• Anyone know of useful UI/UX conferences that align with JIVE?

    Hi there!   I am looking to budget out my year for training and conferences and wanted to reach out to the Jive community and see if anyone could chime in on which ones they have gone to and.or which ones are mo...
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  • European Data Privacy Laws

    How do you satisfy the European Data Privacy Laws within your community? Our community has not been exposed to our French employees and clients yet due to CNIL rules. I am told that the law states (not just for France...
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  • Help! What packing tips do you have for JiveWorld?

    JiveWorks, I need your help! I want to put together a helpful packing list for newcomers to JiveWorld17. It may or may not be also for myself because this is my FIRST JiveWorld! That being said, it's also hard to writ...
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    created by Sarah O'Meara
  • Not going this year

    I'm disappointed that I'm not going to JiveWorld this year.  New cost guidelines from my organization say nobody can attend events unless they have a free pass to the event by presenting or volunteering.  &...
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  • What should you know about JiveWorld17?

    As we draw closer to May and JiveWorld17, all of our fabulous are events are falling into place! On the Jive Software website we talk about 6 things that will be at JiveWorld17.   Which one are you looking forw...
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  • Learning and Development Track - JW17 (suggestion)

    Solving the "Universal Use Case" with Jive   Regardless of the size of your organization, the types of products or services it provides or the industry it competes in, learning and development is a critical fun...
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  • Receipt for JiveWorld Registration

    I registered for JiveWorld online, and I need a receipt for my expense reporting.  I don't see that anything was emailed to me, and I can't figure out how to log in on the JiveWorld site to find a record of the p...
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  • Where can I view an agenda for 2017?

    I saw the high level agenda in the JiveWorld17 space, but where can we see the detailed agenda to get an idea of topics, tracks, speakers, etc? Our team needs to figure out who to send. Thanks.
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  • What is the agenda on May 2nd and 3rd, 2017?

    Is there a list of actual times for May 2nd and May 3rd?  I see that it starts at 6 p.m. on May 1st, but what is the detailed outline for the other days?  I need to fly in Tuesday morning and would like to k...
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  • What were your favorite moments from JiveWorld16?

    Can you believe the first month of 2017 is almost over? It seems like only yesterday that people were taking down decorations from the holiday season. Then again, maybe that was just yesterday. With time flying by, Ma...
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    created by chaise.jonsen
  • Throwback Thursday

    I was doing some JiveWorldish googling and stumbled across this link still out there: Jive announces JiveWorld, its inaugural user group… in San Francisco « Silicon Florist
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  • Is there any way to purchase a few JiveWorld or Jive Software Swag items?

    I am wanting to reward my team with some JiveWorld swag for their hard work. Since they could not attend this year's JiveWorld, they have asked how do they get the laptop bag and the infuser bottle. Is there a way to ...
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  • Jive Swag Store - Have you Voted?

    We opened a poll over in JiveWorld17 asking for everyone to vote for the kind of branded Jive swag they might be interested in purchasing at JiveWorld.   Check out the poll here, everyone can vote! Jive Swag at...
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    created by Libby Taylor
  • How do I get the Early Bird code?

    I'd like to register and haven't heard back from jiveworld@jivesoftware.com yet.
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  • JiveWorld 2017 page has incorrect links

    Libby Taylor - The JiveWorld 2017 landing page has a couple incorrect URLs.   cc: Erin Cleary
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  • What is the cost for JiveWorld17?

    What is the cost for JiveWorld17?
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  • When is registation open for JW2017?

    Looking to see when registration opens for JiveWorld17. Holla if ya hear me.
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  • Has the JW17 call for speakers been posted yet?

    I've seen some back and forth, but I don't know that I've seen the official call for speakers. Did I miss it?
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  • How do I become a JiveWorld speaker?

    If you are interested in becoming a JiveWorld speaker, we would love to hear your story. Please complete the "Call for Speakers" form on the JiveWorld site. If you have any questions about the speaker selection proces...
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  • Adding surveys in your community (how to?)

    I recall heard somebody mention they were posting surveys in their community using the HTML widget and want to learn more.  Are you simply using the box to link to a survey on an external website, are you actuall...
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