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We love changing how work gets done - straight-up transforming communication and collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We also know our users are passionate about finding a better way to work overall. So, we kept our ear to the ground, listened to our users' feedback, and got to work innovating the next generation of Producteev by Jive. This is why I'm so excited to share what we've all been working so hard on.

The Best Free Task Management App Just Got Better: Introducing the Producteev for Jive iPad app

We know the modern, mobile workforce needs a modern, mobile  task management solution. The Producteev for Jive iPad app will help people manage their tasks anywhere, anytime. It's fast, beautifully designed, high definition and consistent with the rest of our apps for iPhone, Android, Mac and web. Even better? It will come as an automatic update to the iOS app, which is now a Universal app (both for iPhone and iPad).


A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look for yourself:

Producteev iPad.png Producteev iPad 2.png

Download the Producteev for iPad app today from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/producteev-by-jive-free-task/id306289289?mt=8


Producteev’s Offering Just Got Bigger: Introducing Producteev Pro with Enterprise-grade Features

Due to popular demand, we’ve rolled out a new premium version -- called Producteev Pro -- with enterprise-grade features, including Outlook integration (read more about this awesome feature below), personalized support and network interface customization. All our users can try the Outlook integration and interface customization for FREE for 14 days! Login to your Producteev account to start your trial. To learn more about our Premium plans, visit www.producteev.com/pricing.


Productivity in Microsoft Outlook Just Got Easier: Introducing Producteev Task Management Integration for Outlook

For a few years now, Microsoft Outlook users have been asking us for a better way to handle their tasks. This is precisely why we're extremely proud to announce our one-of-a-kind task management integration for Outlook. With this integration, we’ve bridged the gap between email, calendar and tasks. In a unique way, Producteev for Outlook (available on Windows for Office 2007, 2010 and 2013) allows you to transform your email client into an actionable and collaborative inbox. Now you can:

  • Turn emails into tasks and assign them to team members
  • Include action items in emails which sync to Producteev
  • Schedule time to work on your tasks right in your Outlook calendar
  • Use Outlook as your desktop companion for your Producteev tasks, with seamless access to projects, people, and task tracking


Check it out:

Producteev - Create a Task from Email.png Producteev - Create a Task from Email 2.png


One a closing note: If you are an Outlook user and are excited about this integration, make sure to ACT FAST on our “Early Bird” plan priced at just $899 for lifetime access to Producteev for Outlook and network interface customization – it’s only available to the first 300 customers who purchase it!


Hope you enjoy all of the great new features!


Ilan and the Producteev by Jive Team.

Jive is thrilled to receive another industry award recognizing our leadership in helping successfully redefine digital transformation strategies at companies across the globe.


Paul Greenberg, industry analyst and pundit, provided an overview of his thoughts and detailed the analysis that led to Jive's selection as a "2014 CRM Watchlist" winner. Some of his comments about Jive included:

  • "Jive is a company that never fails to amaze."
  • "Let me be absolutely crystalline. There is a reason that Jive won the "Watchlist" one more time...Jive is a force to be reckoned with in the world of communities."
  • "JiveX – This is the most important change of all. This is their new platform, designed from the ground up for external communities and integration into systems of record of varying kinds."
  • "Another very important differentiator for Jive is their provision of strategic consulting services."

CRM Watchlist 2014 quote.png

As Paul has been studying this space for many years, his praise means a lot to us. It's especially important to me as I've been personally driving our go-to-market strategy with JiveX over the past year.  We couldn't be more excited about our direction and focus: putting people at the center of business. We don’t just see communities as forums and posts, streams and likes – we see people. Generous, smart people helping each other so they can do their best and be their best. People with something to contribute, who relish the power of human connection, communication, and collaboration. We believe in helping companies unlock the power of their employees, customers and partners.


This kind of recognition is celebrated by our entire company because every single person at Jive is contributing to this shared mission. So, cheers to this achievement and please check out Paul's full review, here.

