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We had a wonderful turnout at this morning's JiveWorld12 Mainstage presentation.


This morning featured Jive executives John Rizzo and Christopher Morace, who shared details about Jive 6.


Here are the key highlights:

  • With the availability of Jive 6 comes Jive Anywhere, !App Experiences, Jive FInd (search based on the social graph), Customer Service solution, etc.
  • We’re seeing tablets being used everywhere. 96% of the Fortune 500 have rolled out or are testing tablet deployments.Tablets have the potential to transform business most in sales.
  • Jive Present, the killer sales productivity app is now being introduced as a mechanism for sales to utilize tablets for work.
  • There was also a wonderful fireside chat between Jive Software CEO Tony Zingale and Box CEO Aaron Levie, who announced the partnership between Jive and Box.
  • A brochure with 32 business value cases was provided to help customers unlock the true value business potential that Jive creates.

Upon arriving at Mainstage today, the energy in the room was undeniable. Jive Software's CEO Tony Zingale kicked-off Mainstage and grabbed everyone's attention with his trick question "Why are you here?"


Since the last JiveWorld, we have made leaps and bounds in the advancement of Jive's technology. Here are some highlights from our unstoppable Social Business leader:

  • You can expect a lot of innovation in our recently released Jive 6, including but not limited to: Jive Anywhere, search, !Apps, Outlook integration, tablet interface, new UX tailored to you, and native mobile experiences on iPhone and Android.
  • We chose the theme of "Unstoppable" for JiveWorld12 because of our customers. What makes you unstoppable is leveraging your investment in social business, harnessing the innovation, engaging your employees, customers, and partners - to create value that didn't exist before.
  • We're on this journey together because we believe it's time for something new. A new way to deliver business value.
  • Skeptics can now look to the McKinsey report to understand the value of social business, a key statistic: the annual value that can be unlocked by social technologies total between $900 billion and $1.3 trillion.
  • Verizon Wireless is a perfect example. This year they switched to Jive and within the first three months more than 10,000 questions were answered. Every single one of those are calls that Verizon didn't have to take.
  • No matter who you are and how you use Jive, your reason for being here should be business value.
  • We're turning the page on the first generation of social business in the enterprise -- "Facebook for enterprise", microblogging, freemium, etc. The next revolution is all about business value.

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