I was a practitioner and looked forward to JiveWorld to gain insights from my peers.  After awhile I realized our program had mastered the basics, but what about what happens when you find your program’s stagnated? Or when you have to justify adding program resources? What then? What were the advanced BEST practices for measuring and proving value? How could I benchmark my community against others? And how could I drive deeper engagement or innovative use of our platform?


Well if these are all questions you have, too, then JiveWorld14's Advanced Track is for you! LA_Photo_Jive-3751-postV2.png


Geared to customers with 2+ years under their belt, this track is for Jive customers who have mastered the business and program management basics of adoption metrics, user engagement and organization change. Each session in this track will feature at least 2 case studies with advanced, practical advice for "how to" implement their suggestions in both employee and market-facing communities.



Community Benchmarking

Wondering how to get started benchmarking your community?  Then JiveWorld14 Advanced Track: Using Community Benchmarking on Wed at 10:30 am is the session for you. For the third consecutive year in a row we’re thrilled to have the awesome Rachel Happe of The Community Roundtable share research insights to help you both understand the value of benchmarking along with practical tips to benchmark your community management practices, behavior and performance. This is a must see topic for the community manager looking to make the case to prove the value or make the case for expanding their program. RELEVANT FOR EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL COMMUNITY MANAGERS


Advanced Measurement

  • On Wednesday at 1pm, Riverbed's D Toth along with 7Summits Cullen O'Brien will discuss what it takes to cross reference and analyze your Jive Community data with back end systems (CRM, Marketing Operations) to prove the value of your external community on lead generation and impact on sales. You will get practical advice on how to approach this data analysis and talking the language your executives care about!  RELEVANT FOR EXTERNAL COMMUNITY MANAGERS
  • On Thursday at 3:00 pm join me and Corey Mathews as review the key reports and metrics you must be looking at to find signs of value or prove value. We'll cover things like how to measure engagement, look at your engagement index, identify place health and even be able to prove the impact of your community on increasing both brand awareness and impact on lead generation and revenue. This is a must-see session for those wondering how to unlock data from your analytics to translate your program's success into executive "care-abouts". RELEVANT FOR BOTH EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL COMMUNITY MANAGERS


Global and Multilingual Communities

Want to find the killer session where you'll learn how to manage multilingual issues and cultural concerns? We've got that! In Going Global – Launching and Engaging Multi-Lingual Communities on Wednesday at 2:15 pm veteran community manager Christina Zurkawicz will share a variety of tactics they used to display translated content for customer visitors like: IP detection, navigation translation, Google translate, and surfacing user’s preferred language content to name a few. Alban Rampon will address key community governance decisions necessary to address new markets as well as value of staffing local community managers to support the local culture. Both speakers will walk you through key issues a global program must address and how to consider the technical, business and governance decisions. FOCUS EXTERNAL, BUT RELEVANT FOR EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL COMMUNITY MANAGERS


Executive Engagement

Still trying to crack the code on driving executive engagement? Then join Open Leadership: Coaching Executives on their Digital / Social Journey. On Wednesday at 3:45, you'll hear Kirsten Laaspere of Fidelity explain the differences between Executive Support, Approval and Engagement and how "sleeper agents" can help you. You'll also learn how Rachel Duran used an executive engagement framework to profile and plan her approach to Radio Shack Executives, leading not just to getting an audience with her CEO but also how that investment lead to his adoption and evangelizing the need for Jive for their modern business platform among his executive staff. RELEVANT FOR INTERNAL COMMUNITY MANAGERS


Healthcare: Using Jive to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Care Costs

Wondering how to use Jive as a Healthcare portal to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs?

In the Netherlands almost 30% of the population has one or more chronic diseases. In the US that percentage is 50%. Yet, the amount of caregivers will not equally increase while the costs of healthcare continue to rise. If you're in Healthcare, you won't want to miss Dr. Folkert Asselbergs

on Thursday at 11:15 am share how the University Medical Center Utrecht and 24Care are using Jive at the center of their patient tele-monitoring and self-empowerment solution for chronic heart failure patients. He'll walk through how the solution will help them increase the quality of care, 
improve the well-being of patients,
 and reduce overall healthcare costs. RELEVANT FOR EXTERNAL COMMUNITY MANAGERS


Employee Engagement

Looking for key strategies to re-energize your community? Options to drive engagement is to focus on the work, add use cases that drive value and re-energize your organization change programs. On Thursday at 1:45 pm Bluegreen's Jessica Maxson adapted engagement strategies to fit the profile of Bluegreen's sales team that resulted in sales effectiveness and bottom line results.  First American's Shirlin Hsu using a "Work Smart Challenge" at First American to drive use, the collection of value stories and inspire new ways of meaningful community use. Both will walk you through the behavior considerations for their approaches leaving you inspired with tactics you can re-use when you go back to the office. RELEVANT FOR INTERNAL COMMUNITY MANAGERS


Customer Innovation and Idea Jams


Why attend the Advanced Track?

These customer speakers are amazing and have worked hard to not only tell their stories but to also share how they did what they did so you, too, can replicate their success to connect, communicate and collaborate with your eco-system of prospects, customers and employees. If you have questions in any of the above business program leadership areas, you won't be disappointed. See you in a few weeks!

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