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Engaging the Organization – Adoption Strategies



A few quick tips following our “Engaging the Organization – Adoption Strategies” presentation from Jive World 2014.


Michelle Groff Burling and I presented following the 8am keynote with CEO Tony Zingale, CMO Elisa Steele and the popular band OK-GO.    Since energy levels were high following that kick off,  we were delighted to find a full ballroom with enthusiastic attendees with a myriad of questions and interactions throughout our presentation.


A couple approaches we shared during our #JiveWorld 2014 presentation


          1. Schedule only 5 minutes with leaders (not an hour)
          2. Probe for key content with audience in mind
          3. Actively listen for key content targeting your audience
          4. Capture executives key phrases
          5. Share a short paragraph following your meeting with them within the hour

Leaders in your organization can find time for blogging, it simply may require some initial heavy lifting and ‘digital coaching’ couple with fast feedback to help them conquer their initial fear.


Remember to "Keep It Straightforward and Simple" (KISS)

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