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Just like Tony Zingale mentioned in his welcome to yesterday’s event, many customers end up naming their Jive instance “The Hub” because it becomes the center of communication, connection and collaboration. And people are at that center.


We were lucky enough to have a room literally chock full of visionaries who shared their Jive stories and focused on trending topics like the future of work and millennials in the workplace. Here is a taste of all the great content that was discussed.


tony at exec summit.JPG


First up was Alison Maitland, author of “Future of Work” (which I have a feeling will be a great read). She began with a hard-hitting statement in her awesome English accent, “the future of work is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” This is one of the best explanations I’ve heard yet of where we are in the progression of the workplace. Here are some other great takeaways from Alison’s talk.


  • Myth: that the future of work is just another HR initiative
  • Myth: that the future of work is the end of face-to-face interaction
  • Companies need to make the important cultural shift to understanding “work is an activity, not a place”
  • The missing ingredient for companies to make this shift? Trust.


Next, was a panel hosted by Tony that included Mark Yolton of Cisco, Tim Wike of Thomson Reuters Dave Taylor of Lexmark. They each went though and addressed the unique challenges they had encountered before choosing and implementing Jive. Like how they tackled cultural barriers and didn’t worry about the laggers with the flip phones (one of my favorite quotes from Dave). While their stories of how Jive changed each of their companies were unique, there was definitely one commonality. Why they chose Jive.


So why did they choose Jive? It wasn’t just because of all the nifty features or that it was proven to foster collaboration. There was a definite consensus that it was because of Jive’s vision. They trusted Jive as a company and believed in where we are going. This was a real genuine part of the panel, to say the least.


So besides having amazing visuals of places that are now on my bucket list to visit, Nick Howe of Hitachi also made a key point that I’ve actually used in presentations myself.


  • Unlike in Field Of Dreams, if you build it they will not come. You cannot set up a Jive instance and walk away expecting there to be engagement. Just like any social platform, creating engagement takes constant nurturing.


So I have to admit that I’m a little biased. The last panel was my favorite, solely because Azure Antoinette was a part of it. After seeing tomorrow’s keynote, you’ll know exactly why I say that without any further explanation.


elisa panel blog.png


But in all honesty, when you have Elisa Steele, Mark Bonchek, Jeffrey Hayzlett and Azure Azure Antoinette on a panel together, it’s hard to keep up with what everyone is saying without the risk of missing a true piece of social media gold. So below are a few of the treasures I collected (not exact quotes):


  • Ever heard of forming, norming, storming and performing? While there is no longer time for norming, worktype can help with that. Now, people can know the worktypes of those they are working with much quicker and on a deeper level. (Mark Bonchek)
  • Millennials are excitable and passionate. As soon as we have a #hashtag, we have t-shirts made, and our profile pictures changed. (Azure Antoinette)
  • Jive will become your tool for your culture, your tool for collaboration. (Jeffrey Hayzlett)
  • Millennial is not a generation, it’s a mindset. (Mark Bonchek)
  • Giving people purpose and finding what people are passionate about is when people show up and bring their best selves. (Azure Antoinette)
  • When you start to utilize a platform like this, positions have nothing to do with knowledge or the ability to get things done. This platform allows it to flow freely. (Jeffrey Hayzlett)


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