Customer Spotlight-News Blog banners-Ricoh.jpg

Jive has the best customers in the world. They are innovators, thought leaders and are dedicated to changing the way work gets done for the better. Courtney Zentz, senior manager of collaboration at Ricoh Americas, is certainly all of the above and more. In 2010, she led the charge to transform Ricoh from an equipment company to a services-led, technology-enabled company. Through their implementation of Jive for social intranet, aptly named "RWorld", they were able to consolidate information into one streamlined platform and connect over 25,000 employees in the United States and are now working on a strategy to connect globally. In just six short months, 79% of employees felt more connected, 69% felt more effective in their jobs and the company greatly reduced their reliance on email. Today, almost 20% of employees actively participate in the platform weekly. We wanted to tap Courtney's expertise and find out what she thinks about the modern workforce and why social business really works.

If we were looking at your profile on RWorld, what would we find out about you?

You'd see that my husband Adam and I live in Philadelphia and we are about to welcome our first baby this spring. We have an adorable dog, Dawkins, who loves the beach as much as I do. You'd also learn that my college degree is in Finance! It's a far cry from managing a social community, but in the end, I am a people person! While I manage the implementation of Jive at Ricoh, I am not the employee with the most points. I work inside of Marketing, have been at Ricoh for ten years (my first job after college), and have a team of six terrific employees who ROCK.


You gave a great presentation at JiveWorld13 on how Ricoh took their intranet from hundreds of disparate systems in many platforms to one consolidated platform. What's your best advice for someone just starting out on their social business journey?

Start small but dream big. We really did have an "intra-mess." We ultimately transitioned each site over to Jive, but started with the smaller sites that were easier to move and shut down. We were able to quickly reduce many of the legacy sites and saw immediate cost savings. Our first large migration was Human Resources. Each piece of content was audited, giving the business the chance to clean up dated materials before they were uploaded to RWorld. We were also cautious not to shock employees by removing everything they were familiar with right away. To ease employees into the new platform, we kept the old intranets live for about six months but everything linked to and launched in the new RWorld HR community. This approach gave employees time to learn how to use the new social intranet platform without us just 'pulling the plug' on the bigger sites. As more sites moved, more sites redirected from old to new. That was a huge success. Soon, other business units saw HR's success and 'had' to be next on the migration list. We prioritized strategic migrations but fit in those teams who were championing to be next in the process. The beauty of Jive is that it's easy to use which helped us get teams kicked off with their migrations quickly; they can move their content as quickly as they want to go live. For the first time ever, individuals held the power! When employees control the process, they are more motivated which makes the transition of each site that much faster. It's hard to believe Ricoh has only been completely live on Jive for 12 months - now, we are looking at going global! Our dreams are coming true with Jive.

We're really excited to hear that you've made such a (successful) splash with your Jive social intranet implementation! After just six months, you have seen some impressive metrics. What do you say to detractors who don't believe in social business?

Those who don't take the time to understand the value of social business are doing themselves a disservice. So many more doors are opened when users understand the benefits. People who are disengaged are too quick to judge and, in my opinion, it's because they don't understand the value. I know it can be easier to dislike something rather than take the time to learn about it, but technology isn't slowing down and neither is the pace of innovation. Relating it to our social intranet, I have heard it all. I have people every day who judge what they believe RWorld is. I ask those people to spend 15 minutes on the phone with me so I can show them the value. When they see the "what's in it for me" - what's specifically tailored to the individual and their role - it starts to make sense. They see why and how they could and should use the platform. Of course, I can't spend 15 minutes with each of our 25,000 employees, so I rely heavily on our strong advocate/champion group to help slower adopters. For every person who doesn't 'get it', we have a handful more that do. With that ratio, we are starting to see detractors change their tune. Also, as more millennials join the workforce I anticipate we will continue to see an increase in user adoption. I'll be excited to report our progress next spring!

While we're on that subject, the massive influx of millennials into the modern workforce is a hot topic right now because this group expects/demands mobility and flexibility, plus they do not want to use outdated technology in the workplace. How is Ricoh addressing the new millennials coming into the workforce?

Newer generations expect mobility, access to information anytime and anywhere, collaboration without boundaries and real-time support. These things are no longer just "nice to have." RWorld meets these needs for our employees and is definitely a selling point for our recruiters when they talk to prospective employees.

We also recently launched an internal generational council to understand the perspectives of our vast employee base. I learned a lot from this initiative and was quite surprised to see there are a lot of baby boomers who do get social business and a surprising number of millennials and gen x/gen y employees who are still struggling. But, all will come around! Equally important is a company's external social presence. If a company has a poorly managed external social strategy, it's a turn off to potential employees. I know it would be a deal-breaker for me.


