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Of the many wonderful, cool, amazing, mind-blowing, eye opening things that everyone will see at JiveWorld this year, one of the most important opportunities of the entire event is getting to chat with Jive Developers.  Armed with their own area this year, known as the 'Hacker Lounge,' it's an opportunity no developer attendee will want to miss!  Below, readers will find great opportunities they won't want to pass up, including best practices, getting started advice, introductions to Stream Once, Developer awards, and much, much more.  Have a look over what we have to offer, grab a chair, and come have a chat with our amazing Development team!


What not to miss as a Developer at JiveWorld13



Level 3 - Gracia Commons - Hacker Lounge

Office hours:

10/22: 12pm - 5pm, 9pm - 1am

10/23: 10:30am - 8pm

10/24: 10:30am - 4:30pm



10/22: 12pm - 5pm - Beer.JS Meetup -

10/23: 11pm - 1am - Beer Dark 30 -


Producteev Contest:

What's up at Producteev? • The 2013 Producteev Developer Challenge: Bake tasks into your apps!


Have any questions about where to go or what to do?  Just stop any friendly Jive Staff you come across and they'll happily share advice and directions to any of the events you may want to attend.  Look forward to seeing everyone this year!  Let's Get Real, and JiveOn at JiveWorld13!

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