• Main Stage Day Two - JiveWorld14

    Good morning, JiveWorld!   It's the second day of the conference and we are kicking it off with a poem by Azure Antoinette. The poem was powerful so I felt that it needed its own post, you can find out more abo...
    Libby Taylor
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  • JiveWorld16

    Hello awesome and talented people of Jive! Any updates on when info and pricing for JiveWorld16 will be available? I have had people contacting me internally about information and I do not want to lead them astray. Th...
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  • iBeacons

    Saw this on the BBC News and thought they'd be really handy at JiveWorld.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-31883643   iBeacon Comes to SXSW   Any plans to get a more effective way to 'match mak...
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  • JiveWorld '15?

    Have dates been set or are there any details available yet?   Thanks!
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  • The 5 Great JiveWorld14 Sessions I Can’t Wait to Attend

    People keep telling me about the great things to expect at JiveWorld14!  As a first timer, I can’t wait to hear those great stories from customers who are going to share their experiences in only the way th...
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  • Win Big in the JiveWorld14 Game Series

    This year we've made it even easier to win 1 of 11 iPad Minis during JiveWorld14! It's so easy in fact that your simple preparations for attending JiveWorld14 may pay off big time. In order to get a head-start on your...
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  • JiveWorld14 Game Series - Check-In to Check-Out Our Badges

    To make sure you're experiencing all the fantastic opportunities that JiveWorld14 has to offer, you can earn Jive Community Badges by checking-in to specific places and entering the pin/QR Code on the app. To complete...
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  • Congrats to the JiveWorld14 Game Series Winners!

    As if JiveWorld14 wasn't fun enough, we had our game series running to make it even better! Here's what we had going on... Best attendee photo of JiveWorld14 Top Tweeter of JiveWorld14 JiveWorld14 Random Drawing ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Working Out Loud

    I just got out of the Working Out Loud Session at JiveWorld and it sure was loaded with some great information that I just needed to share!.  The session was kicked off by Bryce Williams the Social Collaboration...
    Brett Blackney
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  • Vote on the best attendee photo of JiveWorld14!

    This year JiveWorld attendees captured and shared some really fun photos. Almost 1,000 photos were uploaded in the JiveWorld14 Mobile App and almost 900 Instagram photos were tagged with #JiveWorld. A big thanks go ou...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Over three weeks since JiveWorld...collateral not available yet

    Dear Jivers,   We have created quite a buzz about JiveWorld at our organisation but have not been able to share much of the collateral as it is not available yet (or least I think it isn't).   Could you he...
    Kavita seebran
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  • Workstyle Award Entry: Bluegreen Vacations

    Vote now by "liking" this document in the upper right corner of this page.   Look for this icon:   Submitted by: Bluegreen Vacations
    Libby Taylor
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  • Engaging the Organization – Adoption Strategies Tips

    Engaging the Organization – Adoption Strategies October 30, 2014     A few quick tips following our “Engaging the Organization – Adoption Strategies” presentation from Jive Worl...
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  • Webcast replay: Occupy Gamification – What's Happening with your Community's Top 1%?

    Bunchball is holding a free encore webinar of the Demo Theater presentation we did at JiveWorld, “Occupy Gamification – What's Happening with your Community's Top 1%?”   If you’re unfami...
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  • Azure Antoinette at JiveWorld Main Stage

    Once in a while you meet someone who reaches deep inside your soul and squeezes the crap out (but in a good way). This morning at JiveWorld, when I heard Azure Antoinette's poem written specifically for Jive, that is ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Fixing the JiveWorld Instagram poll.. hang tight folks

    We had a problem with the poll, so I'm fixing it. Will repost in a little bit. You'll all be able to vote again.
    Libby Taylor
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  • Surveys and Polls not crediting in JW Game missions

    I have completed numerous surveys and polls but I am not getting credit for them in the Game Mission badges. After completing a survey or poll it still shows 0/1 in the badge mission. This issue means I have not earne...
    Jesse Kinser
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  • Product Demo slides

    Morning/Afternoon/Evening Jivers   Are the slides from the product mainstage session going to be available on here? i'm presenting back to our exec team on Wednesday, our learning from this years JiveWorld and w...
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  • JiveWorld14 Game Series - Share #JiveWorld Photos on Twitter and Win!

    There's no better way to share an experience with others than sharing photos. With our Top Photographer - JiveWorld14 Game Series, you'll be rewarded for posting photos of your JiveWorld14 experience as an attendee. E...
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  • Announcing the JiveWorld14 Game Series ... Are You Ready!?

    It's amazing to think that it's that time of year yet again, but here we are ... time for JiveWorld and the new JiveWorld14 Game Series.   Last year's game was a wild success capturing the attention of JiveWorl...
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