Here's a scary question: What would you do without Jive?

This is a question I don't want to answer! I'll give you a #TBT analogy to help illustrate the progress we have made."TBT" stands for "Throwback Thursday" and is when people post old and embarrassing pictures of themselves on sites like Facebook and Instagram. I recently took a minute to re-explore the back end of our old "homegrown" intranet which is merely a shell at this point. It was a reality check for my team and I to see how far we have come in such a short amount of time. That was my version of #TBT corporate style. I'm planning to post a screenshot this week of our old intranet to see what reaction our employees will have. I'm curious if it will be the same one reaction I experienced.  It's easy to want the latest version, the newest gadget or the fanciest functionality of anything. With Jive, we have it. We are so thankful for the new tools and functionality we have with Jive. It has fundamentally changed our company, culture and engagement of employees. Every employee has a voice, anytime access to information and the ability to connect expertise from coast to coast. I am grateful for Jive, their innovative ideas and passion to change the way people work. Jive had made me a better employee. If you don't have Jive yet, what are you waiting for?

Thanks for chatting with us, Courtney! For more on Ricoh's success story, check out their awesome testimonial video on our website.

WWW.jpgIt's amazing to think that the WWW is only 25 years old, which I'd argue was the moment the internet became relevant to the world. Our lives have changed exponentially for the better and in too many ways to count since then. But amazingly, one pre-web technology still dominates our work lives and won't seem to go away -- email.


The good news is that it won't take another 25 years for us to have a better way to work. I predict that the next five years will see us finally leave email behind as the dominant work paradigm, much the same way we left email behind in our personal lives during the previous five years. Instead, we'll have a next generation of workplace tools that will power a far higher level of productivity, creativity and innovation.


Personally, I can't wait....

This week kicks off one of the world's foremost security conference and exposition, RSA Conference 2014 at San Francisco's Moscone Center. The conference brings together a wide range of security professionals from across the industry.  With the conference in full swing, we thought it was a good time to remind us all about the importance of security -- and specifically the evolving role it plays within cloud offerings.


There's no question we are witnessing a major shift in how we build and deploy enterprise applications through cloud-based services. At the same time, we are seeing disruptive changes take place in how enterprise software is consumed via mobile devices. This trend is rapidly changing the security landscape as we can't rely on perimeter security via corporate firewalls. Near ubiquity of mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets, also introduces challenges we can't fully control as BYOD (bring your own device) catches on. The benefit of moving to the cloud as a business innovation is resonating with more and more CIOs, IT departments and line-of-business decision makers, and we only expect it to grow dramatically over the next few years. So it's time to re-think our approach to security in this new landscape.


Jive has been constantly adding security elements to our social collaboration and external community offerings with each cloud launch. We added 2-Factor Auth, data encryption at rest, spam moderation, and enhanced our D-DOS protections just to name a few.   At the same time, Jive believes in working in concert with other best-of-breed cloud partners as well as security vendors to face these new challenges. As part of this effort, we are excited to join one of our partners, Box, to promote an independent report: The Future of Security - Trends and Technologies Transforming Security. You can download a copy of this report from here. The report has been written by Rich Mogull, lead analyst at Securosis, a research and advisory firm "obsessed with improving the practice of information security". Rich used an innovative approach by writing this report openly by sharing it on github as he developed and solicited input directly from cloud providers like Jive and security experts and practitioners. The report has also been approved by Cloud Security Alliance, which is one of the leading Cloud security consortiums, and offers a good look at what the future might look like and how we can plan today to tackle some of the key security challenges.


Jive is excited to join the following cloud providers, security vendors and audit firms to promote this new report.

Box Future of Security Logos.jpg


A full copy of this report from here.

There is no question that the enterprise is re-platforming, with more companies than ever moving to the cloud.  Fortunately Jive is right in the heart of this movement, developing new technology to support cloud initiatives and partnering with best-of-breed cloud providers -- namely Okta and Box -- to make the experience as seamless as possible. So in that spirit, we are excited to share two exciting developments with these two companies.



For starters, Okta today made some important enhancements to their platform to make identity management in the enterprise much easier.  This is not only great news for the company and their customers but also for Jive and our customers. Last fall, Jive announced a partnership with Okta to embed their directory into Jive and this latest update takes it a step further.  As Chris Morace, our chief strategy officer noted, by embedding Okta in Jive Cloud deployments, we are helping our customers solve their security and identity management issues while giving them a clean and easy way to access everything they need to get their jobs done.


Box Logo.jpg

At the same time, Jive is teaming with Okta and fellow cloud partner Box for a webcast panel on "The New IT - How the World of Work is Changing and What IT Needs to do to Adapt."  Taking place on Tuesday, March 4, and hosted by Jacob Morgan of Chess Media, Jive's Matt Tucker will join Ben Haines of Box and David Baker of Okta to discuss how changes in technology, including innovations in the cloud and mobility, are changing the way work gets done and improving the productivity for all.  This should be a great discussion with insights from the CTO, CIO and CSO point of view.  We hope you can join this free webinar.




Webcast: The New IT - How the World of Work is Changing and What IT Needs to do to Adapt

There's a lot of different reasons to use Jive: spikes in productivity, more efficient communication, less email, you know the drill. Every once in awhile we stumble upon a really unique case study, and Ted Hopton global community manager at UBM, and Nikki Bussard, social business strategist at Sapient, have one of the most interesting we've seen yet. Here's two of our favorite customers' stories on their unlikely road to love and social collaboration.

Alright, let's get straight to the good stuff! How did you two meet?

Ted: We met briefly at JiveWorld in 2011 when Nikki spoke to me following my presentation on analytics. We got to know each other professionally through our interactions in the Jive Community (see thread below.) Then we were re-introduced in person by Tracy Maurer at the opening cocktail reception at JW in 2012. This time sparks flew!



When you started using Jive, did you ever think it would lead you to find the love of your life?

Nikki & Ted: Of course, that was our number one use case!

You're both social champions at your organizations. What do you love about Jive and your experience?

Ted: We actually work side-by-side from our home office every day, and we constantly learn from each other. We enjoy sharing our ideas and experiences about working with Jive – it’s what first drew us to each other. Jive allows us to help many people in our organizations, too, in making their work experience better.

We know you're in the midst of wedding planning. Can you share any details on where you'll be getting married (hint, hint: JiveWorld14 Main Stage?)

Nikki: It’s going to be here in Chicago in summer. If you’ll move JiveWorld14 here, then we’ll re-consider the mainstage option!


We had to ask! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Nikki and Ted! Love is in the air at Jive, too - will you be our Valentine?


Jive_Why-Our-Customers-Love-Jive.jpgValentine's Day brings a lot of things to mind: love, chocolates, flowers, social business...

Social business? Yes, you read that right! Here at Jive, you can see it written across all our faces. We're head over heels for social business and the radical changes it brings to the way we work. Immovable obstacles suddenly become fun challenges, the world is at your fingertips and sharing and collaborating with a new person becomes an opportunity to joyfully connect. You see, people, passion and collaboration are at the center of both personal relationships and social business.

There's a million reasons why we have fallen for social business.  The #1 reason is pretty simple; we get to witness thousands of people everyday - Jivers and customers alike - fall in love with being more productive, working on projects they really care about, getting out of email...and flat out just getting stuff done. We could keep shouting it from the rooftops, but don't just take our word for it.  Listen to how our customers have fallen in love with social business and have radically changed the way they get work done.


You can also check out what some of Jive's customers have to say about Jive and social business in our latest Valentine's Day SlideShare.


It's Jive's 13th birthday today! When we first opened our doors in 2001, we set out to deliver the very best customer community platform in the market.  Fast forward 13 years and we are recognized as an industry leader in this space we pioneered, helping hundreds of successful companies around the world like T-Mobile, EMC and McAfee drive deeper customer relationships and builid brand loyalty while substantially reducing support costs. T-Mobile, for example, has saved $8 million in costs and seen a 45% decrease in monthly call volumes on average as a result of deploying Jive.  We are so proud of how far we've come in 13 years!


As we kick-off our teenage years, what better way to celebrate than with a present to ourselves and to our entire customer community.  As we previewed (and promised) at JiveWorld13, we are officially rolling out the red carpet and launching the latest version of JiveX, our cloud-based customer community platform.  What's even better is that we worked with all of you to build this great experience. JiveX brings with it the most innovative customer and partner community capabilities available on the market.  Here's a few highlights on the new capabilities NOW available via the JiveX Winter release.

Latest and Greatest Features in JiveX Winter release:

  • CRM and marketing automation systems in the house: JiveX connects software like Marketo and Eloqua within communities, helping companies convert community activity to leads, opportunities and revenue. And just as importantly, we are rolling out an out-of-the-box CRM Connector - because, let's face it, there will always be a few questions your customers don't answer.  Take a peak at the overview video:

  • Facebook conversations, Twitter and RSS right in-line: JiveX now offers bi-directional connection with any of your Facebook fan pages inside your community. Similarly, the platform automatically insert posts from Twitter and RSS feeds in your community. And as a special treat for community managers, you can integrate Twitter directly into your support back channels for a more holistic view of brand activity.
  • Facebook and Twitter.pngSearch Redefined: We are rolling out fully configurable search results so you can highlight answers, not just open discussions, for your customers.  In addition, admins can now give people (typically employees) the ability to mark content as official or outdated, which then prioritizes (or de-prioritizes) it in search.
  • Find Your Inner SEO Guru: Enhanced SEO capabilities to help maximize click-thru to your community - and we've coupled it with a new strategy package focused all around SEO.
  • Profiles with personality: Completely re-designed profiles that visually engage with more picture upload options, highlights of connections, as well as LinkedIn-style endorsements.
  • Personal analytics come to customer communities: These are analytics associated with every item of content in the community and they give the content creator insight on exactly who is reading their posts, who the top referrers are, along with the sentiment and overall impact.  Your customer champions are going to love this and effectively it's another form of game mechanics which is sure to drive more engagement by your champions.


Of course JiveX also comes with key features such as advanced gamification, theming, segment campaign planning and all the other great platform features our hundreds of customers with external communities have come to know and love.


We look forward to companies around the world getting their hands on this new release.  Enjoy and Happy Birthday Jive!

Jason Khoury

Jive in Five: Brian Roddy

Posted by Jason Khoury Jan 31, 2014

Jive in Five - _0000_OPTION 1.jpg

Brian Roddy is Jive's senior vice president of engineering. He drives the development of our portfolio of products, oversees our hosted operations and is the expert force behind keeping Jive's customer data safe. We know Brian gets security (check out this Wall Street Journal article he was recently quoted in), but we wanted to find out what really makes him tick.

1. You live and breathe technology for a living. What is it about technology that inspires you most?

I get inspired by technology when it makes peoples' lives better. When it automates away the mundane and the dangerous, or when it wipes away peoples' day-to-day ills. I'm excited technology enables people to focus on learning, being creative and having fun. At the same time, I get frustrated when technology is used for the opposite. Technology can have an escapist, addictive quality that can be abused to the point of not living one's life. And the same technology that provides the sum of human knowledge at our fingertips has also enabled a massive assault to privacy.


2. What's your favorite thing about working in social business right now?

I view social business as one of those cases where technology is doing good. It helps to democratize the work force, giving people voice in a wider range of discussions and lets people be known for the strength of their ideas. It also gives great tools for leaders to understand what's really going on in their organizations and help guide it.


Our customers have reported an average 15% improvement in productivity and a 10% improvement in employee retention and satisfaction. That gets me excited. Jive is one of those rare products that is both enlivening and helps you get more done.


3. We are all pretty dependent on technology for both our personal and work lives. What's the one piece of technology you absolutely cannot live without?

Well, I can live without pretty much all modern technology. And I try to spend some time every week away from it to keep my brain from turning to a twitchy mess. But I can tell you the technology that has been giving me the most joy lately has been my Sous Vide cooker. Cook a brisket or a pork shoulder for 48 hours in that thing and all you can taste is heaven.


4. What's the best advice you have ever been given?

"Great people hire even greater people." It's cliche to say that "people are your most important asset" at a company, but it's true. And smart people love working with smart people. Hire great and empower your people, and success will largely follow.


5. Let's pretend you have a crystal ball and can see into the future. What does the social business landscape look like in 5 years?

Social business is an interesting space because technology is only half of it. The other half is the cultural evolution at companies to embrace being much more open and collaborative. In five years, I feel that every company will either go through this change or get left behind.  Innovation and technology move too fast for traditional top down governance to keep up with on its own. And the current generation of millennials moving into the workforce will demand it.


Technologically, the use of email will be way down and social business software will be the hub for all enterprise systems. It will serve as the user interface for your company and will intelligently guide you to where you can make the most impact. Mobile will continue its complete domination as the form factor of choice but that will be refined further with new form factors. Cloud will be the norm with much richer security, encryption and audit capabilities. Privacy will be more front and center. Feature wise, you'll see a seamless blend of real-time communication, a reinvention of the ways that meetings are done, very targeted recommendation of content and people, and a deeper sense of place.


I'm excited every day when I come to the office because Jive is already working on all of these things.


Thanks, Brian! To hear more from Brian, follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Featured App for Mobile jan 2014.jpgiphone-profile.png

Over the past year we have taken some big strides in our mobile app experiences.  In particular, some of the recent innovative updates we have made to our iPad and iPhone apps have been grabbing attention -- especially our new profile and networking capabilities. This week the Apple App Store just recognized the Jive Mobile app as one of the top networking apps for "Growing Your Career."

Designed with the new iOS7 functionality, people can use the Jive app to view enhanced profile features and make expert recommendations within the social directory directly from their devices.  Read more about our universal app experience here!


What's even more exciting is that 2014 should be another year full of new innovative experiences for mobile apps.  As Olivia Teich just discussed, new trends and technologies are completely transforming the way people work with the mobile and tablet devices.  Look for updates to our iOS and Android apps in the coming months.  And in the meantime, stay tuned as we'll be sharing our 1H 2014 Mobile Workplace trends in the coming weeks.  Here's to an exciting 2014!

During Jive's Sales Kick-off 2014 last week, we had the honor of recognizing two partners who have made an impact on how Jive helps get work doneBox_awards.jpg.  Congratulations to both our Strategic Technology Partner of the Year recipient Box and our Consulting Partner MVP for 2014 Social Edge.  Below is a little bit more info on how both partners have worked with Jive over the past year.


Box - Strategic Technology Partner of the Year

Box is truly a best-in-class content sharing platform AND partner. Jive and Box jointly built a deep integration between our products and officially launched in April 2013. Check out Box's Blog for more on their award and how we work together everyday to make our customers more productive at work through our new cloud-stack offerings.


Social Edge - SocialEdge_Awards.jpgConsulting Partner MVP of the Year

When talking about our partnership with Social Edge, Tina Jones, Jive's vice president of global alliances, said it best: "Social Edge Consulting has gone above and beyond to help our clients achieve success with their social collaboration strategies through outstanding service and a deep understanding of each of our customer's unique needs." Read more about our relationship with Social Edge and how they're changing the way Jive customers get work done, here.

2013 was an amazing year for the social business industry -- with tons of technology advancements and a growing number of companies around the world adopting collaboration best practices.  What's even more exciting is that 2014 is poised to be an even bigger year from an innovation standpoint -- from advancements in mobile to increasing access to big data for employees at every level.  It's safe to say I'm excited to see what's in store for the market this year. If I had to take a look into my own crystal ball, here’s what I see making a big splash in 2014:

  1. With BYOD as mainstream, new mobile security and privacy features become mission critical — The BYOD train has left the station and more companies will adopt BYOD policies to support employee preferences, reduce costs and entice prospective employees. However, this also means that mobile device management becomes critical in 2014 as companies wake up to the fact that they need security controls in place to protect enterprise data and information stored on personal devices.
  2. Movement towards real-time mobile communication and collaboration networks — As Facebook and other hugely popular networks grow in size, people are getting more fatigued by the "noise" and large amounts of irrelevant information coming at them on a daily and hourly basis.  For this reason 2014 will be the year that smaller, more real-time mobile communication and collaboration networks will grow - allowing people to only share certain information among a select group of people. And we'll see this occur not only among consumers, but also among co-workers who want to communicate, exchange information and collaborate on a particular topic or workstream. This is already playing out as evidenced by the huge popularity of apps like WhatsApp .  And businesses that want to keep up with their employees will need to deliver enterprise apps that meet a higher threshold -- one that blends the beauty and design of consumer apps with the business, collaboration and security functionality needed to get work done.
  3. Professional profiles come into focus —  People are investing more and more in LinkedIn and external-facing professional networks that help them move ahead in their careers.  The most popular professional networks work fine for those seeking new jobs outside of their companies but what about employees looking to move up in their own organizations? Who benefits from this imbalance?  Competitors do because they can poach your best people before you even know they are seeking a new challenge. People want and are asking for a place to promote or advance themselves internally, inside the firewall, to tout their accomplishments and career aspirations at place that they are already known and proven.  In 2014, we will see more companies focus on inter-company employee profiles and professional networks that allow colleagues to showcase their skills, promote their accomplishments, and share their successes.
  4. Unifying Communities — People have a variety of communities across their social and interest graphs, from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in their personal lives to enterprise and community networks for work.  However the advent of all of these networks mean multiple in-boxes to check and maintain daily and sometimes hourly. In 2014, people will look to remove these silos and bridge all of their communities into one holistic experience where they can see and act.
  5. Big data for the everyday employee — The term "big data" became a stand-alone term that was supposed to solve all problems.  But in reality, most people feel it has yet to really deliver on its promise to unlock broad and relevant insights for the benefit of the entire organization.  But times are changing.  In 2014 we will see many new big data applications that actually works for the rest us -  every day employees. New apps and interfaces will expose data in clear and easy ways to allow more people to access, analyze and finally apply learnings from big data to take real action, solve real problems and even predict future trends.


For a handy breakdown of my 2014 predictions, check out our slideshare here.

In the spirit of the new year and breaking bad work habits, we wanted to share some ideas and possibly inspire you to add at least one 2014 resolution around making improvements at work!  As we recently shared, our Harris Survey revealed that 90% of employees are bugged by bad mobile phone & email etiquette in the workplace. But it's not all doom and gloom.  The results also clued us in on some more positive findings as well: 75% of employees would like to correct some of their own bad work behaviors. Not surprisingly, over one third of employees want to spend more time focusing on their own personal health and wellness. A quarter of your peers really want to start using more vacation time and another 25% want to be more productive at work.

So, it's high time we kick distribution lists and reply-alls to the curb, and be more conscious of how our mobile usage at work might be affecting others.  I took the breaking bad habits quiz and realized I need to make some resolutions, too. Here are my top 5 -- what are yours?



1. Pay attention and stay focused. There are plenty of ways to be more productive at work. Studies suggest listening to classical music provides short-term enhancement of mental tasks — including memorization — known as “spatial-temporal reasoning.” A standing desk will give you more

Breaking Bad Habits, 2013 - resolutions infographic.png

energy by keeping your blood flowing and your mind alert.

  • I'm looking forward to using my Bose headphones to listen to new iTunes radio lists that help me tune out surrounding distractions and focus on the tasks in front of me.


2. Take better care of yourself. Take advantage of your employer’s health and wellness benefits: Sign up for a gym and get money back on the monthly membership. Get that annual flu shot to avoid the plague and stay healthy. It’s worth waiting in line for.

  • My goal is to attend yoga class twice a week. It's both relaxing and a great workout.


3. Use it or lose it, people! There is a cap on the maximum amount of vacation time that you can have in a year. Once the maximum amount of hours is reached you stop accruing more hours, essentially wasting hours that can be used to accrue more time. And studies prove, a break from work actually help you perform better in your job.

  • I don't need an excuse to take an extended weekend break!  A ski week and a long weekend in Napa? Booked.


4. Use Mobile to free up time. Mobile devices have increased our capabilities outside of the office, allowing employees to receive and write emails, schedule meetings, make sales calls and even use your cell phone as a mobile hotspot to connect your other mobile devices to the Internet. Purchase a data plan with plenty of memory for larger downloads, and take advantage of any mobile data reimbursement plan your employer offers.


5. Limit that inbox. By reducing the amount of emails you have in your inbox, you can reduce the amount of stress you have and make sure you are keeping up to date on request and action items vs. letting them fall by the wayside.

  • Selfishly, this is a Jive advantage for me. More time out of my inbox and into Jive is a continuous goal.


Psst...have you taken our online quiz to see how you stack up in the bad work habits department? Find out what your faux pauxs say about your workplace personality. Don't forget to let us know what you get!

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